Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [Veto Ceremony Spoilers]

This week, after a competition that sounds quite interesting, we learned that McCrae won the Power of Veto. He planned right off the bat to use it on himself, so Amanda didn’t have much of a chance to persuade him otherwise (she actually at one point told him to not even consider using it on her).

The feeds returned today to reveal that McCrae has used the Veto on himself and Spencer is once again the replacement nominee.

Now it appears that Amanda is doomed to let BB death take her on Thursday night. No one seems to be budging from this plan. Amanda’s eviction is practically old news. The more interesting topic is who the next target will be. Spencer and Andy would actually like to evict Elissa before McCrae, while Judd, GinaMarie, and Elissa all want McCrae to be the next evicted. Andy and Spencer are fine with this too, but still would prefer Elissa to be gone sooner than later.

Thursday will be interesting. I’m thinking Spencer and Andy may throw the HoH competition, because if McCrae wins it, the target is Elissa, and if anyone else wins it, the two of them keep their hands free of McCrae’s blood. If they were to actually throw the competition, it would be between Elissa, Judd, and McCrae. The most interesting scenario would be McCrae winning the HoH, Elissa winning the Veto, and having the nominees be GinaMarie and Judd, but I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Cannot wait for Thursday. I’m hoping we get to see some Amanda goodbye messages despite the double eviction. Oooh, that would be excellent.