Big Brother 16 – Derrick Levasseur’s Grandfather Has Died


This is UNBELIEVABLE. Big Brother houseguest, Derrick Levasseur, was called to the diary room Friday evening and was handed a letter from his family.

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The undercover cop from Providence, RI, learned that his grandfather died. The funeral is Sunday, but Derrick has decided to stay in the game. The man’s name was Norman.  Derrick’s father’s father died at 86. Although he was living in an assisted living facility with his wife, he was not ill prior to his death.

In what is absolutely a Big Brother first,  Derrick lost his grandfather just a few days after Frankie Grande lost his. As the brother of pop songstress, Ariana Grande, it was HUGE news.  Ironically, it was Derrick who threw the HoH competition during Thursday’s live eviction episode, allowing Frankie to win.  A benefit of becoming HoH is the privilege of  personal messages and photos from the family.

The rest of the house read the letter as Derrick left for the diary room to record a message for his family. After he returned, he said that he felt bad for his dad, whom he knows is “a mess right now.” The news came as a complete shock to Derrick.

When Frankie shared his sad news with the house, he had been tearful and emotional. Derrick, on the other hand, was stoic, quiet–but obviously shaken to his core. There were long minutes of silence, as the houseguests sat with their silently grieving housemate.

“It just puts into perspective how much we’re missing,” said Derrick after some silence. “It’s crazy.”

Eventually, Derrick excused himself to take a nap. Frankie followed him to the have-not room to bond and tell him he volunteered to eat slop in his place. Derrick insisted that he doesn’t want any special treatment, just for the rest of the house to be there for him. “You know where I’m coming from,” said Derrick to Frankie. “I’m not as an emotional guy as you are.”

He recorded a message for his family, but Derrick admitted that he cried all the way through it and will have to re-do it when he’s more composed.

“You just miss out on things.” Derrick said about being in the house, “I can’t get that back. That day…Sunday, I’m not going to get that back.”  However, he says his family will be OK. They don’t need him there.

If you get the live feeds, here is a (PST) timeline:

7:24 – Derrick seen on camera. Fishes flash at about 7:25
7:36 – Live feed cuts to BB Highlights
7:45 – Live feeds come back. The Houseguests gather in the living room to read the letter from Derrick’s family.
7:46 – Derrick sitting by himself in the have not room.
7:47 – He leaves for the diary room to record a message for his family. The rest sit in silence, each taking a turn to read the letter.
7:55 – Derrick returns to the living room, “Talk about timing,” he says.
8:33 – Derrick excuses himself to take nap.

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  1. How sad. As a fellow New Englander I get the stoicism. It’s generally how we are. Wishing them both the strength to move forward. They are my faves.

  2. While it seems unbelievable, it really isn’t.

    The typical BB contestant is in their 20s or early 30s. That’s the age where you are likely to have living, yet elderly grandparents. I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened before.

    It’s a bit like the birthday probability problem. Even though there are 365 days in the year, you only need to have 23 people in a room to have a 50% chance that two of them share a birthday.

  3. Another death just two days after Frankie’s grandfather, that’s crazy. And it’s the guy who gave up the chance of being Head of Household just so Frankie could get pictures.

    Once again I wish peace to all affected by this death.

    Oh and one more thing I just noticed these guys are both members of America’s Team what a coincidence.

  4. That really is a strange coincidence. It’s so sad for both Frankie Derrick and their families.

  5. It’s bad to lose a family member no matter what, but hard when someone can’t be there no matter what the situation, although both Derricks and Frankies parents have said they want them to stay in the house. Though I hope this doesn’t have an affect on them in the long run, because of the situation they are under.

    I was watching BBAD and even Derrick said how different his and Frankie’s reactions are. He said he thought it was because he came from a big family and it didn’t seem he was quite as close to his grandfather. Frankie had said after his died that he was very close to his grandfather, and he was always at his grandparents house because his mother was a single mother and was working all the time. Of course everyone reacts to things differently.

    I also didn’t realize Derrick was from RI, which isn’t that far from me.

  6. Ther unbelievable part is also that it happened so close together, though.

  7. This was actually his step-Dad’s father. But he was close to him. His real Dad had come into a live feed chat to tell us of the grandfather’s passing before they told Derrick.

    Derrick had lost another grandparent just before entering the house while in sequester. They asked him if he wanted to bow out of the game then and he chose not to.

    Pretty freaky to have 2 family deaths in one season let alone so close together. The only other time there has been a family death was 9/11.

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