Anthea’s American Idols Tour Greensboro Recap

photos at the end of the recap…


Just to let everyone know, I am 13 years old (Sorry for some grammar. Im trying to make it sound as professional as possible. Lol) and I am an obsessed Idol fanatic. I’ve been watching since season 4, I missed season 5, then got hooked on season 6 and the obsession has since stayed. My favs this year were Matt Giraud with Allison, Kris, Anoop close behind.

Ok, so me and my mom left the house around maybe 10am and got there around 11:45. When we got to the arena there was a ton of Adam and Anoop fans (hometown boy). Since it was raining at the time that canceled out some competition for ppl to try and meet them outside. That made it less ppl so I could try and get a better shot at meeting the idols. The bad thing was that I didnt exactly know which area they would be at untill I finally found a group of fans waiting outside a fence.

(around 1:30-ish)
Everyone is huddled around this big, really tall fence near the bus parking lot until we hear screaming and shouting behind us.
The idols in their tour buses have finally arrived! The security guards made us move out of the way so the buses could get in the gate. All the fans watch intensely as i hear everyone going berserk. (mainly for Adam) ha! The buses park inside the gate and the security guards close it, and then we watch through the fence openings at who would be coming out the buses first. (I’ll spare u the details of how long we waited for some of them to come out since they all sorta got out one by one) But i remember seeing Kris, Michael, Matt, Danny, Scott, and Adam (really loud chants for Adam) when they came outside. (The girl’s tour bus opening was out of view so they got to get out without being seen.) After they came out they sorta just waved to us then left to go inside the arena.

(around 2:50-ish)
Lil Rounds comes walking down to the gates with a security guard as she talks on her cellphone. Everyone was shouting, but it was nothing to hectic. I found it funny because Lil was just talking in her cellphone when everyone is just staring at her through the gate trying to get her autograph. And shes just there looking around sorta frantically (maybe looking for a family member in the parking lot or somethin). I was taking lots of pics of her when I noticed she had a sorta medium sized tinkerbell tattoo on her right leg. It was prolly new or something cuz i never noticed it before. After abt maybe 10 minutes just talkin on her cell she waves goodbye and walks away and says she’ll be back later. Wow..

Everyone is still waiting until…..We see Michael and Anoop coming our way. Everyone was going crazy through the fence. Security was saying that we were just gonna have to pass our stuff over the fence to them and everyone was bummed out. Michael and Anoop seemed disappointed at that. But then security guards finally decided tht if we were respectful towards the idols they would let them come through the gates to us. No boundaries between them and us. (pun intended) lol. ok, so when they came through the fence everyone was so excited, snappin pics and stuff. But they were also surprisingly calm about the situation. No crazy fan encounters or anything. Good Job NC for being Sane! So, the first idol i really got to interact with was Michael Sarver. A real southern gentleman. He took his time with everyone and talked to them. He was really nice. I gave him my fedora to sign and it was so funny because when he took my fedora he put it on his head and said “Im gonna take this from Matt Giraud!”. Lol. Everyone started laughing. Then he proceeded to sign the fedora and accepted to take a pic with me and my mom. :)

After that I got to see Anoop! He was much TALLER than i expected and skinny too. I was a bit intimidated at his tallness lol. he was sorta busy because (since hes in his hometown and all) so i only got pics of him. (sadly not with him) After Anoop I saw Kris. Everyone was getting more hyped up and excited. He was such a cutie and had such a baby face. :P Since he was the winner and had more autographs to sign for ppl i opted for a pic over an autograph since i already got an auto. from him when i sent him fanmail. Hehe he seemed quiet yet humble. Oh, and hehe when I got a pic with him he put his hand on my back. :P

After that I saw (the person for who I was rooting for this whole season) Matt Giraud! EEK! I was so nervous! And mind u i was dressed in Matt’s tour colors (black & white. The color of piano keys, and his signiture fedora) So right away he knew i was a fan of him! :) I gave him his gift (hehe) and asked him if I could take a pic with him. He said sure and we took the pic. After that he asked me my name (gosh I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it) And of course I said “Anthea.” Then he says “Well Anthea, thank you so much. You are very sweet.” :) Then he extends his hand to shake mine and haha. I think I was looking at his hand before i realized I needed to shake it. He has a really firm handshake. And mind you he smells dang good! Really Really fresh, sweet, and clean smelling. :) Then since he was spending so much time with us we asked if he could sign the fedora and he said “Oo, fedora!”. Lol than signed it. And just when we thanked him as he was abt to leave he noticed my purse (Which was Louie Vuitton) and touched my arm and said, “oo I love your purse! I love Louie!.” Lol. that just brightened my day. Than he walked away to meet other fans.

