Rising Star – Week 3 – Live Blog and Videos

It’s week 3 of Rising Star. Ten more acts will perform for your INSTANT votes. If you don’t have the app, you can download it HERE.  Judge, Brad Paisley performs his latest single!

It’s the final night of auditions! Next week, the survivors duel against each other.

The 10 contestants who performed this last week of auditions were the worst yet. Only 2 contestants got a yes from me.  Audrey Kate Geiger for her unique tone and phrasing and diva belter, Gabrielle Nicole. Her sassy attitude may get her cut sooner rather than later though. Every other act ranged from mediocre to atrocious.  The bad talent is sinking this show. Fancy pants technology and sob stories does not a singing show make.

Although he’s still full of nervous chatter, Josh Groban’s hosting skills are improving.  We see snips of him mentoring the contestants.  We could use more of that. What little we see reveals insight.  Not so the “expert” panel, which continues to operate charisma free.  Kesha is ridiculous–her critiques are meandering and pointless. Brad is just the country version of Randy Jackson. He pretty much has nothing to say. Ludacris is the best of the three. At least he isn’t afraid to say no. (Except to that awful singer with the sick kid. He should have put his foot down). But ultimately, he doesn’t have much of substance to offer the hopefuls either.

Here’s tonight’s talent. For better or worse. Look for next week’s “dual” matchups at the bottom of the page!

Dana Williams, 24, LA, CA – “Stay” by Rihanna – Her father was a guitar player for Michael Jackson. He taught her to play. Her father had a stroke, entered a coma, had a heart attack and died. The sob stories just keep on coming. She has a very sweet tone and a lovely vibrato, but her dynamics are boring and she has timing issues. The band is drowning her out. The judges are voting her though, and she eventually reaches 82%. She has an appealing voice, but I still voted no. She’s pretty, but lacks star quality. Ludacris says she needs to project more, but he saw the emotion in her face. He hugs her. He knows what it’s like to lose a father. Kesha thinks she could win the competition. Hm. Brad thinks she’s fantastic. Dana advances with 87%

Unselfish (Kevin Taylor, 23; Brandon Jackson, 23; Anthony Frazier, 25; Antwan Jackson 24), Atlanta, GA – “Some Nights” by .Fun – They moved to Atlanta together from Miami. They live, eat and sleep together in the same house. They kick off “Some Nights” a cappella. Harmonies are good, on point. Their choreography consists of jumping around the stage. They could use a little work, there. When the track comes in, they sort of lose it. Ray Chew and the band are REALLY LOUD. Brad, Ludacris vote no. Kesha votes yes. They only reach 46%. Kesha thought their energy was “cute,” although their harmonies need work. Luda likes their look, but voted no because their harmonies were uneven. Brad thinks they need a lot of work. Too bad. They sounded great a’cappella, but then lost it. – Unselfish are eliminated at 46%.

Cliff Cody, 39, Perry County, OH – “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” – Cliff Cody lives on a farm with 2 goats called Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. He quit his nursing job to devote himself to music full time. He laments missing time with his teenaged daughter. Country singer and guitar strummer. He could sing with more emotion, but he has a nice baritone. Kesha and Luda vote no. Brad (the country singer) votes yes. But he only earns 49%. Not enough! Again…no star quality. Brad wanted to give him a boost, although he felt he picked the wrong song. He has potential, tells him to keep going. Kesha thought it was pitchy. Luda was pulling for him, but didn’t feel he was giving his all. Cliff was boring. All of these singers are boring. Josh says the West Coast could save him. Don’t give him false hope, Josh. Cliff is eliminated at 49%

Kesha has a cat cult, and…..I’m tuning the rest of the conversation out. Who knew Kesha could be so whiny and boring.

Audrey Kate Geiger, 24, New York, NY – “Stay With Me” – Her dad taught her to surf and to sing….and….HOLY COW HE DIDN’T DIE. Was so expecting the “my daddy died” sob story. He did give up his dreams of stardom, though. Her voice is kind of odd and nasally. But it’s different. Oh. There’s her dad in the audience. Not dead. I think I’m going to vote yes for this one. She’s interesting. NOT BORING ME IS GOOD. Brad votes yes. Luda votes yes, Kesha puts her over the 70% mark. Audrey kind of loses it then, but it doesn’t matter. She ends at 84%. Luda was impressed with her hauntingly beautiful, and unique vocals. Brad loves her soulful thing. She doesn’t sound like anyone else, says Brad. He suggests that she go more casual–be unbridled next time (maybe he objects to her heels). Kesha thinks she should wear her hair down next time. Be yourself, she advises. Audrey advances with 84%

YOU can tweet song requests for the upcoming duals to #TellRisingStar

OhMG (Gabby Puyat, 20 and Michael Dunn, 25), LA, CA – “Lights” – What a dumb name for a group. They’ve been jamming together for a year. Not romantically involved. Gabby found her biological father in the Philippines. Turned out her dad is very musical. In their mentoring session, Josh tells them they have pitch problems. The harmonies do suck. One line in, and I’m ready to vote no. She’s a better singer than him, but that’s not saying much. BORING. PITCHY. NEXT. NO NO NO. Luda votes no. Brad votes No. The guy is TERRIBLE. Kesha votes yes. WHAT’S WRONG WITH HER. Has to be a pity vote, because they end at 32%. OMG indeed. Kesha really liked Gabby’s voice. Brad doesn’t think they have what it takes to advance. Luda didn’t feel that the blend was right. OHMg are eliminated at 33%

Kasha’s “cat cult” is trending on twitter.  I. Don’t. Care. YAWN.

