Arthur Gunn Explains American Idol Single Delay. Plus He Was Hacked

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Arthur Gunn Explains Why His American Idol Coronation Single Isn’t Released Yet

On Friday, Jonny West, Francisco Martin, and Dillon James released their American Idol 2020 Top 5 coronation singles. Oddly, runner-up Arthur Gunn has not released his song yet. But now, in a new Instagram post, Arthur suggests he’s having problems clearing his recording, or that Idol’s recording arm, 19R is refusing to release the song. Because the show had to tape remote episodes, including the finale, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the finalists did not record studio singles. Instead, they released recordings of their live finale performances . The winner, Just Sam, released her live cover version of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” the day after she was crowned the winner on May 17.

On the finale, Arthur performed a re-arranged version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” He had performed the same arrangement during Hollywood week and was able to clear the song to perform on the show three times, including the more straightforward audition arrangement and finale performance. 

“Don’t get mad at me if it’s doesn’t get released,” Arthur says

“All of you who are wondering why I don’t have my music out there,” Arthur writes, “First of all, with the rendition of the “Have you ever seen the rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, I have requested to the authorized people to release it.” He adds, “Don’t get mad at me if it doesn’t get released, i’m not authorized person for that.”

If it’s a clearance issue, it’s possible the rights owners were OK with a one off TV performance, but not a permanent recording. Arthur did re-arrange the song, changing up the melody quite a bit. Maybe the owners heard his version and changed their minds. Or maybe 19R has an issue with the song. 

Arthur  is still under contract with Idol. Says no money, no record deal

He also goes on to say that as the season 18 runner-up, he didn’t win money or receive a record deal, although he does have offers to perform live and collaborate with other artists. Also, he indicates that he’s still under contract to American Idol, which is why he’s currently “stagnant.” He ends the message by asking fans to cool it, as if he feels pressured to jump right on the saddle and release new music. Check out the full message below.

Truth amongst anything!!! All of you who are wondering why i don’t have my music out there. First of all, With the rendition of the “Have you ever seen the rain” by “Creedence Clearwater Revival”, i have requested to the authorized people to release it, don’t get mad at me if it doesn’t get released, i’m not authorized person for that.

For those of you who are wondering if i received bunch of money and record deals out of holding this “runner up” title, i haven’t, nothing at all. I have got tons of request for live shows, collaboration and all, it would take half of my Carer to be responding to that and going out there and to be playing shows for you all. Three years ago, when i was out playing in streets, playing anywhere i could, i played plenty of shows with no money involved, and for free at places. All this tempting offers just reminds me of that.

Still though, it won’t stop me from making music and doing what i love to do. For now i’m stagnant because of circumstances i’m kept in. I want to thank American Idol as a platform for giving me this recognition, all that it has brought me is your attention. I only know all the sleepless nights, pressure and what not, all of that i had to go through singing my lungs&hearts out, but that’s history.

Though, i can’t relate to “celebrity” title at all. If i was rich out of american idol, i would have been driving lamborghini with two wheels right now. Anyway, Though I still appreciate all the support. But if you are just expecting that i should be doing this and that, i’d kindly ask you to utilize your time working on something worth-while.

Then Arthur’s Instagram Was Hacked!

And here’s an odd thing. On the same day Arthur posted the above Instagram message, he took to Facebook to announced that he was hacked. He seems to think he was hacked by somebody who didn’t like his messages:

So this happened! Since my last post in instagram, somebody hacked my account. I don’t have access to it at all. If anyone of you receives any kind of messages or anything, please be aware it’s not me and please don’t respond to it either. The location i got was from New York. I got to hand it to whoever you are. What an impressive thing to do, i’m just amused at it. That was too quick. That is some terrible thing to do, to hack someone’s account, invade privacy. Till this day i only heard about it but, Cyber crime is real. There were tons of my post of the stories of my life, the places i travelled, the poems. Most importantly, i was using the platform to spread good out in the world. And, there is somebody who doesn’t like it. What can i say, how can the world be better place when people out there have such intentions? This was an instagram account with tons of people who were connected. That was an social media, i can’t imagine what level they will reach to with such an intentions. Please share it if you like to.

Hopefully Arthur contacts Instagram tech support and gets his account back soon.

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