Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 6 Veto Ceremony)

Find out the details of this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony here:

To recap, Nicole is the HoH. She nominated Jocasta and Zach for eviction. Christine won the Power of Veto.

Christine did NOT use the Power of Veto. 

For the first time this season, the Power of Veto was not used and the HoH’s original nominees stay on the block. Jocasta or Zach will be the first houseguest walking out the door on Thursday night’s double eviction episode. However, it turns out it won’t be clear which of the two will be leaving until later this week. I was convinced that the Detonators will stay together and save Zach, but that may not be the case after all. At the moment, the target is actually Zach. Nicole and Hayden have wanted him gone, and it seems like Christine, Cody, and Derrick are now on board with that plan too. As well, Donny and Victoria would have no qualms with evicting Zach either. Frankie and Caleb are unaware of this plan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they evict Zach too to vote with the house. Frankie may want Zach to stay, but I doubt he’ll make much of an effort to save him so he won’t make himself a target. However, Frankie was Nicole’s original target all week long and would’ve put him on the block if the Power of Veto was used.

As far as the alliances in the house, there are the Detonators (Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Zach). However, that alliance may blow up this week if Zach gets evicted. Derrick and Cody made an alliance with Zach weeks ago called Los Tres Amigos, but they seem to want to turn on Zach after he revealed this Final 3 alliance to Christine. Christine, on the other hand, is tough to figure out who she’s loyal to since she tells different things to everybody. But she does want Zach gone, so maybe she’s done with the Detonators? Derrick and Cody made a new alliance with Hayden and Nicole called The Rationale. This week the two of them will decide which of these alliances they want to stay true to. And by “they,” I mean Derrick. Cody is Derrick’s puppet and will do whatever his master says.

So the houseguest that will determine the outcome of the vote is Derrick. Derrick is in everyone’s ear and has a lot of influence on everybody. I expect him to change his mind on whom to evict as the days go by, so Zach may be spared. We’ll have to wait until Thursday to see whether it will be Zach or Jocasta evicted on Thursday.

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  1. I hope they vote out Zach and blow up the detonators alliance!
    Tired of the same people running the game and always getting what they want

  2. How will Frankie and Caleb know to vote with the house if no one bothers to tell them what the plan is?

  3. Frankie and Derrick had a long talk and Derrick convinced Frankie that Zach was going against him and the alliance, and now Frankie also wants to get Zach out. I didnt get it all but it seems that Frankie found out about the alliance with Zach, Derrick and Cody, and somehow he realized that Zach might not be telling the truth to him. He said believes Derrick because of the Team America thing. Frankie didn’t really trust Cody but he had another talk with Cody, and then with Derrick again. They were also going to talk to Christine, so it would be Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine in an alliance. But as of this they want to get Zach out. I’m not sure if Derrick was lying to Frankie or if Frankie really believes it though.

    I’m also not quite sure what exactly happened so Frankie doesn’t trust Zack anymore. Maybe it will be on the show.

  4. Frankie has been wanting Zach out forever, so it is no surprise to see him jump on a plan. He was in Devin’s ear to put him up back in week 2. I know it makes no sense though

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