Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [Veto Competition Spoilers]

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition!

Yesterday, GinaMarie nominated Amanda and McCrae for eviction. Though the general plan was to evict either of the two, many of the Houseguests bounced back and forth as to which tool to boot. It probably would have been safer to evict McCrae over Amanda because of the potential for an all-male alliance to form, in addition to Amanda’s pretty weak competition scorecard, but in the end, the decision came down to whether either McCrae or Amanda won the Veto.

Feeds have just returned, and MCCRAE HAS WON THE POWER OF VETO.

We don’t know much about the competition, though it seems to have been something along the lines of a “Big Brother Brewery,” and had something to do with tutus and possibly spinning? We’ll find out Wednesday.

McCrae will definitely use the Veto on himself, which means Amanda will most likely be evicted this week. Judd apparently wants GinaMarie to nominate Elissa as the replacement nominee, but GM refuses because Elissa was incredibly pressured to nominate her last week and chose to keep her safe, so she wants to return the favor.

That being said, the replacement nominee will be either Judd, Andy, or Spencer (though Judd does not seem to be a viable option). If Spencer is nominated, he will hold the record for the most nominations, and it will force Andy to evict his former master, Amanda, which would be quite interesting. Spencer appears to be volunteering to go up as a pawn, probably because if he does not vote this week, he does not lose Amanda’s jury vote should he make it to the end of the game.

Who do you want to be the replacement nominee?