America’s Got Talent 9 – Top 48 Week 2 Results Live Blog

I will be liveblogging tonight’s results for America’s Got Talent. Last night had some great acts (Aerial Animation, Mat Franco) and some not so great acts (Darik Santos, Jaycob Curlee, and last but certainly not least Juan Carlos). Which acts did America decide to put through? The answer, plus Lindsay Sterling, will perform tonight. The show starts at 9 PM EST, join me in the comments!

Here we go! Last night talent divided the nation. Tonight the results will knock you out. Here’s Nick Cannon dressed in…I don’t even know anymore. Let’s just say its strange as usual. Judges walk out. Howie is dressed the same as Nick. OMG. Howie is going to go change out of that hideous outfit. Nick will stay in it.

We discuss last night and Juan Carlos, unfortunately, dominates this discussion. Can he just be eliminated already? We now move into a recap of last night. This entire segment brought to you by the letter F for FILLER. We are discussing why Mel B is in a bad mood. The (unspoken) answer is jetlag.

First result coming up. After product placement for Readi Whip.

FINALLY some results. Andrey Moraru, Darik Santos, and Hart Dance Team are up first. Andrey Moraru is the first act safe. His mind is blank, he is really happy to be given another chance to perform.

Next result is happening now. Jaycob Curlee and Juan Carlos. I’m praying neither of them make it, but Jaycob probably will. Jaycob Curlee made it. DAMN. Who voted for him? He wasn’t good. Like at all. I get that he has a backstory but that shouldn’t be more important than the talent. Wow, he just totally dissed the judges. LOL. Howie says everyone loves Jaycob. I disagree. I don’t think he is very good.

Next result. Aerial Animation and Loop Rawlins are up next. If Loop makes it I will flip out. And thankfully, he doesn’t. Aerial Animation makes it through. Abigail seems stunned. Howard calls her the frontrunner and tells her not to play it safe.

Lindsey Sterling is up next. But first, a filler bit where Howie makes fun of people on the street trying to see the show. Is this necessary? The answer is no. It’s not. Wow, this bit just keeps going and going. Like it goes on forever. And its not even funny filler. We see a clip of Nick on The Tonight Show tonight.

Lindsey Stirling is up now performing Shatter Me with Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. This is certainly an interesting performance. Lzzy Hale is an amazing singer, almost overshadowing Lindsay’s amazing violin skills in my opinion. That was a really short performance-only 2 minutes. But I enjoyed it. Lindsey’s album is also called Shatter Me.

Lindsey Stirling Performs Live ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Results: Mat Franco and Livy Matt and Sammy are next. Mat is obviously safe. And I’m right. Mat Franco is the last act put through by America. Mat is excited to get back to work and do more magic. Mel B says he’s cute, thinks he makes magic cool.

Acte II, Mara Justine, and John and Andrew are left. John and Andrew are eliminated. Damn. That sucks. I really liked them. Mara choked last night, and Acte II are opera singers and I don’t enjoy opera.

All three remaining singers are crying to try and win over the judges. After the break, we find out who takes the last spot. I think it’s Acte II.

Heidi puts Mara through. Mel B puts Mara through. Howard puts Mara through. And its over. Mara Justine is through to the next round.

Next week: Adrian Romoff, Blue Journey, Mike Super, Sons of Serendip, Acro Army, Paul Ieti, Wendy Libman, Kieran and Finian Makepeace, Dragon House “The Agents”, Christian Stoinev, Cornell Bhangra, and Anna Clendening will perform for America’s votes. Feel free to follow me on twitter if you like my liveblogs (@eric_ascher) See you all next Tuesday!


Andrey Moraru

Jaycob Curlee

Aerial Animation

Mat Franco

Mara Justine


Darik Santos

Hart Dance Team

Juan Carlos

Loop Rowlins

John and Andrew

Livy Matt and Sammy

Acte II

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