Big Brother 15: Wednesday Episode 6 Recap & EVICTION PREDICTION POLL!

Big Brother is back for it’s Wednesday Episode as the game continues to heat up in it’s second week! Aaryn Gries is the current Head of Household and has nominated Elissa Slater along side Helen Kim for eviction. In tonight’s episode, we officially learned who this weeks BBMVP player is and who they nominated as the third houseguest up for eviction. The Power of Veto competition and veto ceremony were also held, and a Big Brother Favorite returned to our screens!

The episode began with a flashback from the nomination ceremony where Aaryn nominated Elissa, and Helen by association as she is the closest person in the house to Elissa. Elissa is being blamed for the entire David eviction last Thursday, although she was on the block without a vote. After the ceremony, Helen broke down in tears as Elissa joined her in the airplane themed Have-Not room. Candice believes that Helen and Elissa being nominated is the result of a boys alliance. She has suspicions about several of the guys, who actually make up The Moving Company. Jeremy boasted about their alliance in the DR not being on the block, the alliance at the moment has gone untouched.

It’s not a secret to live feeders, but the show gave us the official news that Elissa Slater was once again crowned BBMVP. For the second week in a row, she has the power to secretly nominate a third nominee for eviction. Elissa immediately told Helen about her win, and said that she didn’t want the house to know. She made that mistake last week and it made her target #1, but it also made a group of players want to keep her to control the MVP nominations.
Elissa revealed her MVP target as Jeremy, and she questioned putting him up right away or to try the infamous Back Door method of putting someone else up in hopes they would win the POV and take themselves off as the real target would them become the replacement.

The show returned with a spotlight on the budding and questionable showmance between GinaMarie & Nick. Nick said the house was making him feel like a “Super Pimp”, as first Jessie was interested in him and now GM. However, he revealed that he does not feel the same way about her as she does him (not a surprise to BB15 fans who have been watching this awkwardness.) CBS turned the spotlight into a humorous laughable attack on GM, making her look a little psycho or a lot psycho.

The MVP Nomination ceremony began with the houseguests pictures flashing on the TV screen. Jeremy is nominated with no surprised, as Jeremy takes his seat on the nomination couch.
The Mean Girl click (Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM) then completely slanders Elissa’s name after the MVP ceremony calling her all types of “B’s”. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

The Veto Competition players were picked by HOH Aaryn. Amanda, and Nick were randomly selected from the veto player box to play along side Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, and Jeremy. Aaryn selected her BFF and fellow racism commentator Gina Marie to host the competition.
Before the competition, Elissa proposed a deal to Nick, asking him to throw the veto or try to win it and not use the veto so the nominee’s remain the same. She threatened him saying he would be going up as the replacement if he did not throw the competition.

The Veto Competition began with a baby theme featuring a video message from Big Brother 12 & 14 player Britney Haynes (my personal favorite BB player).

The competition involved the houseguests wearing Footed Onesie Pajamas in huge cribs. The object of the game was to help Britney put together a giant baby mobile for a nursery. Players had to run and grab stuffed animals from an over sized toy-box and hang them on a large mobile and balance it out without the animals touching the ground.Then they had to run over to the other side of the backyard, and hit their nightlight first for the veto win. Sounds easy right? Nothing in Big Brother is easy, the large mobiles was completely tangled and was extremely hard for the Houseguests to get the balanced out. When they would place one stuffed animal on, another would fall of over and over again.
Amanda got all her animals on all together at first and ran to her nightlight, but they were still touching the ground. She ran back again making the same mistake twice.
However, Jeremy finds a strategy during the competition of putting the heavy animals in the front of the mobile, and the lighter animals in the back. In result, Jeremy wins the Power of Veto!

The show returned with a make out session between Jeremy and Kaitlin. She felt Elissa would definitely be nominating her as the replacement nominee after Jeremy. Jeremy didn’t offer not to use the veto though for her safety, of course that didn’t raise a red flag for Kaitlin. Jeremy however begins pulling The Moving Company aside one by one to confirm they will vote Elissa out no matter who she nominates as the replacement. Giving the group an ultimatum that many of them were not happy about. He said that if the vote does not go his way, he will depart from the alliance.

Candice brought up to Elissa the male alliance she suspects in the house as she believed that a girl would go up on the block as a replacement. Elissa thought that Nick may be the best option for a replacement even though she promised him not to nominate him if he threw the competition. Elissa decided to approach Nick and ask that if Kaitlin were to go up as the replacement nominee, would he vote her out. He didn’t give her an answer, so she asked if he would vote herself out and he didn’t really give her an answer for that question either asking her for time to think about it. This basically made up Elisa’s mind, as Nick came off extremely untrustworthy. It also kind of gave a confirmation to Elissa that Nick actually may be working with Jeremy, and not want to vote out his “girlfriend”.


The Veto Ceremony began with LORD JEREMY entering the living room glancing at the Memory Wall. The Ceremony started with Lord Jeremy in front of the houseguests giving the infamous veto introduction speech. He chose not to use the veto on Helen or Elissa, but to take himself off the block. Since Jeremy removed himself, the MVP nominee the display screen comes back up once again as Nick’s picture comes onto the screen.

Nick takes a seat, as the replacement nominee.

Who will be evicted tomorrow Night…Elissa? Nick? Helen?! Vote below, & Stay Tuned tomorrow for my Live Blog when the second Big Brother Houseguest walks out the door and another HOH is crowned!