Big Brother 16 Episode 19 – Recap and Discussion

What a crazy episode of Big Brother! I feel like the game might finally start to pick up this week especially considering there is a double eviction tomorrow night. One thing that stuck out to me about this episode was the amount of Christine. If Zach leaves 1st tomorrow night, I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes the new villain of this season. Also if you don’t have the live feeds, I highly suggest getting them so you’re aware of what’s going on in the house at all times. Anyway onto tonight’s recap.

We start the episode with a recap of what’s been going on in the house so far this week. The recap includes Christine making an alliance with Nicole and Hayden as well as with the Detonators. However, Nicole started to become suspicious of her. It also includes Nicole making a move against Frankie and setting a plan in motion to possibly backdoor him this week. We are then reminded that Caleb and Victoria won the Battle of the Block competition against Zach and Jocasta but had to take punishments along with their victory and dethroned Donny. These punishments included a shaved head, Adam & Eve costumes for 48 hours, and slop for 2 weeks.

The show comes back on to show us the aftermath of the Battle of the Block competition. Zach is not happy that he lost the Battle of the Block competition especially to Victoria. He knows that the Power of Veto is important or he could be going home this week. Jocasta also knows that she has to win the Power of Veto or her time in the house could be over. Caleb is happy that he won the Battle of the Block competition and safety for the week but he is not happy about the punishments that he will have to endure this week. At the same time, Victoria celebrates her Battle of the Block victory with Nicole  and Nicole tells us that she is happy to remain the Head of Household for the week. She also mentions that even though Zach and Jocasta her real target for the week is Frankie.

We then to go the kitchen where Caleb complains about his punishments again to Zach. Zach is not happy with Caleb and reminds him that he should be grateful that he is not on the block anymore. At the same time, Nicole and Frankie talk in the Head of Household room and Nicole tells Frankie that she wants Zach out of the house to conceal her real plans for the week. Frankie tells her that he won’t use the Power of Veto if he wins it and will keep her nominations the same. We then go to the living room where it is time for Victoria and Caleb to get their Adam & Eve punishment. This punishment involves them wearing bathing suits that have leaves on them and being attached by a “vine” for 48 hours. Caleb and Victoria are not happy that they have to do everything together for 48 hours. Caleb then gets his head shaved by Victoria in front of the other houseguests and is still not happy about it.

After this, we go to Derrick, Cody, Nicole,  and Hayden in the Head of Household room where they form an alliance called the Rationale. Nicole tells them that if the veto is used that Frankie will go up. Derrick tells Nicole that he is okay with his plan as long as Frankie goes home if he goes up. Next, we go to Christine and Nicole in the living room. Christine tells her that she wants Zach to go home and tells Nicole to put up Derrick or Cody if she wants Zach to go home. Christine also tells Nicole that she thinks Hayden and Victoria hooked up but mentions to us that is a lie. Nicole is not happy with what Christine told her and goes to talk to Hayden about what Christine said and Hayden mentions that he wants Zach to stay and for Frankie to go home.

Nicole then tells Cody what Christine told her and Nicole knows that she can no longer trust Christine when it comes to the game. Cody tells Derrick about what Christine did and they suspect that Christine and Frankie are working together. Cody then reminds Derrick that Frankie needs to go up but they are still unsure about who to trust. It is then time for the veto player draw. The veto players include Caleb, Zach, Nicole, Jocasta, Christine, and Victoria. After the veto meeting there is another montage of Caleb and Victoria complaining about their Adam & Eve punishment. We go to a Detonator meeting in the hive room. During the meeting, Zach mentions that as long as Jocasta doesn’t win the veto they are set for the week. However, Christine again mentions to us that she really wants Zach out of the house. Derrick also knows that he and Derrick  might have to pick a side of the house by the end of the week depending on the outcome of the veto competition.

It’s time for the veto competition. This week’s challenge is an individual competition. The competitors will be kept in separate rooms of the house until it is their turn to compete. It’s a timed event, with a comic book theme. Each houseguest will hit a button to begin. Once time starts they will have to zipline across the yard and look at a window display of comic books relating to each of the houseguests. They will then have to match the comic books on their computer to what they saw in the window. If they get any wrong, they will have to go back on the zipline to take another look at the display. Once they think they have the right answers, they will  hit their button again locking in their time.  they have a maximum of 35 minutes to complete this task. The houseguest to do this correctly in the shortest amount of time will win the Power of Veto.

Nicole goes 1st and does fairly well. She notices that the details for each of the covers have to be exactly right or the order will be wrong. Caleb goes next and also does well. Victoria goes 3rd and really struggles and does not finish in 35 minutes. Jocasta goes next and also does well. Christine is the next to go and seems to do as well as Nicole did. Zach is the last to go and gets frustrated that he keeps getting the order wrong and starts yelling and throwing the pieces for the competition. During the competition, he realizes that he made a mistake this week and could be in real danger of going home. It is then time to determine the winner of the competition. Nicole completed the task in 12:20. Caleb finished in 15:48 while Victoria finished in 35 minutes. Jocasta finished it in 11:50 which means that she took the lead for the veto. Finally, Zach finishes in 26:17. Since Christine finished in the lowest amount of time, she is the winner of the Veto!

After the competition, Christine talks to Frankie and Derrick about what to do with the veto. Zach comes in the room and interrupts their discussion. Christine mentions to the audience that she doesn’t know what to do with the veto. After this, we go to the backyard where Caleb and Victoria get out of their Adam & Eve punishment. We go to Hayden and Nicole in the Head of Household bedroom where Nicole and Hayden again mention that they do not trust Christine. It is then time for the veto meeting. During the meeting, Zach tells a joke for his speech while Jocasta mentions that she would be grateful if Christine would use the Power of Veto. After the speeches, Christine decides not to use the Power of Veto. Zach thinks that as long as he lays low for the week he should stay in the house while Jocasta mentions that it might not be a bad thing that she is next to Zach on the block. Christine mentions to us that it will be her mission to turn the rest of the house against Zach and with that the episode is over.

Who will be evicted 1st tomorrow: Zach or Jocasta? What will happen in the Double Eviction? Tune in tomorrow night to find out! As always, the comments are open to discuss the episode.