Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 6 Power of Veto Results)

Find out who won this week’s coveted Power of Veto here:

House of Zwide November 2022 teasers
House of Zwide November 2022 teasers

Nicole is the HoH and she nominated Jocasta and Zach for eviction. The houseguests chosen to play for the Power of Veto were Caleb, Christine, and Victoria.

Christine won the Power of Veto.

Unfortunately, it looks like it will be another predictable week inside the Big Brother house. There were talks of making a big move and taking out either Frankie or Zach. However, at the moment, Christine does not want to use the Power of Veto. That means Jocasta and Zach will stay on the block and Jocasta will be evicted. Nicole and Hayden want Zach gone, but Zach will have the votes to stay. Of course, Nicole and Hayden will try to persuade Christine to use the Power of Veto, but I doubt she’ll listen to them. The Detonators will once again get what they want and keep Zach, sending another outsider of the door. The only way Zach or a replacement nominee gets evicted is if Derrick says so; he’s been controlling the game all season long and has a lot of influence on a number of houseguests.

Of course, things can always change. I’ll post another update on Monday after the Veto Ceremony.

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  1. It sounds like they think they have the votes to keep Zack but it could easily go the other way. Cody and Derrick were talking about an alliance with Nichole and Haden, so if they vote with them, and Donny will to keep Jacosta, Zach could be the one to go.

    I’m glad Christine got the veto and hope she doesn’t us it like she said, because Nicole was talking about backdooring Frankie, and I would like him to stay.

  2. I no longer watch this show out of principle, but still kinda follows the basic goings-on in the house. Funny how after last season’s controversies with racism and homophobia, the last african-american is about to get evicted and the gay guy barely escaped this week and probably going to be targeted again next week.

  3. Looks to me like it’s going to be Frankie, Christiine, Zach vs Derrick and Cody at the end, but for the moment the Detonators are sticking together because they need the numbers; therefore Cody & Derrick changed their minds about calling out Christine & Frank!e. Instead Cody went on a cuddle campaign with Christine & Derrick solidified the 5 with Frankie. I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Cody, his only strategy is flirting. Overall it’s not a very good season, the dual HOH twist did not work to bring more excitement to the house. Voting with the house = snoozefest.

  4. It makes no sense for Christine to use the veto. Unknowingly she is an outsider in both her alliances but the numbers and stability favor having Zach & Frankie safe.

  5. Zach & Frankie have a final 2 deal and Cody & Derrick have a final 2 deal as well. It looks like Zach & Frankie also have a final 3 deal with Christine. And Cody & Derrick also have a final 3 with Zach, but there are so many alliance named that I can’t remember them all. Last night Zach said to Christine “We’re [the Detonators] just like the Brigade,” which should have raised a red flag with Christine as the guys kicked Brittney at the end in order to go with the all guy thing. Regardless if she wins a HOH at the crucial time she can pull out a win. This is how I read it but as Julie says: “Expect the unexpected.” Not holding my breath.

  6. I’m kind of hoping it’s Derrick and Frankie at the end, because they are the ones that are really leading the others. I think if that happens Derrick will win. But I have the feeling Frankie might be voted off before the end. This might be an important week with the double eviction. because it could affect which side dominates.
    I do like this season more than the past few, there are more that I like this year. I didn’t like last year’s cast at all.

  7. They’re so stupid not to get Frankie out when they have an easy shot. Producers tried to shake things up with Americas Team trying to force them to vote against the house…but its such a snoozefest. At least the internet caught Cody nude in the shower so we’ve got something to keep our interest. He could definitely follow in Steven Daigle’s foot steps if he wanted to

  8. Zachs heart belongs to Frankie, yet Frankie talks about voting him out all the time.

  9. True & just now on Jokers I read the convo Christihe just had with Cody & later Nichole: Christine throwing Zach under the bus. So who knows, Derrick might squash it or we might have a shake up!

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