Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [HoH Competition Spoilers]

Well, everyone, I’ve almost reached that point where I have absolutely no favorites left in the game to root for. It’s only happened a few times before for me, but it feels like this is another one of those years. Amanda was a royal pain, but at least she brought some drama and was arguably one of the better players this year in terms of manipulation and strategy. Elissa was the underdog. Now both are gone and we’re left with the Exterminators and McCrae.

Last night, Elissa fans were holding on to some hope that McCrae would be smart enough to realize that Andy voted against Amanda and that Elissa voted to keep her. Regardless of whether or not he realized this, he took the easy way out of the situation and nominated the two women remaining in the house. All hope seemed lost. Then, Judd won the Power of Veto and some of us dug deep within ourselves for any scrap of hope we could muster up…then Judd killed that, too. Elissa was evicted on a 3-0 votes.

With McCrae unable to play in this week’s Head of Household competition, it seems imminent that if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto, he’ll be the next to go, leaving us with an all-Exterminator final 4. Imagine how annoying it will be when they’re all spraying their fake pesticides 24/7 like they were before voting last night. Speaking of which…”I vote to exterminate”….come on.

The feeds were out for a good portion of last night, but came back for Big Brother After Dark. Shortly after, we learned that SPENCER HAS BECOME THE NEW HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.

Who will Spencer nominate? I’m thinking McCrae and GinaMarie, with Judd going up as the replacement nominee should one of the nominees be removed. That’s just a guess, but Spencer is very tight with Andy, so all you Rat-haters might have to swallow down another week of the guy.

Being the week of Final 5, we’re in that interesting situation where if Spencer nominates McCrae and GinaMarie, and Judd were to win the Veto, he could use it on either nominee and Spencer would be FORCED to nominate Andy. So, if a deal were to somehow be made in the near future to take Andy out, this may be a possible way to achieve it. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though, because the only thing the Exterminators love doing more than playing with their fake, air-guitar-like pesticides is talking about how their alliance is the best of all time. It’s looking likely that they’ll ride it out another week, take out McCrae, and become the Final 4.

But if McCrae wins the Veto tomorrow….then things get interesting.