SYTYCD11- Top 10 Perform, 2 Go Home- Live Blog and Discussion

Join me here tonight for a little bit of DANCE. Or, if you’re not in this timezone, join me here and watch me talk about dance. A lot.

Top 10 Group Number- Bang Bang- Choreographed By Jamal Sims
Holy Costumes, Batman. Set direction and costumes are off the chain here. Bright colors. Emilio even gets a stand out moment to B boy, Zack gets to Tap. I kinda want those bright chairs in my house. That was a really fun routine. Great way to start off the show.

Two dancers are going home this week. But not until they get to dance for us one more time.

Our judge this week is Tara Lipinski. I miss when the third judge was an actual dancer.

1) Bridget and Brandon- Bollywood Disco- Disco Khisko
This show hates Bridget. She performs first a lot. Bridget has her smile on, and is really trying, but her moves are sloppy. Her arms aren’t always straight. Other than a few lifts, I fail to see how this is disco at all. It seems pretty straightforward Bollywood. Brandon is outperforming Bridget. If she doesn’t go home this week, this routine will send her home. I feel bad for her. They clearly threw her the most bizarre routine, at the top of the show. I’m surprised they even gave her an All-Star. Tara Lipinski loved it, and called it a beautiful moving puzzle. Mary says it had strength, speed, stamina, skill, and spirit. Eliminate a dancer by overpraising her on a mediocre performance at the top of the show? Check. Nigel thought it was inspirational, and made some bad bollywood jokes I’m not even going to bother to retype. OK, I will for those not watching. It involved Saturday Night Curry. Aren’t you glad you weren’t here for this?

Cat is doing results. Is Bridget in the bottom two? Yes.

Full results at the end. We’ll find out each dancer after their dance.

Side note, with two tappers in the competition, can Aaron come back and do a Tap routine with them as an All Star?

2) Tanisha and Ryan- Argentine Tango- By Leonardo and Miriam- The Gaucho’s Pain
Tanisha says Ryan is an inspiration for her. It’s hard to get too excited about ballroom dances, I understand, but this is actually quite perfect. Of course, she’s in her style, but she’s got chemistry with Ryan (should she?), and the two are killing this routine. He’s a great partner for her. Mary says it had everything she could ever want to see in an Argentine Tango. She says Tanisha is a powerhouse. Nigel says her footwork was magic. Tara says the opening was soooo sexy, and the partnership was incredible.

Is Tanisha in the bottom? No.

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Degree Filler – Soundbytes from the dancers about their thoughts.

3) Emilio and Jasmine- Hip Hop by Tabitha and Napoleon- Get Low
Emilio is worried he’ll be in the bottom again. Jasmine is a snake invading the king’s throne. Jasmine is out of her style here, which is helping Emilio slay this routine. I’ve never realized how good he actually was at Hip Hop until this routine. If Emilio goes this week, it’ll be both a shame, and also a chance to say that he went out on a high note. Nigel says the worst thing is that Tabitha and Napoleon were busy, and they just now were able to get them back. Nigel says that Emilio has gotten a lot better as a dancer. Nigel calls Emilio sensational. Tara says Jasmine isn’t real. Mary welcomes home Tabitha and Napoleon. Mary says this is the top of the top.

Results time. Is Emilio safe? No. He’s in the bottom two.

Nigel bursts out in a rage, and says if Emilio did that routine last week, he’d be nowhere near the bottom two. I agree.

4) Valerie and Ade- Jazz with Tyce Diorio- Hearts a Mess
Tyce tells Valerie not to be so nice. Valerie opens with her angry face, which becomes a sexy face. Ade is great. He’s gotten a lot better over the years. His strength helps great moves, like holding her out over the audience around his waist. And the ending, where she walks on him? She’s standing on his back, and he’s holding her. Fantastic. I honestly spent more time watching Ade. I think Valerie is stuck playing second fiddle again. Tara actually didn’t love it, and thought Valerie didn’t have the character. She gets booed. Mary believes that Valerie has gone another step, and calls Valerie perfect, but agrees that she could have dug deeper. Nigel didn’t love her tonight, and that Ade showed her up. I agree. Nigel encourages voters to remember her across the series, and thinks Valerie could be in trouble this week.

Is Valerie in the bottom? No.

The Top 10 are doing a tour!

5) Rudy and Jenna- Chacha with Louis Van Amstel- Maps by Maroon 5
They have the hots for each other, and things get spicy fast. Jacque will be angry, I’m sure. I’ve been told Rudy is a trained ballroom dancer as well, so I’m expecting him to be good. He definitely has chemistry with Jenna. They’re great together. I kinda wish the routine was faster in parts. I feel like the cha cha should be quicker than this. I don’t feel like Jenna outperformed him, but this was only my second favorite ballroom of the night. Ryan and Tanisha were just better. Mary says it was hot. Mary says Jenna was amazing, and says Rudy was on fire. She says he’s on the hot tamale train. Nigel apologizes to Rudy for not liking him originally. He warns him not to be over the top. Tara says Rudy’s joy is infectious.

Is Rudy in the bottom? No.

