AGT: The Champions Week 2 Recap and Live Blog – Results and VIDEOS

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Two" Episode 102 -- Pictured: (l-r) Darci Lynne, Terry Crews. Cristina Ramos -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent: The Champions premiers tonight with the first 10 acts of 50 competing for YOUR votes.

America’s Got Talent: Champions Preview – Darci Lynne Preview, Contestant List
AGT: The Champions See the List of all 50 Competitors

The NBC series will feature the judges panel from America’s Got Talent— executive producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – as well as new host Terry Crews, star of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

At the end of the night, two of the acts will move on to the Finals. Ten acts will perform in each of the first five episodes. One act from each episode will move on via a “Golden Buzzer” and the other will be chosen by a panel of “superfans,” representing viewers from all 50 states.

There are no live shows or live votes. Therefore the Results are IN. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THEM IN COMMENTS. Or you WILL BE BANNED. Thank you.

Heidi Klum has the Golden Buzzer tonight. She’ll probably give it to Courtney Hadwin. But we’ll see. 

Darci Lynne Farmer – Ventriloquist – Winner – AGT 2017 – We previewed this act a few days ago. Click the link above! Darci admits that she’s nervous. “I always love a good competition,” says Darci, but also she missed the show and its people. Tonight, she performs with her puppet Oscar, who makes the obligatory Simon t-shirt joke,  They sing a spirited version of Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City/Proud Mary” as the crowd in the pit goes nuts. Howie says she walked out like a seasoned professional. “Oscar you have won my heart with that,” gushes Mel who hopes the “superfans” come through. “I was literally blown away by that,” says Simon, who loves her killer competitive spirit. Howie says he’d go see her sing even without the puppets. The rest of the competitors are looking nervous.

Ashleigh and Sully – Dog Act – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 – Winner –  She won BGT with her dog Pudsey, who has since passed over the rainbow bridge. Sully, who was “very close to Pudsey” is her Ashleigh’s new partner. Apparently, Sully has never performed in front of a huge audience.  They do a boxing themed routine to “Maniac.” Well, that was cute, I guess. The tricks were pretty rudimentary. Howie calls Sully a “happy” dog. The act gave Mel a “warm feeling.” Heidi thought it was fun to watch. Simon calls them both champions. “Pudsey will always be a champion.”

Light Balance – LED Dance Group – America’s Got Talent 2017 – Finalist – They came in third during Darci Lynne’s season. They’re all “WE COULD HAVE WON.” They want to beat her this time. Sheesh. In any case, things have turned out OK for them. They’ve been able to perform all over the world. Tonight, they perform a rock act thing with guitars and drums. Oh it’s a whole music retrospective–now they are imitating a boyband, followed by an EDM outfit. Eh. This is kind of boring? Mel B loved it “Start the party! It was great.” Heidi calls them fresh and innovative. Simon calls them the “best of the best.” He thinks they could have won their season with that act. Uhhm. No. Nobody was going to beat the chosen one Darci Lynne. And certainly not with that dull routine. What a dumb thing to say.

Taylor Williamson – Stand-up Comic – America’s Got Talent 2013 – Runner-Up – Dancer, Kimiche won his season. It was a little disappointing, but he got over it. Taylor is happy to be back to compete again. “Hi handsome” says Heidi. “Now I make more money doing comedy than Bill Cosby,” he says, “Do you get it?” Erm. Then he makes a joke about immigrants at the panel’s expense. Why is he explaining all of his jokes? And he’s rambling? And Simon looks really confused. Heidi calls him “hilarious.” Simon calls him talented, but thinks nerves got to him. “It wasn’t the wow factor.” Heidi likes his awkward energy. No, his timing was off tonight. Mel said she could have laughed more. Howie thought he rose to the occasion. 

Cristina Ramos – Opera Rock Singer – Spain’s Got Talent 2016 – Winner – It’s her first time in America. “My dreams come true,” says Cristina about her life post-AGT. She grew up on a small Spanish island, and now she’s famous! In Spain, anyway. She performs an extremely operatic version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Ehhhhhhhhh. Oh, but then she rips off her cape and switches to rock. So I guess this is her thing. To cross genres in the middle of songs.  She can definitely sing, but the act is kind of hokey, if you ask me. The judges give her a standing ovation. “That was brilliant!” shouts Mel. Howie thinks viewers will be talking about her tomorrow. Heidi loved it. Simon calls it “spectacular” and “your voice is off the charts.” Oh. Just like last week, Simon chides for not using the Golden Buzzer.

