America’s Got Talent – Quarterfinals Part 1 – Recap and Videos

UGH. America’s Got Talent doesn’t begin until 8:30 ET, with the first 30 minutes of the show devoted to rehash and recap.

I’ll be back to recap when the first 12 acts from the Top 48 take the stage to perform at 9 pm ET. The act that takes the crown will win 1 million dollars and a headlining show in Las Vegas.

The live shows have moved to New Jersey to accommodate Howard Stern and his radio show. After tonight’s vote, only 4 acts will advance to the semi-finals.  Besides dialing in, you can vote at  Only 10 votes allowed per method.

Howard predicts Edon, The Scott Brothers, Shanice and Maurice Hayes and David Garibaldi and his CMYKs will advance to the semi-finals. That seems reasonable to me.

The only truly standout act tonight was the last act–David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s. The other’s were varied from MEH to pretty good.

Distinguished Men of Brass – “Crazy in Love” – These gents lost their jobs and turned their brass band into a full time gig. They remind me of a college marching band, only older. I can’t see the act being turned into a credible stage show. Howie: You have to take it beyond a half time show. I see potential. Sharon: You got it going on. I love you guys. You make me smile. Howard: this is about winning, Right now, I think you’re great. I think Howie is right. It sounds muddled. You are super-talented guys, but you have to narrow it down. Let some guys step forward and do solos. – 1-866-682-4801

Edon – “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia – Yarmulke wearing piano singer. He’s just a 14 year old! He was worried about missing the high notes, but he did fine. There were some serious bandzilla issues going on. I would have preferred an acoustic piano performance to highlight his playing and his voice. Sharon: Amazing song choice, You hit every single note. You sang with great emotion. So good. Howie: Jew are terrific. Howard: No fog machines! You nailed every single note. You’re not a show biz kid. I like that about you. Good job. – 1-866-682-4802

Jarrett and Raja – Magician and Pianist. I am seriously confused by this act. The piano player is pointless. The magician made ladies appear under towels as he showered? And the ladies don’t reveal themselves until the end of the act? WHAT?  Lame.  OMG The audience is booing. Howard thinks they’ll be safe, but no way. Howard: You heard the crowd. You went to Vegas and blew it out of the box. You’re safe this week, but you’ve got to bring the pizazz. Sharon. I thought it was cheesy. As camp as Christmas at the beginning. When you were doing the trick with the ladies we could see their feet. Howie: I actually thought it was a good trick. – 1-866-682-4803

Lil Starr – Six year old dancer.  I’m with Howard on this. She’s talented, but too young. She comes off like a pageant kid who has been coached to the nth degree. She should not be trotted out on stage at such a young age. Give her time to develop. Howie: You’ve got to change your name to Big Starr. Howard: You are an adorable young lady. Dance category this year is one of the toughest. I think some could go all the way to the top. I don’t think this is an act that could win. It’s the exact same thing over and over again. You’re managers need to create a story around your act. Sharon: She doesn’t need a story! You’re confidence over flows. You are amazing for 6 years old. – 1-866-682-4804

Todd Oliver – Todd uses real animals as ventriloquist dummies. It’s a cute idea, but the written material was lacking. Seriously not funny. Todd needs a writer. With good material, he could KILL.  Sharon: I love the idea of your act, but you’ve got to work on your material. Howie: I agree. The material doesn’t live up to the act. It did not make me laugh. Howard: Maybe the dogs have to get a little raunchy. The act should be more topical – 1-866-682-4805

American BMX Stunt Team – Maybe the act does not translate well on TV, because I thought that was boring. Mesmerizing, but not necessarily in a good way. The tricks seemed really repetitive to me. I noticed the skater made a mistake. Howard: I’ve loved you from the beginning. Lots of spinning and lots of jumping. You’re still holding my attention and better than your main competitors. Sharon: What you guys have done in this confined space…I bow down to you. I saw the mistake, but that’s OK. Howie: The act has stepped up. – 1-866-682-4806

Nikki Jensen – “The Scientist” by Coldplay – She moved to America from Australia to follow her dreams. Tonight she’s singing without her guitar. Wants to show that she’s versatile. Bnadzilla backing track! This is pretty underwhelming. She’s not commanding the stage or performing with emotion or conviction. Howie: I think you did wonderful. You’re voice is unique. You’ve got to be a star. You’ve got to be electric. Howard: Tonight I think you did a nice song, but not memorable. It all comes down to song choice. No wow factor. Sharon: Your performance was lacking I didn’t feel emotion. We want more from you. – 1-866-682-4807

The Scott Brothers – Poppers – NOT TWINS, although the duo look almost identical. These guys are in their early 40s. What they lack in athleticism, they gain in cleverness. They make the most of their talents, for sure. The crowd gave them a standing ovation. Sharon: It was very impressive. You are original. I hope you’re in the 4 that goes through. Howie: Every move is not original, but the way you do it is. It’s a great show. I think they will be one of the 4 to go through. Howard: The dance category is super tough. You guys hit a home run tonight. You’rw memorable. You deserve to go on. – 1-866-682-4808

Michael Nejad – He fashions instruments out of everyday objects. Tonight he’s playing a baseball bat like a clarinet. Howard buzzes him right away. Next, he performs on a shovel violin. Then, it’s a vacuum cleaner fashioned into a bass horn. He got buzzed several times. He won’t make it through to the next round, but I think he’s entertaining as a novelty act. The judges are being too hard on him, especially Howard. Howard: Sometimes a baseball is just a baseball bat. A shovel is so you can dig your own grave. You did tonight. That is a crummy instrument. It’s horrible sound. Sharon: She begins arguing with Howard and never gets around to critiquing Michael. Howie: We fought for you. Now that I see it on a big stage…it sucked. – 1-866-682-4809

787 Crew – Dance Crew from Puerto Rico that clawed their way to America to compete. They are a little. Uhm. Overemotional. I don’t see anything special about these guys. They’ve been carried by their backstory and the possibility that they’ll have a meltdown on stage. In order to advance, they needed to turn on the waterworks again. Howie: Your first two performances were better. We’ve got to step it up. Howard: I think you’re in trouble tonight, boys. You do a lot of similar things. Sharon: I don’t think you’re in trouble. I think that you guys are so different–you stand alone. I agree that you’re last two routines were better. Next time you wil do better. – 1-866-682-4810

Shanice and Maurice Hayes – “There You’ll Be” by Leona Lewis – Howard thinks the father is the heart of the act. I agree with Howie, she’d be better off without him. Tonight,they perform a super schmaltzy song.The harmonies are pitchy. But the audience LOVES them, and so do the judges. Sharon: I’ve been a little bit worried about you guys. Sometimes it can get a little cheesy. You nailed it big time tonight. Fantastic. Howie: I was skeptical of you sir. Tonight, you did not hold her back. It was so emotional. You’re going to go far. Howard: Dad you’re the heart and soul of the act. You’ll be back. Don’t be afraid to let her shine. But you two are great. Maybe song that’s a little more contemporary next time. – 1-866-682-4811

David Garibaldi and his CMYKs – This act combines music, art and dance in an interesting way. Tonight, the crew painted a picture of Mick Jagger while they danced to “Paint it Black”.  There was a twist to the routine—the lead guy covers the painting in black as if he’s destroying it. But no–the glass canvas is flipped and the image on the other side is in positive relief. Pretty cool. Howard: If I was a woman. I would marry you. You are definitely going through. Sharon: You are rock and roll and I love you. Howie. It’s different, you’re surprising, you switch it up. – 1-866-682-4812

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