BecPac’s American Idol Tour 2009 Cleveland OH 8/23/09

I’ve watched AI most seasons loosely when convenient or when time allowed’ ¦.This season was no different so anytime I did see it early on’ ¦Adam’s ROF, Track of My Tears – I knew he was at a different level than the other performers so when I was going to be busy the following week I recorded it, forgetting all about the show until I saw the next following weeks live performance of Mad World. I’m sure everyone was as blown away as I was with that performance! Then, after the fact I remembered recording the previous week before that I hadn’t yet seen and went to view that week’s performances. Essentially I’m seeing Mad World and Play That Funky Music back to back for the first time! I was in my teens when PTFM originally came out and loved disco! Adam’s performance was so light, cute and fun that I became Adam obsessed!!! Guilty!!!

So when the Idols went on tour I decided I was going to have front row seats because I’ve not had this much admiration for an artist in quite some time! I convince my husband to go with me and if he didn’t want to go I could easily find someone that would! He reluctantly agreed to tag along. So we arrive at the Wolstein Center about 6:15 and upon entering the arena I was really curious where our front seats were going to be. I couldn’t believe it! We were dead center, front row!!! If someone had told me to pick the seats I wanted they were the seats I got!!! I’ve seen many concerts but never had seats like these before! I’m immediately pumped!!! After getting over the shock of my luck with my seating location we sit and started watching the big screens’ ¦.as stated before on other post, anytime Adam’s picture flashed on the screens, there were loud screams. I remind myself that I’m old enough to be Adam’s mother so I will maintain my self control’ ¦.besides, I’m a lady. Ha! I actually have a nephew one month younger than Adam so I try to keep myself in the right perspective here! As hard as that is I can still remember being 27 and going to the clubs, loving music from the same era that Adam’s exciting performances were from. So for all the females who are a little more ‘mature’  I’m sure you can relate! Finally the concert starts! Here we go for the joy ride!

I’m going to put Michael, Megan, Scott & Lil’s performances together because I pretty much had the same impression of all four. They all sounded good to me and with the right song any of them could have a hit. You don’t get to the top 10 without having the talent to begin with.

Anoop & Matt brought it up a notch. Both these guys certainly are a pleasure to watch and listen to. And for me are already better than some of the successful recording artist today and from the past. Anoop started with a ballad and ended with My Prerogative that had many on their feet (myself included) for the first time of the night. As for Matt, He is definitely underrated! I’m not sure if he couldn’t feel relaxed enough on Idol or what the deal was but he’s totally relaxed now and I’m so amazed of his soulfulness and talent! It will be a shame and a surprise if he isn’t offered a record deal. He was definitely deserving of the ‘save’  by the judges! And is deserving to be in the top three! White Chocolate serves him well because he definitely has the smooth grooves and soul vibe going on.

Allison is a doll! She’s so cute with the guitar and sounds amazing! I’m secretly hoping that Adam is getting turned on by her while they do Slow Ride together. You know’ ¦.the forbidden fruit!!! She’s definitely got the sex kitten, rock chic, flirtatious vibe kinda’ thing going on. She will no doubt be successful with the powerful vocals that she has. The main thing I remember about her set is that after the first song, minus the guitar she seemed to be all over the stage’ ¦never in one place. Lots of energy!

Then came Danny’ ¦’ ¦.who has a friendly smile. There were two little girls down from me that went frantic when Danny smiled, pointed and waved to them. Their father was sitting next to my husband and said it was worth bringing them just to see their excitement after that. Danny could be a very successful country artist. He had mic stand problems but we couldn’t tell it except for the exchange of his mic stand in the middle of his first song. Didn’t really realize it wasn’t a part of the show routine if he hadn’t mentioned it after the song. His singing never faultered. He has a clear, crisp voice. His message of don’t let life get you down was well delivered.

But finally’ ¦..the reason I got these tickets to begin with has finally arrived!!! My god! He’s so tall, dark & handsome!!! Being on the front row you really don’t know what’s going on behind you! We’ve all been standing since Anoop’s set so I can only assume everyone behind us has as well’ ¦I’ve been cheering and clapping for the other performances but now I’m crazy excited!!! I feel like I’ve been transformed to a different level completely!!! I was so excited I don’t remember if he said ‘woman’  or ‘baby’ ? Now I see what other people mean when they say they’re not sure because he’s so exciting it seems like your watching it for the first time! To be honest it really is a blur, from WLL to that Muse song…I can’t remember much but I do remember seeing that stool I knew he would be singing Mad World from placed smack dab center stage right in front of me! So after Adam’s finished with the Muse song the stage goes black and I see the outline of Adam in the darkness sitting on that stool getting ready for Mad World. My husband’s looking over at me with the biggest grin on his face knowing what’s ahead. I’m still in a daze when he starts singing Mad World and at one point he looks straight at me, straight into my eyes and stares deeply (just like he did on TV at the end of his second performance of Mad World) I think I went into shock!!! It was a haunting stare!! I think I gave him the same stare back!!! I don’t know? Damn he’s good! The next thing I remember is Slow Ride ‘ You know what’ ¦ this point I’m not even sure I have the right order of songs but I do remember reading somewhere that he shaves his underarms and I can tell you that that’s not true because I saw his underarms and he has light colored hair under them’ ¦.I made a point to look when he took the jacket off during the Bowie melody. I’m still amazed by his voice let alone his dance moves!!! I can’t sing but I can dance and I’ve done some of those dance moves but I don’t ever recall seeing a guy do them as well as he does. He definitely knows how to work it! Somewhere during his last performance my husband told me to give him my cell phone and he’ll try & get some pictures. I’ve been in such a daze of confusion that I can’t believe I didn’t even think of it myself! So he’s trying to get a good shot of Adam and by this time Adam is right back in front of me again. We get a few good close pictures and then Adam is being lowered from the stage, my husband is messing with the cell camera still trying to get good shots and I’m smiling at Adam the whole time’ ¦right before he disappears under the stage he gives me a wink! I’m shocked again! He’s the primary reason I’m here and the only performer that has given me any attention!!! I love this guy!!!

Now for Kris’ ¦.trying to come down from my daze of confusion! Listening to Kris I do believe he has a really good voice, however I did notice that he seemed the most shy or quiet of all the performers. I know everyone says he’s got the mellow set or something of that sort but I didn’t see any interaction with the audience as much as I did from the others. Out of all 10 performances Kris was the most low keyed of all. I did enjoy Kris’s set and maybe it’s a good thing to bring people back down to earth after such an explosive performance before sending them home, kind of like a reality check? But honestly, I just think in general, Adam would be a hard act to have to follow.

I enjoyed the Don’t Stop Believing ending of the show and really feel this is a great show for all ages. I saw small children to seniors at this concert and do feel that it was well worth the ‘extra’  money for the great seats we ended up with considering I just wanted first row and ended up with front row center!!!

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