Americas Got Talent 9 Week 3 Predictions


This one is going to be rough. Tonight was packed with great talents, and with some disappointments and incredible surprises, there are way more then 5 acts who deserve to go through. Either way, we will be losing some serious talent tonight, but here is how I think the cards will fall. Compared to the past weeks, I’m really doubting my predictions as there are many different acts who could go either way, so keep an open mind while reading.

I’d eat my computer if they don’t advance:

1 – Blue Journey – The only act I feel 100% confident is advancing, is definitely Blue Journey. Holy crud these guys were absolutely incredible! The way the projection interacted with the dance gave me flashbacks to last year’s winner. If these guys don’t go through they will be more robbed then when Jena Irene lost American Idol (well… almost).

Likely going through:

1 – Christian Stoinev – A close second to Blue Journey, Christian and Scooby put on an incredibly entertaining performance. For a second I was terrified for the dog cause it looked like he was going to fall, but he pulled the trick off in the end. These guys have a lot riding with them, and I’m pretty sure these two will be advancing tonight.

And those are all of the acts that I am confident will be moving forward! Lets take a look at everyone else.

Heading home on the bus of shame:

1 – Dragon House “The Agents” – What a disappointment. I had such high hopes for them and they totally cracked under the pressure, which is such a shame because I really liked them. Performing first and getting bussed by the judges leaves me doubting any scenario where they advance.

2 – Keiran and Finian – I actually disagree with the judges. I really loved their performance and how they made their song their own, but with the judges really busing them, I’m pretty sure they are heading home. By performing early in the show, I really just don’t see how they possibly will advance.

3 – Mike Super – I got bored with the whole Desmond shtick thirty seconds into his audition all the way back then. Now, he gave an okay performance, but tonight was crazy filled with strong talent and I’m pretty sure he is heading home.

4 – Cornell Bhangra – This is where things get super dicey. On any other week, I would say they were a lock with their performance and wildcard status, now I’m pretty sure they are heading home. I really enjoyed them and think they are going to be robbed tomorrow just because they had the horrible luck of being on such a talent packed night.

Each of the following acts below have made a strong enough case for them to stay in the competition. However, with tonight being so crazy, of the three remaining spots I have left in my predictions, who will go through is really up in the air.

Could go either way:

1 – Anna Clendening – If Anna and Paul had switched performing spots, I would predict she would be likely going through. However, tonight, Anna gave her weakest performance she has given on the show and this is coming from a huge fan of hers. Despite this, she does still have a strong following whose members her story has touched, so for me, she is still up in the air.

2 – Wendy Leibman – I laughed at a few of her jokes, but the judges went BERSERK over her. I would say she is a lock for advancing but last night was so crazy she could really go either way at the moment. For me, I predict it will come down to her and AcroArmy fighting for the final spot.

3 – AcroArmy – Like Cornell Bhangra, if they had done this performance on any other night, I’d say they would be locks to advance. However, like I said before, this was just to crazy a night and for me, their fate is still up in the air. The reason I put them in a better category than Cornell Bhangra, is because they performed much later in the show and in my opinion, gave a better dance performance.

4 – Paul Ieti – *Sigh.* I don’t get this guy. I really kinda hated his song choice and I just don’t think his voice is anything special. However, he got the pimp spot, so that gives him a huge edge over everyone else in this category. I have a gut feeling he will be advancing tomorrow based solely on when he performed, but I hope I am wrong.

5 – Adrian Romoff – I didn’t love his performance, but the judges went crazy over him! He has a love him or hate him aura and the judges clearly are drinking his Kool-Aid. He could go either way is my guess. Yes he has talent, and yes he got a ton of push from the judges, but with such a crazy night I just don’t know.

6 – Sons of Serendip – A favorite of mine going into this round definitely delivered and if I had to guess a third act that is most likely to advance it would be these guys. They were definitely in my top 3 of the night and the only thing holding me back from putting them in the definite category is how strong tonight was. Hopefully they will end up moving on.

Who Should Advance:

1 – Blue Journey
2 – Christian Stoinev
3 – Sons of Serendip
4 – Anna Clendening (sue me)
5 – Judges pick between AcroArmy and Wendy Leibman

Who Will Advance:

1 – Blue Journey
2 – Christian Stoinev
3- Paul Ieti
4- Sons of Serendip
5- Judges pick between AcroArmy and Wendy Leibman

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! And as always, if you think I’m cool, you can follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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