SYTYCD 11- Top 8 Power Rankings and Polls!

Last week, I wasn’t that surprised that Emilio and Bridget went home, even though Emilio was brilliant last week. This week? My gut instinct tells me that Casey is going home. He’s struggled in the votes, and his Broadway routine was good, not great. Zack really had the standout routine of the boys last week, putting him as the leading contender to face off against Ricky in the finals.

As far as the girls go, I’m not sure any of them really had magnificent performances. Valerie seems to still be the favorite at this point, though Jessica is regaining a lot of her frontrunner status. My bet is on Jacque leaving this week, and poor Rudy looking absolutely devastated, despite the fact that they’re only 2 weeks away from the finale… so it’s not like they’ll never see each other again.

100) Ricky Ubeda
91) Zack Everhart
89) Rudy Abreu
73) Casey Askew

88) Valerie Rockey
85) Jessica Richens
82) Tanisha Belnap
77) Jacque Lewarne

And because we’re down to the wire… some new polls for you.

Who do you think will WIN this season?

Join me tonight for the live blog.

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