America’s Got Talent – The Top 10 – Recap and Videos

We’ve got 10 acts and two hours to fill on this week’s America’s Got Talent Top 10 episode. I smell filler! But not filler, is last year’s winner, Michael Grimm, on hand to promote his new album and his tour with Stevie Nicks. Wow. Dude just raised the f*cking roof right there.

Only 4 acts will advance tomorrow to next week’s final, and there will be NO judges pick this week.  The acts I think will advance are: Silhouettes, Team Iluminate,   Landau Eugene Murphy and either Landon Swank or the Smage Brothers.

Nearly every act had a sob story this week. Who knew?

VIDEOS: America’s Best Talent

Miami All Stars – Dance group – They’re all from Miami, but their parents are immigrants. For my money, the best of the dance acts. Fun, inventive and very professional. They do a humorous football-themed routine. I don’t understand why Piers buzzed them. He says they turned into a cheerleading act. I thought the “silly chicken” was funny. Sharon thought the choreography needed to be more sophisticated. Howie would have preferred if they kept more of the Latin flavor in their routine. Going 1st plus the negative judges comments means the Miami All Stars are dunzo.

Lys Agnes – Operatic Singer – “Dream On” – She begins in a lower register we haven’t heard yet. It’s a little disconcerting. She doesn’t sound comfortable down there. Oh no. She hits some higher notes and she’s so so off key. Then she hits that tricky high note and sounds like complete crap. She just blew it big time. Wow. She choked. That was horrible. Sharon hated her lower register, and noted that she was out of tune. Howie thinks she took too big a risk. Piers, inexplicably, liked it. He was moved. What, a bowel movement? Piers has inherited Paula Abdul’s old stash. Or there is some crazy agenda to pimp Lys into the finals, no matter how much she tanks.

Landon Swank – Magician – Can he top himself this week? Whoa. Fun with goldfish. He pushes his hand into a goldfish tank, and it’s  pretty cool, although I don’t know how it would translate on a Vegas stage. Howie and Sharon give him a standing O. Howie calls him a “conjuror”. Sharon loves his modern, relaxed presentation. Piers was slightly less impressed. Landon has a great imagination. Each of his tricks have been completely unique.

Anna Graceman – 11 year old Singer – “True Colors” – Oooh. She’s ditching the piano. It’s going to expose her vocal weaknesses. The piano playing distracts from her so-so singing. Having said that, this is a much better pick for her. Last week, she bit off more than she could chew with Motley Crue/Carrie Underwood’s “Home Sweet Home”. Piers likes her best when she “goes big.” But he’s torn because she’s so young. He insists on comparing her to Jackie Evancho. Sharon thought the staging hurt her. Howie didn’t think her performance was as good as her last.

Silhouettes – Dance troupe – OMG Way too much information about their choreographer who is middle-aged and BARREN. I am really confused…a photo of the White House with somebody screaming at the podium? And a planted flag? Spelling out the words “believe”. Uh. Am I spying a bit of a political aganda here? Ugh the pandering. Their act is clever, but they bug me big time. The judges rave. They’re a lock for the final.

The Smage Brothers – Daredevil bike act – They ran over grandma last week. What’s next? They’re going to skateboard on their motorcycles? Besides nearly castrating and decapitating their poor friend…it could have been more exciting. It wasn’t as good as last week (I agree with Piers). Sharon thought it was just as exciting.

Poplyfe –  Jackson 5 Medley – WOW. Out of tune background vocals for the win! This is pretty terrible. I’ve never been smitten with this group, but at least they have been competent so far.  But tonight? Not the night for a badly arranged, badly sung medley. They would have been smarter to sing something familiar but contemporary. Oh my gosh. The judges loved that? Am I living on some alternate planet? That sucked, pure and simple.

West Springfield Dance – More spooky stuff. Yawn.  Sharon finally calls them out on their predictability.  Yes, they are pretty much the same every week, with costume changes. Howie and Piers also calls them out on their one note performances. Finally.

Landau Eugene Murphy – Dreadlocked standards singer – “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” – Talk about lack of surprises? This guy is the same every week. His standards shtick never varies–nice tone, no musicality. But he’s beloved by judges and audiences alike. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t advance.

Team ILuminate – Dance Troupe – I’m thinking this dance troupe, with the coordinated light-up suits is more impressive in person than it is on TV, because honestly, I don’t think it looks like much.  The judges give them a standing O and the crowd goes wild. Piers says it was their best performance and the act one of the best of the entire series.

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