Gabrielle Nicole, 20, Cleveland, OH – “My Man” – She’s been singing since she was 3. She was forced to sing in church, but now she loves it. She describes her style as “big diva Broadway.” She’s proud to call herself a diva. Josh is impressed with her in rehearsal. Very impressed. She’s a good singer. Very expressive phrasing. Gorgeous tone. She’s a pro. The judges quickly vote yes. When she hits those big diva notes, the needle shoots up. The wall raises and she finishes at 90%. She had some pitch and control issues, but she certainly got my attention. I voted yes. The judges are standing for her. Luda, on his chair. Josh, who has sung with Babs, says she would be proud. “If every artist was like her, I wouldn’t be a tough judge,” says Luda. She’s earned the right to be called Diva, he says and suggests she orders all yellow m&ms for her dressing room. Brad says, “You are ridiculous…I’m never going to forget this.” Kesha calls it amazing. Gabrielle advances with 90%

Brad Paisley is next, singing his new single “River Bank.” It’s about beer. And partying. What a surprise. Don’t forget the trailer. And the river bank. Don’t forget the bikinis and inner tubes! Zzzzzzzz. Luda is wearing a cowboy hat. Josh says, “You and the water skiing squirrel are through…”

Karen Hornsby, 36, Jacksonville, FL – “To Love You More” – She’s been married for 15 years. Their little girl was diagnosed with brain cancer. All of the treatments left her daughter blind and unable to speak. Yikes. Whoa. This isn’t good. She’s completely out of tune. And her tone is really really unpleasant. What the heck. I feel bad her family has had hard times…but…NOPE. Kesha and Luda vote yes. WHAT THE EFF. Brad puts her over the edge to 70%. Husband takes the stage to hug her. The sob story–I know. But that was horrendous. Brad basically says she sucks, but he voted for her anyway. Kesha says she’s about to cry. Ludacris voted for her passion and determination. Karen didn’t sing ONE NOTE in tune. Backstory or not, the experts should have voted no. = Karen advances with 82%

TX3 (Lance, Miles and Jordan Tindall), 23, Chester, IL – “Keep Your Head Up” – Another group. Brothers. Lets see if they get through. They used to sing shirtless on the streets of LA for tips. Boy is this awful. Harmonies completely out of tune. No wonder they had to take their shirts off to get paid. How about taking your shirts off now boys? The singing isn’t doing it. LMAOOOO Kesha voted yes. They finish at 22%. Just when I think the talent can’t get worse. These guys are like a joke act. Kesha was hoping they’d strip down. That’s why she voted yes. Luda says, flat, no real stage presence, harmonies were off. YA’LL NEED WORK. I think they need Jesus. Brad says, “It’s not my thing…work on the harmonies.” Luda asks them if they’ve all messed around with one girl? Wut? – TX3 are eliminated at 22%

WHOA Diva girl says all the singers have to worry about going up against HER. Girlfriend, cut back the swagger. Singing show voters don’t play that.

Skye Griffin, 26, Houston, TX – “Only Girl in the World” – Her mom was a druggie. Her grandmother raised her. Her mom turned her life around and she works with other drug addicts. Josh suggests she cut out some of the runs. I’m sure he’s right, without even hearing her. Whoa. Leather short shorts and thigh high boots. She’s definitely going for the Rihanna vibe. Her singing is consistently under pitch. She needs more chutzpah to pull off the fierce sex kitten deal. Her runs are awful. No wonder Josh suggested she cut them. Brad and Luda vote no. Kesha votes hes. She’s eliminated at 28%. Oy. That was bad. Luda loves the boots, but she needs to work on her vocal control. Kesha agrees, but she likes her potential. Brad thought she chose the wrong song. Skye is eliminated at 28%

To kill time, Josh asks the “experts” what their first record deals were like.

Morgan Higgins, 17, San Clemente, CA – “Alone” – A junior in high school, she comes from a musical family. She records at home for her Youtube channel. She’s a solid singer, but miffs the high notes and is pitchy throughout.  She could use a few more years experience. At this point, she’s generic, with no clear artistic identity.  Ugh. She’s so yelly on the high notes. Brad votes no, Luda and Kesha vote yes and she ends at 79%. Brad voted no. He felt there was something missing. She needs more confidence. Kesha really relates to and believes in her. Luda says she was nervous at first, but then she eventually delivered. Morgan advances at 79%

Next week the Live Duels begin and Rising Star cuts BACK TO AN HOUR YAY. Here are the matchups:

Jesse Kinch (Blues singer) vs Will Roth (vet tech, growly rocker)
Sarah Darling (country singer, ringer) vs Megan Tibbets (Harpist)
Lisa Punch (R&B singer) vs Alice Lee

Only 3 performances? Plus, these match ups come off as set ups. The winners will be Jesse, Sarah and Lisa. The other three are total cannon fodder.

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