Big Brother 15: Power Rankings Week 3! (with Poll)

It’s that time of the week again, to announce our weekly power rankings. Our top selection last week was evicted this past Thursday, so maybe we were wrong about these people…okay we were wrong about MOST of these houseguests. You can’t just blame us though because 42% off you in last weeks poll also chose Nick as the Power Player! However, these are just predictions and just like Aaryn, Jeremy, and GinaMarie most of us didn’t see Nick’s eviction coming either! Nonetheless, Eric, Adam & I have put together a list for this week, check it out….

Things that could make a player higher on our list:
Not being seen as a Threat/a smart or strong game player who has remained unseen as a threat
Included in a large Alliance.
A well liked person

Things that could make a player lower on our list:
Generally Disliked.
Alone In the game, ie. not attached to an alliance.
Seen as a threat.


14. Aaryn

She’s finally getting the edit she deserves. She was even burned by Julie on Thursday. The house’s least favorite player. She may not go home this week since Helen seems smart enough to leave emotions out of her decisions and target a stronger player like Jeremy or Howard. But she has zero chances of winning anything in the end.
Aaryn needs to win POV to remain in the game this week because if for some slight reason the nominations after veto don’t conclude with Jeremy on the block, she is out. Either way she has become female target #1.

13. Jeremy

Jeremy is male target #1 in the house, his cocky attitude and horrible personality was one of the downfalls of The Moving Company, the other main reason being Amanda’s relationship with McCrae. He will need to go on a major run of PoV wins to last long enough to rebuild an alliance that can last him. Problem is no one outside of Kaitlin will really trust him in the game.

12. Kaitlin

Kaitlin has two problems, Jeremy and Aaryn were closets allies in the house from the very beginning. If Kaitlin had aligned herself with other people, or just simply remained nice and friendly amongst the house she could of easily been a contender. I see Kaitlin possibly lasting to Jury, but I can easily see her being evicted if Jeremy or Aaryn for some reason aren’t accessible. If they can’t get out Jeremy in the next few weeks, they’ll definitely try to take out his showmance. She won’t be a main target for a few weeks and even a HoH win wouldn’t help her much since the MVP voids so much of the HoH’s power.

11. Gina Marie

She will be fine for a few weeks because she is a harmless player and others will have bigger targets on their backs. There are bigger fish to fry. GM could easily slide into jury, but unless she’s been hiding some special powers and can actually pull off a few wins and make some additional friendships I don’t see her winning the game.

10. Spencer

Spencer played quick and a bit too fast, it’s slowly but surely catching up to him. Since the fall of The Moving Company, Spencer is now on a few radars. I wouldn’t say he’s neccesarily the biggest male target, but people want to see him gone.

9. Howard

He could be in some trouble for voting to keep Nick. He is also falling for Candice, who still isn’t generally “liked” around the house. People just put up with her, and him being attached to her isn’t such a good thing. Amanda also has made it known that Howard is a huge target for her specifically, which also makes him a target for McCrae. If Amanda or McCrae get any power, Howard will be on the block. It’s time for him to win!

8. Jessie

She could easily be cut by the group of 8 as soon as it dwindles down, but she’s come a long way in the past 3 days. She was an outsider, but now she’s a lot closer with Judd and is actually part of a seemingly stable group. Even though Jessie voted against her initial alliance this past Thursday, she still is not a huge target for anyone in the house. She is the definition of a floater. She’ll continue to jump sides when it suits her and being will allow it. She may even make it to the end but she has no chance of winning.

7. Candice

Seems to be leaning toward an alliance with Helen and Elissa but no one really seems to take her as a serious player. She came up with the idea that there was an all guy alliance but no one really seemed to take it serious until Helen brought it up. She is definitely underrated, but I think she has potential. I still cannot see her as this season’s winner, but I do see her apart of the jury. I personally feel like Candice deserved to win BBMVP because was the first to kind of discover The Moving Company, and she deserves the credit.

6. Andy

Here is the thing about Andy. Andy is PLAYING the game, and Andy is NOT a target. Both sides of the house LIKE and TRUST Andy. I have yet to really hear someone discuss the possibility of getting Andy out of the house, this means to me that not only will Andy be apart of jury but he also has a big shot to win this game. I think Andy has been holding back alot in competitions, and I could see Andy as this season’s winner. It’s about winning now, but then again him being in power would also make him create enemies which he doesn’t really have right now…

5. Amanda

Smartly sided with Helen and Elissa to get rid of Nick which got a target off her back and freed McCrae from the Moving Company so that he can be more dedicated to her. Some people think Amanda has McCrae whipped, which can totally be used to her advantage. Amanda is probably the strongest female game player mentally, but she’s also really vocal which has created a small target on her back but she also has people willing to keep her around. Amanda is one to watch.

4. Judd

Judd is another houseguest that has no enemies. He’s also remarkably charming and is a very classy stand up guy. He has stuck up for Elissa numerous times, so he has her trust, and he has a final 2 deal with Jessie. All in all, he’s in a great spot.

3. McCrae

McCrae is in the best position after The Fall of The Moving Company, out of his remaining former alliance members he is the less targeted. McCrae is also generally liked, and has a great potential to win this game. He already won two competitions and has proven himself as a mental, social, and physical competitor.

2. Elissa

After two weeks MVP has proven to be more powerful then HoH and I don`t see America giving the power to anyone else this week. Her alliance is also in power this week so she`ll have a week of not worrying. With the numbers on their side with the group of 8, if Elissa keeps winning MVP, she can literally evict whomever she wants to every week.

1. Helen

She’s getting the “mastermind” edit now, as well as the loving mom edit. This could really get her some MVP votes. She’s also in power this week. She`s proven herself quite the player in the last week orchestrating Nick`s exit from the game by convincing Jessie to switch over as well as convincing Spencer and McCrae to ditch The Moving Company. If Helen can keep the target off her back, and on someone else she could win.