Big Brother 16 Episode 39 – Recap and Discussion

Tonight, it’s a special edition of Big Brother ahead of next week’s finale! Who will win Head of Household? Find out!

In diary, Derrick admits that he’s sitting pretty. Victoria is convinced Derrick will take her to the final 2. Derrick assures Victoria, in the wake of Cody revealing the hitmen to Caleb before he was evicted,  that he’s really in a final two alliance with HER. “We’re brother and sister,” Derrick says when she asks him what their alliance name is.

Then, he confabs with Cody assuring him that HE’S his final two. Cody is worried that Derrick is upset that he outed the hitmen to Victoria and Caleb. He can’t be happy.

At a champagne breakfast, Derrick explains the history of the bombsquad to Victoria. This is just as much for our benefit as Victoria’s and leads into a rehash of the season.

It’s a little blast from the past, as we see DEVIN begin the bombsquad, and then blow it to Christine and Amber, unbeknownst to the rest of the group. Ha ha. Remember Caleb’s WTF reaction when Devin told him he invited the girls to join the alliance? “That’s 8, that’s it,” Devin said to the girls. BIGGEST ALLIANCE EVAH.

Cody and Derrick are grateful to the bombsquad because it brought them together. Now we see the boys brainstorm on names for their mini alliance. “How about the hitmen!” says Derrick, “You’re gonna get whacked!” Indeed.

Now it’s time to revisit Devin’s crazy behavior, as we cut to a flashback of his loopy house meeting, where he ranted and cried and invokes his daughter. DID YOU KNOW THAT DEVIN HAS A DAUGHTER? Ah. Good times. He proceeded to blow up his own game, and that was pretty much it for him.

America’s Favorite Houseguest. Go vote at! Or not. Because it’s probably a waste of time, as Ariana Grande and her millions of fans and twitter followers will award the $25,000 to Frankie.

Next, they fondly recall Donny. Shots of Donny, sitting by himself–by the pool, in the beehive, the have not room. Donny laments that nobody wants to talks game to him. They make him look kind of nutty.  He was really just a sweet loner who was out of his element. Next, a rehash of the Hayden/Nicole showmance. “I had a little schoolboy crush,” says Hayden. “Hayden made me feel good,” says Nicole. Their first kiss under the covers! Aw.

Let’s move on to something more sinister. Caleb’s obsession with Amber. But they gloss right over that nasty business. Next, we remember Zankie. Gah, Zach what were you thinking? You’re way too good for that narcissist asshat, Frankie.  Watch them cuddle in bed. Zach gives Frankie a little peck. “Too bad I’m not gay,” says Zach.

Remember Caleb throwing the BOB competition? But then Frankie won anyway. Oh. There’s trouble in Zankie paradise. You should have never trusted him Zach! I miss Zach. Ah ha ha. More Zach antics with Nicole. She gives him a wedgie and the houseguests roar. She’s spunky! Next the houseguests scream at zombies.

Sniff. these clips of Donny being a mensch are making me misty. He’d get emotional at a drop of a hat. Crying Donny. Aw. Jocasta crying when Donny used the Power of Veto to save her.

Now, let’s watch Victoria blow every competition she ever competed in. And, Caleb demonstrating his ninja moves. Ew. Let’s talk about Frankie. LET’S NOT. Remember when Frankie revealed that his sister is a “mega mega popstar” and HE is a “social media mogul.” Ugh. WHOA. Remember Zach crying after he learned that Frankie planned to give his winnings to charity? “I don’t stand a chance,” he cries. That’s right, Zach. You would have had an excellent chance to win America’s Favorite Houseguest, because BB fans love you. Too bad about Ariana and her army of stans, who will make sure a HG that show fans hate will walk away with the prize money. I hope Frankie really plans to give his dough to charity.

More season recap. Let’s watch the houseguests freak out when they find their stuff missing. It was a Team America stunt that actually went really well. The team’s mission was to start a neighborhood watch and they were spectacularly successful. Unfortunately, Team America–including best friend Frankie–threw Zach under the bus, allowing him to take the blame for the thefts.

More awesome Zach…I could watch him calling Nicole a fruitloop dingus forever. This recap of Zach’s crazy speeches IS EVERYTHING.

AW. The doorbell rings early in the morning, getting everyone out of bed and SCARED. IT’S A CUTE LITTLE DOGGIE NAMED IZZY. SO FREAKING CUTE. “Now there’s two princesses in the house, and I couldn’t be happier, says Victoria.” Adorable. The houseguests mock to evict Izzy and she leaves. They watch her photo turn to black.

FINALLY. Some action. HoH part 1 is an endurance competition involving hand gliders. “Fly High or Bye Bye” has the houseguests holding on to hang gliders, as they are pelted with rain. LOL Victoria bragging she’s in the final 3. “It took a lot of work to get here.” She really has no clue. Damn. We don’t find out who wins. Since this competition already happened, I will tell you. Cody wins.

Next Wednesday, at 8/7c PM, is the 90 minute finale!

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