Big Brother 16 Episode 6- Recap and Discussion

What an episode of Big Brother. This season is shaping up to be super entertaining. I’m curious as to what you guys think of this season. Anyway, we opened the show with a recap of last week’s events in the house. The recap includes Devin’s behavior being questioned by the other members of the Bomb Squad. The recap also shows Joey being evicted from the house. We are then shown that Amber won Head of Household for the girls and Hayden and Cody were neck and neck in becoming the second Head of Household for the week but Devin ends up taking the title of Head of Household from both of them. Who will Amber and Devin nominate for eviction? Who will win the Battle of the Block?

The show then goes to the houseguests finding out that Cody was disqualified from the Head of Household position because he fell off the balance beam before buzzing in. This means that Devin wins the title of Head of Household for the guys. Cody is then disappointed that he isn’t the Head of Household and so are the other houseguests. Devin says that winning is a big deal for him because he’ll get to see pictures of his daughter and is doing everything for her. Devin, Frankie, and Caleb meet in the bathroom to celebrate the fact that a member of the Bomb Squad won the title of Head of Household. At the same time, Zach goes to comfort Cody because he is still upset that he wasn’t the second Head of Household for the week.

It is then time for the Heads of Household room reveal. Amber gets pictures of her family and Devin gets to see a picture of his daughter. Devin also says that he wants to play the game for his daughter. Devin and Amber then both read their Heads of Household letters from their moms. As Amber is reading her letter,  Caleb mentions wanting to take Amber home to his mom. Devin also gets emotional over how he acted in the game the previous week and wants to talk to Donny to smooth things over with him and that he wants to play with honesty and integrity. Devin then proceeds to tell Donny that he’s no longer a threat for him and that he misjudged him last week. Donny says that Devin will have to earn his trust back. Devin then wants to talk to the house about how he treated Donny so he holds a house meeting. At the meeting, Devin gets emotional and tells the house that he wanted to play with integrity. He also tells the house that he forced Caleb to put Donny up on the block because he was suspicious of him. Brittany then knows that she wasn’t nominated last week because she fell first in the Head of Household competition like Frankie and Caleb said. Derrick also knows that he can’t work with Devin long term. Devin then meets with Caleb and Frankie in the Head of Household bedroom. Caleb thinks Devin made him look like a liar and Frankie gets annoyed with Devin for telling the truth instead of lying. Devin also realizes that Brittany has again made herself a target for eviction. We then go to commercial break.

When the show comes back on, we see Nicole and Hayden together in the backyard talking about life. Hayden has a crush on Nicole while she wants to work with Hayden in the game. Nicole then approaches Christine about wanting to work with Hayden but Christine isn’t sure about it given her position in the Bomb Squad. However, she eventually agrees to it. The girls then approach Hayden about being in an alliance and Hayden agrees to it too. This means that Christine is covered on all sides. We then cut to Devin and Caleb in the backyard talking about being lonely in the house. The conversation eventually turns to cuddling and Devin and Caleb bond further. After this, we go up to the Head of Household bedroom where Devin and Amber talk about nominations with other members of the Bomb Squad. Devin suggests nominating Paola and Brittany while Amber does not want to put up 2 girls also. She also does not want to put up Donny. Devin suggests putting up an alliance member to throw the competition so he will stay Head of Household. Derrick suggests putting up Nicole and Hayden because they are stronger competitors. We then go to commercial break.

When the show comes back from break, Devin and Amber are cleaning the kitchen because it is a mess. While cleaning the kitchen, Devin gets annoyed that Brittany left lotion in the kitchen and goes to confront her about it. Brittany also gets mad at him for acting so controlling. It is then time for the nomination ceremony. Devin gets to nominate 2 houseguests first and chooses to nominate Paola and Brittany. Devin nominated Paola because she said she is a warrior and Devin wants her to prove herself to him. He nominates Brittany because he felt that Brittany questioned his integrity and he did not like that. Amber then nominates Hayden and Nicole for eviction. She tells them that she loves them and that they are nominated because they are strong competitors. Christine is caught in a bad situation because 2 members of one of her alliances were nominated by a member of her other alliance. After the nomination ceremony is over, Devin tells Nicole to come up to the Head of Household room to tell her why she is nominated and that she is not going home this week. We then go to another commercial break.

Once the show comes back on, Brittany and Paola meet in the hive room to talk about nominations. Brittany knows she could be the target this week because she isn’t afraid to challenge Devin. At the same time, Devin meets with Hayden and Nicole and reveals that Brittany is his target for the week because she questioned his integrity. Devin also tells them that Paola is going to throw the Battle of the Block competition in order to keep Brittany on the block. Hayden and Nicole are still not happy to be nominated in the first place. It is then time for a Frankie and Zach segment. The segment shows them doing activities like swimming, dancing, and cuddling together. Zach says he is straight but views Frankie as his “boyfriend” and Frankie says that they have a special bond. It’s a pretty cute segment and a nice change of pace from last season. Devin also tells Paola that she is not the target this week and will make sure that she is here next week.

Voices then come over the Big Brother loud speakers during the middle of the night. It is then time for the Battle of the Block competition. The Battle of the Block competition is called “We Did What?” and like the Head of Household competition had a house party theme. In this competition, the houseguests were shown pictures of what happened at a party on a big screen and they had to answer the questions correctly to earn points. If they answered the question incorrectly, the other team would earn the point. If they answered the question correctly, they could also give a punishment to the other team. The first team to get 4 points would be the winners of the competition and would take themselves off the block.

Once the competition starts, Brittany answers the first question incorrectly so the point goes to Nicole and Hayden. Since she got it wrong, Hayden and Nicole give her the punishment of beer goggles to impair her vision. Paola and Brittany answer the 2nd question correctly and get a point which makes the score 1-1. Brittany answers question 3 incorrectly so Hayden and Nicole get a point. The score is now 2-1. For question 4, Paola answers the 4th question incorrectly  and the score becomes 3-1 with Hayden and Nicole in the lead. Brittany answers question 5 correctly and the score becomes 3-2. She also gives Hayden a punishment. It is then time for the 6th and final question which Hayden answers correctly, making the score 4-2. This means that Hayden and Nicole are the winners of the Battle of the Block competition and remove themselves from the block and remove Amber from her position of Head of Household. This means that Devin is Head of Household for the week and his nominations of Paola and Brittany remain intact. It will be interesting to see how he’ll handle a week fully in power. Overall, I thought this was a good episode.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Also, who are the final 2 members of Team America? We’ll find out Wednesday. Feel free to discuss the episode in the comments.