I was still in a daze after that. Takin pics of him. :P

After that no one else came out that after noon.

(around almost 4pm)
After Matt and Anoop left, Michael and Kris were still there.. I even saw Kris hugging some fans. :P By the time Michael and Kris were about to leave the guards finally found some barricades to put in front of us. Michael and Kris were walking away from us as I tried to get some last minute pics of them. My mom was waving her arm out and about when suddenly her elbow knocks my camera over the barricades. When that happened I remembered saying “Mom??!” I was freaking out! All of sudden I see Kris walking towards us (and mind u i was shocked cuz i didn’t think he saw it drop. he prolly either heard me say “Mom!?” and heard the camera fall, or saw it out of the corner of his eye drop to the ground… or both. Lol. but he started coming towards us and im thinking to myself “Is he gonna do what i think hes gonna do?”. All of a sudden he reaches down, picks up the camera, and hands it back to us and everyone’s like completely shocked and than “Awe”. I shouted “THANK YOU KRIS!!” to him as he walked away. Hes so AWESOME! I knew there was something abt him that I liked more than Adam. (sorry to Adam fans. lol) hehe now my camera is special! ;P And good thing nothing happened to it. Its not broken or anything. Thankfully! haha


Concert finally starts after watching numerous David Cook, Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood videos. I found it really cool that I was sitting next to Anoop’s old college group the “Clef Hangers” and some of his other family members.. They were on the side section while i was sitting on the floor next to them.

Michael Sarver:
I had some new found respect for Sarver since he was so nice to everyone that afternoon.His song “Im in love with a girl” was ok. But I liked his song “Closer” better. Everyone was standing on the floor section but they mostly stood still throughout his set. i cheered him on though. :)

Megan Joy:
Megan was very pretty. I know how much people didn’t really like all the pink in her set but I didn’t really mind it. Her hair was in her little “poofy” hair do shes been wearing for a while now. She sounded really different live. (In a good way of course) “Put your records on” was good. Her “Tears Dry On their own” song wasn’t as bad as everyone claimed it to be in my opinion. There was a couple bum notes here and there but I found the song to be quite catchy. I sorta felt bad though because everyone behind me wanted her set to be over with. * oh and she also didn’t get to do her little “caw caw” that night. :(

Scott McIntyre:
Lets see…Scott. I thought he was adorable. I forgot most of the songs he sang though. I do remember in the middle of his set he was doing the “high five joke” and the “Simon impression. That gave the crowd a few chuckles. The only song i remembered was “A thousand miles” which i thought was good. He, like Megan, sounded a whole lot better live. He did sound a bit nasally but it sorta worked for him.

Lil Rounds:
I thought Lil’s set songs were OK. They seemed a bit copy cat-like to me though. On her last song “Single Ladies” she told us how idol producers got Beyonce’s choreographer to teach her the dance moves which I thought was cool. The lyrics to the song behind her though was a bit distracting.

Anoop Desai:
Anoop….the hometown boy…..The crowd was going wild. Shouts of “Anoooooooop” came from the whole arena. (Most of it coming from the Clef Hangers beside me) I thought that was cute. Anoop was just standing there seeming like he was on a high. It seemed like a very emotional moment for him. So cute. I thought his very “smooth voice” went well with all his songs. I really liked his cover of “Mad”. And his dancing was very cool. Haha. He was feeding off the crowd’s energy and everyone was getting into it. I really hope he gets a record deal soon.

Matt Giraud:
My favorite! :) I loved his intro. Very hott. Lol People were clapping for “Hard to Handle”, but sadly dimmed down in the middle of “Georgia”. He is a very good piano player. (I wish I could play as good as him) I remember in the middle of “Georgia” he wiped his face with his fedora. Lol. After “Georgia”, he sang “You Found Me”. Most people were sitting down and he told them to “Make some noise! You guys are getting to quiet.” Or something along those lines. I liked his set but I wish he could have picked a better song rather than “You Found Me.” He REALLY NEEDS A RECORD DEAL!!

Group Medley:
I thought the group medley was good. I loved their song “Beggin.” I’ve had that song stuck in my head for the past couple days now. Matt and Scott were AMAZING on the piano. Sometimes Matt wouldn’t even have to look at the keys to play. In the middle of the song when Lil and Anoop started rapping that was really catchy. Overall they all sounded good.