6) Jacque and Chehon- Contemporary Ballet with Travis Wall- Adagio for TRON
Jacque says she will have to be the best she’s ever been. I love the shadow in the background. The lack of lighting is different. It makes it hard to really see the dancers, and their facial expressions. They’re left 100% up to movement. It was a simple routine, but not my favorite from Travis. He tried something different, and I’m worried it’ll work against Jacque. It wasn’t bad, it’s just the bar is so high with Travis, that I felt somehow let down. I thought Jacque was alright, and better than Bridget this week for sure. Nigel says Travis would like to choreograph NYC Ballet. Nigel says Jacque went to another level. Tara says “Travis? Your work? I die.” Mary says she was exquisite.

Jacque is in the bottom two with Bridget. That means that Jessica is safe.

Sneak Peek of The Giver

7) Ricky and Lauren- Jazz by Mandy Moore- Bossa Nova Baby
This is just a damn fun routine. I love it. I love when routines can be great, and not super serious (like Emilio’s hip hop earlier). Ricky could already be an all-star. My favorite routine of the night. Lauren was fantastic too. Nigel says that everyone raised their game, but that Ricky also raised his game. Tara says she was dancing in her seat the whole time. She asks Ricky if there’s anything he can’t do. Nigel says he looks like a Hobbit. Mary says Ricky has the skills to pay the bills, and he can do anything.

Results. Is Ricky in the bottom? He’s safe. Duh.

Even Nigel is joking about how “shocking” that is. Careful Nigel. You don’t have a save anymore.

8) Casey and Katherine- Broadway with Spencer Liff- Maybe This Time
Casey is so excited to be dancing this week. Casey really is a strong dancer. He can turn like a beast. He bicycle kicks over Katherine’s head. Incredible. That drag across the floor was super sexy. I liked it, I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I thought it showed another side of Casey, who is struggling to stay in this competition. Mary says that she’s loved everything Katherine has ever done, and says Casey is becoming a star. Nigel says Spencer found a style that suits Casey. Nigel says he’s maintained his comeback from last week. Nigel thinks Casey is coming up to challenge Ricky. BOLD PREDICTION. Tara says Casey looks handsome. She loved the entire thing.

Results. Is Casey in the bottom 2? He’s safe. That means Zack is in the bottom. That means Zack now has to dance, knowing he’s in the bottom two. Wow. Sucks to be him.

9) Jessica and Twitch- Hip Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon- U Got Me Up
Twitch is at a bus stop when Jessica goes by and he goes DAMN. Twitch’s hair is grey. lol. It’s hard to not be shown up for Twitch. It seems like he’s taking the old man character seriously, which is helping him not outdance her. It was a good routine, but I liked the first hip hop routine better. I would have preferred Twitch going full out and showing up Jessica, who was just barely making it through this routine. Tara calls it unreal, and this pairing caused her to not sleep. She’s obsessed with Twitch. Mary says she lifted herself to Twitch’s level, and calls the routine memorable. Nigel says he’s pleased that he inspired Tabitha and Napoleon to do this routine. Nigel says that Jessica has lived up to her potential again this week.

Jessica was already declared safe earlier when Jacque hit the bottom.

10) Zack and Amy- Contemporary by Sonya- Europe After The Rain
Beautiful track, by the way. This dance… is stunning. Two of the best dancers this week are in the bottom. That’s not cool. All five boys were good, but based on these routines, I would have sent Rudy home. Zack is incredible here, and shows of a different side of himself. Amy was perfection. One of the best Sonya routines… ever? That final shot with the one light on the dark stage… perfect. Standing O from all three judges. What a performance, indeed. Nigel says Sonya touched us with that routine. Sonya is choreographing the Martha Graham Company. He keeps praising Sonya, and finally says that Zack was stunning. Zack starts to cry. Tara says she’s almost speechless, it was that beautiful.

Zack is in the bottom two.

Christina Perri performs, while Katherine and Chehon dance. I remember Christina Perri saying she was still working in a coffee shop when Jar Of Hearts played on So You Think You Can Dance. This show really launched that song, and launched Christina Perri. This song is no Jar of Hearts, but what little we get to see of Chehon and Katherine is beautiful.

Whichever boy goes home this week is a crime. Both Zack and Emilio were at their best this week. Between Bridget and Jacque, I’d send home Bridget. She didn’t do what she needed to in that Bollywood Disco, and Bridget is my favorite girl.

I think it’ll be Bridget and Emilio.

Results! Cat has Zack and Jacque step forward. They are safe. Emilio and Bridget are going home. Zack is crying.

Emilio and Bridget are eliminated

Join me here again next week for more DANCE! Happy with tonights results? Disappointed? Sound off in the comments!

Don’t forget, Emilio and Bridget made the tour!

Next Week’s Pairings:
Tanisha is paired with Nick Lazzerini
Valerie has Ryan DiLello
Rudy with Allison (Boss?)
Jacque gets Twitch
Ricky is with Jaimie
Casey gets Comfort
Jessica gets Will Wingfield
Zack is with Makenzie (she’s an all star?)

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