Big Brother 16 – Episode 10 – Recap and Results (VIDEO) (UPDATED)

After losing Head of Household, Nicole has to wear a frog suit for an entire week.  The remaining HoH, Derrick, sets his sights on backdooring Devin. Jocasta is a mess after the Battle of the Block. The houseguests take care of her as she vomits. She’s still on the block after she and Caleb lost BoB. While Caleb threw the competition, Jocasta was actually trying.

Caleb admits to Amber that he threw the competition to save her. She’s really uncomfortable and feels like he expects something now. She turns him down one more time for a date, and he becomes belligerent. “If you’re not my date to the finale Ill be mad” he says. The dude is a total stalker. When will Amber take out the restraining order?

The houseguests assure Nicole that she’s adorable in her frog costume. Hayden obviously has a little crush on her. Cody gives Amber a back rub. He’s got a crush too. Amber is glad he’s in the house, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings either. But at least he’s not scary. She confides her annoyance with Caleb, who walks by and throws eye daggers at the couple.

Death Stares

In diary, Caleb talks about Amber like she’s his property. Seriously. WTF is up with him?  Caleb confronts Cody about Amber over chess. Cody is worried Caleb will come after him, so he assures him he won’t step on his toes over Amber.

Derrick tells Caleb to keep his eye on the prize. If the other houseguests learn that he threw the competition, they will no longer trust him. Meanwhile, some of the houseguests are leaning towards getting Caleb out while they have the chance. Cody in particular is eager to get rid of a threat. Derrick decides that if they can’t backdoor Devin, Caleb will be their target.

Team America: Derrick, Donny and Frankie put their task to convince the house Zach and BB15 HG Amanda are cousins. Donny plants the seed with Nicole. She shares with Christine. Derrick tells Caleb, who shares with Amber. Derrick reveals the rumor with Zach. He decides to play along with it! Victoria was all “I KNEW IT ALL ALONG.” Zach makes it his mission to work the whole house until they believe the rumor.

Rumor Mission

Jocasta is in bed, suffering from heat exhaustion. She won’t even be well enough to compete in the Veto Competition on her own behalf.

Derrick hopes that Devin’s name isn’t drawn to play in the competition.  But unfortunately, Devin’s name is drawn, along with Christine and Donny who join Caleb. Derrick chooses Cody to host. Devin knows if he doesn’t win the competition, he’s gone. Derrick shares the plan to backdoor Devin with Donny. He’s pissed that he’s been out of the loop. So he decides not to share his game. This makes Derrick very nervous.

The competition has a Vegas theme. Cody is dressed in black and white dealer garb, complete with bow tie. “The house wants out Devin,” says Hayden, “And if you know anything about Vegas, you know the house always wins.”

The competition is called “Tumblin Dice”. Here’s how it works. First, Cody picks names to determine the order of play.  The player chosen first will step up and challenge one of the other players.  In each battle, both players will get inside a giant mesh die.  Cody spins a big roulette wheel to determine which number  the players will be trying to match. When the bell rings, the players will “tumble” their dice off the platform using their hands and feet. The goal is to return to the platform, with the correct number on the top of the dice.  The winner stays in the game. The loser is eliminated.  The next player in line will challenge any player still left in the game.

Christine, Derrick, Devin, Donny, Caleb will go in that order.   Of course, Christine challenges Devin.  Cody spins  a big roulette wheel and settles on 4. Christine’s determination to beat Devin and be the hero of the house is to no avail. Unfortunatley, Christine sucks at the game, and Devin wins.

Derrick is next, and to no one’s surprise, also chooses Devin, who figures the more he plays, the better he’ll get at the game. He’s got a point. Derrick is completely confused by the puzzle. Devin wins again.

Donny is up next.  Zach promises to punch himself in the eye if Devin wins the competition. WHOA Donny shows his hand. He wants to WIN against Devin. He swears to never throw a competition. Cody spins a  6 on the wheel, which disappoints Donny, who had been paying attention and figured out how to do the 3, 4 and 5. Donny isn’t as fast as Devin, but nevertheless, Donny wins!  The houseguests erupt in cheers.  Devin calls it the saddest moment of his game. He knows he’s toast.

The last matchup is between Caleb and Donny.  Despite the backdoor plan, Caleb wants to win and take himself off of the block.  Caleb does not trust Donny and wonders if he is who he says he is. The wheel lands on 2.  “I’m not good with patterns, numbers, none of that,” says Caleb, “Mama always says, ‘Son, you may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but at least you’re in the box.'” Alrighty then!   Just being in the box isn’t enough for Caleb, because Donny quickly and easily wins.  He has won the Power of Veto.

Who will Donny use the Power of Veto on?  ‘Hashtag Old Man Beatdown!” exclaims Donny. “I wonder what I’ll do with this?”  Derrick has no idea what he’s going to do.  He’s afraid he won’t use it on Jocasta–blowing up everyone’s game.

Donny, along with Frankie and Brittany, reveal to a still sick Jocasta that she’s not going home. Donny will use the veto to get her off the block. She breaks into loud sobs.  Frankie and Brittany hug and cry. “Winning this veto for  Jocasta means the world to me,” says Donny. “Maybe now she can get well and not worry about sitting on the block.  Donny’s combination of kindness and smarts are going to send him far into this game.

Whoo. Cody enters the room and strips down until he’s shirtless–much to the thrill of Frankie and the girls.  Thank you very much!

A Friend In Need

Alone and dejected, Devin breaks down into tears. He feels like he let his daughter down. “Every daughter looks at her dad as a superhero,” says Devin. “I wasn’t her super hero.” Did you know Devin has a daughter (!!!) Just kidding.

The Veto Ceremony commences.  Donny feels like he has proven himself a worthy competitor. The house should know what he’s going to do with it. But he knows paranoia will keep them guessing.  As expected, Donny announces that he has decided to use his veto on Jocasta. “You were sick. All I want is for you to get better.” She’s sobbing agaub and thanking Jesus. Derrick announces her replacement. No surprises here. He chooses Devin, reminding him that his social game sucks.  Now, it’s Devin and Caleb on the block. BYE DEVIN.

Relieved, Derrick feels he’s done his job as HoH. Now he can sit back and watch the house plans unfold.  Caleb is a little worried the plan could backfire, and he’ll be the one leaving. Devin comforts himself, “This is Big Brother. Anything can happen.”

Jocasta is still crying. “I’m so used to giving. Now I get to receive. Praise God.”

Tomorrow. It’s eviction time. This is a no brainer, don’t you think?

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