(20 minute INTERMISSON)

Allison Iraheta:
Allison did pretty good. She has that really cool “Rocker Vibe” that keeps the crowd on their feet. When she finished singing “So What” and did the raspberry at the end, I thought that was funny. The rest of her set was really fun. When Allison started talking about “Danny, Adam, and Kris” the crowd went wild. Adam got the most cheers or course. Haha.

Danny Gokey:
Danny was very good looking in person. It looked like he got a fresh haircut when we saw him. He got the crowd singing along to “PYT” and got them cheering. “Maria Maria” was very catchy for me. I love the beat that it has. And of course in the middle of the song he was salsa dancing with the mike stand, moving his feet to the beat. After that he did his 2 Rascal Flatts songs. When he gave his speech I thought it was really motivational. Even though it did sorta feel like being in church…..but it wasn’t that bad.

Adam Lambert:
Oh gosh! When Adam’s intro video came on the crowd was so LOUD! I felt my ears were going to explod! When Adam came on stage singing “Whole Lotta Love” the crowd was cheering, shouting his name, and were just screaming at the top of their lungs. You could tell most of the crowd was for Adam. (By the way, i’ll try to keep this short and sweet since I know I cannot write EVERYTHING that happened in Adam’s set. Way to many details. LOL) My favorite song Adam sang in his set was “Starlight” by Muse. I thought he sang it beautifully. His other songs were great. “Slow Ride” with Allison was amazing. Thankfully during his set no bras, thongs, etc. were thrown onstage. (way to go NC! lol) And I just found out Adam can really dance. My mom was talking about how his body was like a slinky. Overall: HE was the crowd favorite. :P

Kris Allen:
After all the hoopla from Adam’s set died down it was finally time for the humble, sweet young man from Arkansas to take the stage. During “Heartless” the crowd was singing along and waving their glow sticks around. They really enjoyed him. The rest of his set songs were awesome. The crowd really appreciated Kris. When Kris sang his last song “Hey Jude” everyone sang along and either waved their hands or their glowsticks. He got big applause after it was all done.


We waited there for maybe 1 hour and 1/2.
I will put out the most important details.

*Michael Sarver really took his time again with the fans. Like I said….Really nice man.

*Lil Rounds was signing autographs mid-way until some people started shouting “ADAM, ADAM!” then threw up her hands and left. I thought that was very rude of the people to do. :/

*Megan Joy had her tattoo bedazzled that night and she and Allison came out at the same time. Both of them were acting goofy when they were coming towards us.

*Danny Gokey seemed a bit rushed but tried to do as many autographs and pics as he could.

*Allison was very pretty in person. She was wearing alot of eyeshadow and makeup though in my opinion. For her young age I thought she should maybe lessen it up a bit.

*When Anoop came out the crowd was going wild. I remember Anoop was wearing a cap with the tag still on and this one girl asked him “Hey isn’t that Michael Sarver’s hat?” Which Anoop replied looking a bit nervous saying “Yes, he let me borrow it.” Haha.

*”I found this funny because when Kris came out this one girl said to him “Can you sign this Mr.Allen?” and Kris is like “Mr.Allen…I’ve never heard that before.” Or something along those lines. I thought that was cute.

* When Matt came out that night I was so happy. Haha I got another picture with him and he seemed to remember me from that afternoon. That made me feel special. :P

*When Scott came out, his bro Todd was helping him sign his autographs. When Scott got closer to us my mom told him she loved him and that she thought he was awesome. And it was so cool because after she said that Scott tried to look up at her so he could try and see her face. That was adorable.

*I got to high 5 Michael Sarver, Danny Gokey, and Kris Allen’s hands. Hehe, Michael’s and Danny’s were sorta rough but Kris’s were baby smooth. :PP

*I got pics with Matt, Allison, Kris, and Michael before and after the show.

*When everyone came out but Adam there were chants of ‘ADAM, ADAM!”. There were a bunch of bummed out people when he didn’t show. There were a ton of “crazy” people waiting for him but I wont go into detail.

* I got everyone’s autograph but Adam’s and Lil’s. But I didn’t really worry about that because I already had Adam’s autograph by sending him fanmail a couple months back.

All in all….If you dont have this year’s idol concert tickets….you better get them now! Because this is a concert experience I (And You) will never forgot. :))

Hope you enjoyed my recap!!

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