America’s Got Talent Reportedly Scrambling In the Wake of Tim Poe Controversy

RadarOnline supposedly talked to an America’s Got Talent “insider” about the Timothy Poe controversy. Apparently there is some scrambling going on behind the scenes:

Almost everything this guy told the show was a lie. But America’s Got Talent has their bases covered and didn’t do anything wrong,” the insider told

“The show can’t possibly check out the story of every individual that tries out. But they certainly don’t like to be lied to and execs are not at all happy that Tim has cast a negative notion on the family show.”

According to the source, AGT has their legal team on top of the situation and they don’t appear to be at fault for anything.

“Doesn’t change the fact that they’re freaking out a little bit and scrambling to protect the show’s name,” the insider said.

“Timothy’s appearance was supposed to be a sob story to tug at people’s hearts and instead it’s turned into damage control for the show.”

Execs for the show want Timothy’s appearance forgotten, and I wouldn’t count on seeing him in Vegas or any of the future episodes.

Well, actually, the show CAN and SHOULD check out everyone who makes the live shows. Also, is Simon Cowell and his production team just going to keep quiet about this? They aren’t even going to release a statement? Poe was reportedly cut in Las Vegas, so it would be easy just to pretend he never existed. But I think the situation puts the show under a cloud of suspicion. What did the show know if anything? Why don’t they vet their hopefuls? Why should we believe anything that happens up on that stage when production is so slip shod?

I know I’ll be snarking even harder than usual at every single sob story from now on. I’ll be treating the backstories like fiction until proven otherwise. AGT is so silly, maybe it really doesn’t matter. But an act will eventually win and be promoted by Simon’s company, so I would think he’d be trying a little harder to cover his ass in public.

One more thing. TMZ reports that the photo that flashed on the screen of Timothy in military gear wasn’t really him. The soldier who actually posed for the photo is angry and seeking legal recourse.

Seriously, pathological liar doesn’t even begin to describe this guy.

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