The Bachelor: Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Break Up (SURPRISE. NOT)

GOSH, And I truly believed these two crazy kids would last FOREVAH!!! NOT. The Bachelor from the season before last, homophobic, slut-shaming asshat, Juan Pablo Galvais has split from his girlfriend Nikki Ferrell, multiple sources confirm to US Weekly. The split became apparent after the season 18 Bachelor winner unfollowed Juan Pablo on Twitter and Facebook Sunday (October 26) while sharing a cryptic quote on her Instagram page.

“Isn’t it pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove that they weren’t even worth a second of it….Nope not one single second.”

A source told Us that the split was not mutual and that Nikki was the one to break it off.

So Nikki. It took you OVER A YEAR to figure out that Juan Pablo was  JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU? A little slow on the uptake, are we?  Probably, though, the two stayed together long enough to wring as much fame and exposure out of their reality stint as they could. The pair were cast members on some horrible VH1 reality show  called Couples Therapy, where Juan Pablo STILL COULDN’T TELL NIKKI HE LOVED HER.  At one point, she was crying even. I mean. C’mon. Unless she has the worst self-esteem ever, why would Nikki stay with this jerk other than the TV money?

Meanwhile, unsure of how to handle the situation, or perhaps vying for as much attention as possible, Juan Pablo unfollowed then followed then unfollowed Nikki multiple times from Sunday into Monday morning.  Finally, Juan tweeted, “Sometimes you WIN, sometimes you LOSE… You will ALWAYS learn…”  And if you’re Juan Pablo you remain a douchebag through to the bitter end.

Welp. The silver lining is that we’ll probably never hear from Juan Pablo again. ABC was so irritated with his antics, he couldn’t even get a gig on Dancing with the Stars, although he was clearing vying for a spot…


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  1. They both have issues and I think they need to work on them separately. So it’s not a surprise that this happened.

  2. I don’t think that Juan Pablo thinks that he has any “issues”. It’s always the others who have the “issues”. lol

  3. Nikki is clearly a glutton for punishment. On one hand, I feel totally embarrassed for her. On the other, she comes across as so monumentally clueless that any sympathy I ever felt is long gone. Hopefully, she is far wiser now.

    And as for Juan Pablo, he’ll always be a user and a taker, coasting along on his looks and charm. For his daughter’s sake, I hope he develops some character. I wouldn’t take any bets on it, though.

  4. True. He did blame not telling Nikki he loved her on the culture thing but to me that’s not an excuse. To me he was acting like the relationship didn’t start on a TV show. And then trying to fix the relationship on TV. With these shows it’s hard to maintain normalcy outside of it when you’re still under a microscope. Some couples from the show have managed to live their own lives without the media intruding and others have not.

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