Big Brother 15: Power Rankings Week 2! (with Poll)

After a crazy first week in the Big Brother house, and controversy outside of the house Eric, Adam, and I have gathered together once again to bring you our weekly power rankings. Keep in mind our rankings are based on our opinions on how these players are mixing in the house whether it be something that has aired on Television already, or things that we have watched on the 24/7 live feeds. The feeds are a blessing and a curse for Big Brother fans. We will be giving quick blurbs on each pick, and why they are placed there without giving too much information away.

This week Aaryn who is more known now for her racists comments over her Big Brother Game play, is Head of Household after Jeremy handed her the reigns in a duo HOH competition. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the lady in power is atop our list… Find out Below!

Things that could make a player higher on our list:
Not being seen as a Threat/a smart or strong game player who has remained unseen as a threat
Included in a large Alliance.
A well liked person

Things that could make a player lower on our list:
Generally Disliked.
Alone In the game, ie. not attached to an alliance.
Seen as a threat.


15. Gina Marie

GM is a member of the “Bieber Fever” dubbed alliance however she’s probably the most dispensable. Her allegiance has been questioned by several members, and she has yet to show any ability to win a competition. I don’t think anyone would be hesitant to evict her, and I see no chance in her becoming this season’s winner.

14. Elissa

Elissa remains at a low spot on our rankings because, people want her out. She is not really attached to a loyal alliance, and pretty much is alone in the game. She continues to have a target on her back but she will continue to be a front runner for MVP and can build something with Helen and others. Elissa is easily the #1 female target. Her life in the house will depend on her winning HOH and POV. The MVP is a great thing for her, but it only will keep her safe if she puts up someone that the house is willing to vote out over her and I don’t see a lot of options for that.

13. Jessie

Who is this girl? I find myself often saying that and forgetting about Jessie while watching the feeds. She could easily be tossed onto the block every week it seems. She is kind of a member of the Bieber Fever alliance however they don’t really like her. She’s basically being used. Spoiler: Last Night on the feeds she blew up at Elissa, creating a target for herself that wasn’t originally there.

12. Jeremy

Jeremy is a member of the 5 male alliance “The Moving Company”, however he could be considered the #1 male target in the house.
A large amount of people want him out, and some members of the Moving Company have even considered dumping him. His weeks are numbered. He thinks he can win every competition, but that’s impossible. His cockiness makes him unappealing to houseguests, all of them except his showmance partner Kaitlin.

11. Aaryn

Sure, she’s in power this week, but she’s number #1 on the hit list of many houseguests. She can’t win HoH next week, so if SHE doesn’t win veto, she could easily be gone in the coming weeks. Overall, Aaryn is probably the #2 female target in the house currently after Elissa. Not only do houseguests not like her personality, they also see her as a huge threat. Her currently being HOH only adds on to her threat level. Not to mention she lost her shield in David.

10. Amanda

She’s probably the best female gameplayer and is thinking two steps ahead. That being the case, she could (and is) be seen as a threat, which could lead to her early demise. She has a budding romance with Moving Company member McCrae, and he seems to trust her more than his real alliance. If McCrae can continue to win competitions and keep her safe, Amanda has a good chance of making it to Jury.

9. Candice

She’s made a few friends (Helen, Elissa, Spencer) and is actually very close to discovering the Moving Company. If she does and sell the idea, she could really do some damage. Overall though, Candice is not liked in the house. The racists’ houseguests hate her, the other houseguests choose not to game play with her and she’s really just there. The only thing saving Candice is that there are stronger players, and she can lay low but I see her being voted out easily. If she’s smart, she would take Elissa and create a real alliance.

8. Kaitlin

She’s probably a bigger threat than they give her credit for, however even though being Jeremy’s leading lady there are bigger threats in the game than her which makes her higher on our list. When you’re actually playing the game, yet still kind of being unnoticed that is giving her a larger opportunity to actually do damage. Although I think she will lose a few of her Bieber Fever alliance members along the way, Kaitlin could stick around if she plays her cards right…

7. Helen

She’s quickly falling into the minority in the game. She thinks she has it in well with Andy and Spencer, but Spencer is part of the Moving Company and Andy is a free radical. Helen is being attached to Elissa right now. She is also been dubbed “Smart”, and of course people are scared of smart players in this house. I don’t see Helen lasting far unless she can win some competitions and actually use her brain. Helen isn’t a big threat in the game though.

6. Andy

Andy is playing one heck of a social game right now. Everyone seems to generally like Andy, or let’s say put up with Andy. He is not being looked at right now as a huge threat, and is slowly but surely gaining more and more connections with every side of the house. I feel like this will catch up to him soon because Andy honestly just goes from room to room listening to conversations…however right now it doesn’t really seem to bother people. He’s playing the floater game really well. He seems to be able to fit into every group in the house.

5. Judd

Judd is really nice guy, for that being said he’s not a target at all in this game but he’s not necessarily floating either. He is considered a part of the large group alliance that saved Elissa last week. He could easily win MVP if they show him as the good guy he is, as opposed to the country drunk edit they’re throwing upon him. I could see him winning a lot of jury votes just for being so likeable. I’m hoping he makes a big game move and takes on the MC. Sometimes being liked and keeping the target off yourself is the way to get through this game.

4. Spencer

Spencer is one of the strongest members of The Moving Company. He doesn’t really have any enemies, and has built connections with people on both sides of the house. He even has people considering him a friend that he doesn’t consider a friend. He’s probably one of the shadiest players of the season. If Spencer can actually pull off some wins he could win this game.

3. McCrae

McCrae was one of the originators of keeping Elissa last week during his HOH reign, yet the blame and spotlight are on other people. Although McCrae also won POV, people don’t seem to be mentioning him as someone they are targeting at all. A lot of people don’t come back from being the first HOH and getting early blood on their hands, this doesn’t seem to be the case for McCrae. Not to mention he’s part of The Moving Company.

2. Howard

Howard can’t be considered a floater because he is a part of an alliance The Moving Company. He is very likeable. I don’t want to say this, but he is using his religion to his advantage even swearing on it. He seems like he should be on everyone’s minds, but he isn’t. No one has really seriously talked about getting him out. His physical appearance should be threatening alone in this game, however I believe he has downplayed himself in recent competitions and that’s definitely a smart move on his part.

1. Nick

Nick is a master manipulator and can be considered the Leader of The Moving Company. Although a few of his cards are he still has people willing to protect him. He isn’t as undercover as he was, yet I still believe Nick has the potential for greatness in this game. Plus, he’s getting the “new Dan” edit on the show, which may really increase his MVP votes. GinaMarie is basically in love with him giving him a spot in another alliance, and he is really running this show from behind the scenes.

Big Brother fans ALWAYS have opinions and lots to say about what’s going on in the game, so leave us a comment & vote in the poll let us know who you think the #1 Power Player is right now in the house!