Another Rocky Horror Glee Preview!

GLEE: Behind the Scenes with Jenna Ushkowtiz (L),  Dianna Agron (C) and Naya Rivera (R) in "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday,  Oct. 26 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

The Rocky Horror Glee Halloween special airs tonight on FOX.

Video Show Preview: Young Frankenst...
Video Show Preview: Young Frankenstein

After the jump, check out some NEW previews of the show, including a scene that explains the casting, and a hilarious “Sue’s Corner” featuring Sue’s Sylvester’s thoughts on the scary holiday.

I also threw in the “Time Warp” performance in case you haven’t seen it yet, and some NEW PHOTOS!

Download the Rocky Horror Glee music from iTunes HERE.

Glee: Casting

Sue’s Corner – Halloween

Time Warp – Performance

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  1. I won’t be able to watch this tonight due to the FOX blackout in NY by Cablevision!

  2. Oh, why do I find it neccessary to comment on this turd of a show. I guess because it has become so bad and so friggin commercial that it just irritates the piss out of me. I don’t watch it or even watch the teasers or videos but it is still out there to nauseate me. I have given up watching Fox at all because even previews for the show are a waste of time. And what happened to Charice…wasn’t she supposed to be a new character to foil against the beloved Rachel?

    I think I am so mad because the premise/concept of the show was golden and could have become a real opportunity to give some deserving kids a shot at the business. But the direction it has gone and the blatant commerciality associated with the show just nauseates me. Oh well.

  3. I loved the first season but didn’t watch it when it resumed in April, so I can’t speak for knowing much of what is going on at this point. But it does seem to have lost it’s original spark. The cameos in the beginning were so cool. And then it became the “it” show and stars wanted in for the publicity. Just not the same. I still adore Sue though!

  4. The problem with this show is that the stories are written around the theme/songs, instead of the theme/songs being written for the story, after the story has been thought first. So the show doesn’t have a storyline anymore. The characters are static and it just doesn’t go anywhere. Granted I haven’t seen every episode or even half of the episodes but it doesn’t take more than watching one epiosode to realize that. The only season 2 episode I’ve seen was the Birtney one and I think it was just horrible TV.
    I know it shouldn’t, but it really annoys me that something that is such an assassination of good tv writing gets this much praise just because of glorified Karaoke. We have American Idol for the karaoke, and at least they sing live.

  5. Not impressed … i liked glees first season.. but ya on the commercial aspect… and they are not even singing their own songs!!!
    as for rocky horror JUST NO the whole feeling of the rocky horror picture show is just missing from this *damnitjanet* imho 10thumbs down!

  6. So frustrating – we can’t see any HULU clips in Canada. I will look forward to the shows, but even my non-musical husband feels the songs are dubbed this year.

  7. Love this show. Me too on not being able to see it due to the idiots at Cablevision. I look forward to watching a great show compared to most of the garbage that is on now.

  8. I loved Rocky Horror “back in the day” and was really looking forward to this one – and generally the song/dance numbers were fine and the plot tied together.

    But… was the “Touch Me” between Shue and Emma really necessary – totally out of character for Emma, thin plot – they were supposed to be practicing *his* song not hers. And so raunchy that I’m not comfortable with my 13 yo watching it much less my 10 year old.

    This was the show that replaced AI in our house for family viewing and I wonder if it’s just gone too far.

    The other problem they are hitting is that now that songs are being chosen for commercial perposes Cory’s limited vocal range of is showing up big time – he was so very weak on this show. Love him as an actor but not so much as a singer.

    It made me realize that Barry Bostwick could sing…. and not everything is in Lea Michele’s wheelhouse – this could have been a good show for someone else with a vocal range more suited to “Janet” to shine.

    Props to Kurt and Mercedes though – they were awesome and I even loved the John S number.

    Sad to watch the show become nothing more than a huge marketing push for iTunes album of the week/weak…

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