Beyond The Edge Week 8 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured: Jodie Sweetin, Craig Morgan, and Mike Singletary. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 

The celebrities return to camp after the Lanterns meeting. Paulina doesn’t feel well. Her body is in a lot of pain, and she wants to see if she’ll feel better by tomorrow. Jodie is also in a lot of pain due to ear infections. The next morning, Mauro checks in with the celebrities. He tells them to pick two captains for two teams of three. Before they get started, Paulina lets them know that she can’t continue on. Paulina says she can barely walk, so she’s ringing the bell today. She gives them all hugs goodbye after ringing the bell. Paulina says she’s gained self-confidence from the experience. She earned $34,000 for her charity that is dedicated to women’s rights. She’s also appreciative for the friendships she’s made from her time on Beyond the Edge.

Mike and Colton are the two team captains. The teams will be uneven with only five people. Colton says he’s willing to be in a duo with Ray. Mike, Craig, and Jodie will be the team of three. They later greet Mauro for their next adventure. Colton and Ray are the Red Team. Mike, Craig, and Jodie are the Blue Team.

For this adventure, one team member must first swing a heavy sand bag at three targets to free a ladder they’ll need for the rest of the adventure. Afterwards, they must carry the ladder through obstacles as they make their way through the jungle. They will encounter signs that will be codes they will need to memorize. Each bird image will symbolize a letter. At the end of the adventure, they will make their way up a bird viewing deck where they must decipher a phrase. The first team to decipher the phrase will win $60,000 to be divided among them.

The adventure begins, and Craig gets the Blue Team in the lead. Ray eventually knocks down the targets too. Both teams are navigating the jungle as they encounter the different signs, using the ladder at specified spots to make their way up to a sign or to cross over an obstacle. Ray takes a heavy fall onto a stump, but he continues on. Jodie’s struggle getting across the ladder at a tower crossing point allowed the Red Team to catch up. They eventually pass them, which puts Colton and Ray in the lead.

Colton and Ray reach the Decision Point first, and they opt to go for the clue. They must untangle rope to get the clue. Since they took the longer route, the Blue Team reaches the end of the adventure first. Ray and Colton eventually get their clue, which is an extra letter. They finally get started on deciphering their phrase. Both teams go back and forth from the bird viewing deck and their board to solve the phrase. They can see what each bird image represents from the board visible from the viewing deck. The Blue Team makes a few mistakes, giving Colton and Ray a chance to claim the win. Eventually, Colton and Ray decipher the phrase first: “You passed this trek with flying colors.” Colton and Ray win the adventure! They each win $30,000 for their charities. Colton remains at the top of the leaderboard with $100,500. Craig is in last place with $44,000.

Jodie feels discouraged. Along with two ear infections, her body is heavily bruised from falling off the ladder. Mike, Jodie, and Craig say they won the race, but they lost the puzzle. Meanwhile, Ray and Colton enjoy a pizza, wings, and beer reward. Colton is glad to have passed the $100,000 mark. His charity is to help those struggling with cystic fibrosis. As they’re enjoying their reward, the Red Team members eat bananas back at camp.

The five remaining celebrities meet Mauro at the Lanterns meeting. They each earn an additional $2,000 for their charities. Mauro asks Colton and Ray if their football background helps them succeed. They say it does since they can analyze and remember what needs to be done.

However, Ray notes the unpredictability of being out in the elements. The unknown can be dangerous. If Ray didn’t brace his fall, then a stump could have gone through his chest. Craig is struggling and he knows he’s in last place, but he’s willing to continue on. Even if he won’t be a contender for first place, he’s willing to compete for any money he can win for his charity.

Mike says he’s faced with the question of why is he there after losing another adventure. Mike says he’s there since he’s taking a risk for the people he’s serving. Jodie points out her injuries, and she’s tired of getting hurt. Jodie says she’s learned she’s tough and has proven herself dedicated to making positive change. During the Lanterns meeting, there’s thunder and it begins pouring down rain. Mauro notes that tomorrow is their second to last day. He asks if they plan to do anything differently. They all say they plan to do the same thing they’ve been doing every day. Mauro asks if anyone wants to ring the bell and go home. They all say no. Mauro tells them to continue the good fight and he’ll see them next time for their penultimate day.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Beyond the Edge. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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