DDF Crew – Jump Ropers – Holland’s Got Talent 2012 – Winner – Belgium’s Got Talent 2016 – Finalist – The quartet perform double dutch jump roping.  Considering they won a Got Talent, that was disappointing. I agree with Howie that the act would not have ranked on AGT. “It didn’t blow me away.” He is CORRECT. There are 12 year olds who could do better tricks. Mel thought they made it look really easy. Heidi thought it was perfectly timed. NO NO NO. Check out jump ropers on Youtube. These guys suck in comparison. Simon thought it was fun, but feels it needed to be more than that.

Viktor Kee – Juggler – America’s Got Talent 2016 – Finalist – He’s a juggler. He made some mistakes in his early performances due to nerves. But the audience’s belief in him helped his confidence. He met a woman and is now a father. Viktor blends skilled juggling with creative, dramatic presentation. He’s perfect for Vegas. Not only entertaining, but so elegant! Heidi calls him “amazing” and notes his elegance. Howie thinks he “sets a whole tableau.” Mel calls him graceful and his act seemingly “impossible.” Simon thinks he got better since the last time. He definitely seems more confident. “You have a shot,” Simon says. 

Courtney Hadwin – Singer – America’s Got Talent 2018 – Finalist –  Simon signed the young singer to a record deal. There is NO WAY she’s not advancing to the final. She didn’t make the Top 5. That had to piss Simon off. She was supposed to win. Even I thought she’d win. Courtney sings an original song. Although, she is a bit reigned in tonight compared to her summer performances, her over the top growls and spastic moves don’t work for me. Simon calls it “bloody fantastic.” He compliments her confidence. Mel notes she’s only 14 and has figured it all out. Heidi calls her a lioness.  Howie asks about the song he does not recognize–Courtney admits it’s an original.  OK. I am SHOCKED confetti isn’t raining down on Courtney right about now. She’s not the Golden Buzzer!

Deadly Games and Piff the Magic Dragon remain. 

Deadly Games – Danger Knife Throwers – America’s Got Talent 2016 – Finalist – A few years ago, Alfredo’s sister, an aerialist, fell 30 feet on her head. Now she’s in a wheelchair. Back when they competed, one of their performances went wrong and Anna was hurt. Yes, it’s dangerous. But it’s their life! OK–this act will be the Golden Buzzer. These guys are always entertaining, so I’m not complaining. “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” scrolls on the screen. Duh. Great use of props! Skilled knife throwing. Definitely edge of your seat stuff. Alfredo borrows Heidi’s phone, which he uses as a mirror to shoot backwards with a bow aiming at a handkerchief Anna holds in her hand. It’s a perfect hit! Alfredo becomes very emotional. Howie calls the act “50 shades of danger.” Simon says his heart “almost can’t stand it.” Heidi almost had a panic attack before she HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER. Aw. His sister is in the audience.

Piff the Magic Dragon – Comedian/Magician – America’s Got Talent 2015 – Finalist –  PIFF!!! And his adorable dog, Mr. Piffles. I LOVE MR. PIFFLES.  Piff’s career was totally transformed by AGT. He has his own show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. The theater where he performs is named after him. Aw, Mr. Piffles is sad because they lost AGT. so Piff is back for “little Mr. Piffles.” Heh. Heidi joins him on stage.  Long story short: Mr. Piffles poops out Heidi’s ring in a dragon egg! It’s very messy. Ha. Howie calls Piff “truly brilliant” and predicts he will come in first if he doesn’t “come in No. 2” Groan. Heidi loves that Piff hasn’t become all Hollywood, before a bunch of balloons appear, pimping for votes. Simon calls Piff a great ambassador for the show. “I owe you a lot,” says Simon. A fun way to end the show. 

RESULTS: Deadly Games is already through due to the Golden Buzzer. Which act did the “50 superfans” vote for? 

Tonight’s Top 3: Courtney Hadwin, Cristina Ramos (WUT?!?) and the third act is Darci Lynne. The rest are eliminated. Only one is going through to the finals. Courtney’s votes came from the 18-34 age range. Cristina won the midwest. Darci won the south. The vote was incredibly close, says Terry. Here’s how it shook out. YES CRISTINA WON the audience vote. I was NOT expecting that. And judging Simon’s reaction, neither was he. “Genuinely speechless,” Simon laughs nervously. “To win tonight. This is a big deal. You got there on talent, Cristina. Same Deadly Games.” 

Ha ha. Things did not go Simon’s way.

To say the least. HA HA.

Simon was hoping for Courtney, Darci or maybe even Piff, I bet. So Cristina’s corny act appeals to the midwest? OK then! No beef with Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer, Deadly Games. They deserved to move on. 

Courtney Hadwin – Third Place
Darci Lynne – 2nd Place
Cristina Ramos – WINNER. 

Moving on to the Next Round:

  • Deadly Games – Heidi’s Golden Buzzer
  • Cristina Ramos – Superfan Vote


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