America’s Got Talent 9 – Top 48 Week Two Predictions

America's Got Talent - Season 9

Whelp, it is super late, but let’s dive right on in and discuss how the week 2 acts did tonight. Some acts surprised me, others let me down. I will say that I really was agreeing with Howard on most of his critiques; with Howie, not so much, but more on that another time. Lets get right to it.

Going through or I will eat my computer:

1 – Aerial Animation– Wow, Abigail shocked me tonight. This was absolutely incredible! I loved that the story picked up where her audition left and I loved her precision and how she incorporated the projection into it all. The whole package had me watching her totally enthralled in what she was doing and I loved it all. I’m kinda at a lost for words, so I’ll just say this: it will be a crime if she doesn’t advance tomorrow.

2 – Mat Franco – I swear, he is like an older version of Collins Key. He nailed his trick and put on a terrific show. He was definitely one of the two highlights for me and I am positive we will be seeing him again. Rest easy Mat fans, he is going through tomorrow.

Likely going through:

1 – Jaycob Curlee – The text I got from my sister before the show sums it up: “He better make it through. He has no parents, but can still sing.” Before he even performed, he was a huge favorite going into he show, but tonight was kinda a disappointment. Who once seemed like a lock faltered tonight in the worst way possible at the worst possible time. The song choice allowed him to show his emotion, but like Miguel, it lacked vocal moments, which it really needed. In my opinion though, he will still advance because between him and John and Andrew, he went later in the show and has a huge following pulling for him. I’m still a little torn with him, but I predict he will move on. This might seem controversial (I actually switched his placing with Mara), but I’m still pretty sure he will advance.

2- Acte II – Getting the pimp spot definitely helps their chances. I originally was going to put them in the guaranteed going through, but Howard’s bussing cut their chances. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it through and I predict that they will, but I kinda hope they don’t so another favorite can squeak through. I like opera, but they pale in comparison to the past opera acts the show has and I just don’t think that moving forward they will make that big of a difference in the competition. I just like other acts more I guess and these two just aren’t that special.

Could go either way:

1 – John and Andrew – Urgh, I’m torn with these guys. I loved their audition, but tonight, they kinda crashed and burned. Compared to last week, when we had Baila Conmigo KILL it on stage, these guys really paled in comparison. They could make it through, they could not, I really don’t know. In my opinion it will come down to them and Jaycob. We will just have to see with these guys.

2 – Mara Justine – I am so happy she chose a current song tonight! Now, the backing track might have drowned her out a few times, but the overall package was pleasant and a good showing of her strong vocals. I’m pretty sure she will be moving on tomorrow, but for the future, I hope she takes Howard’s advice to heart and maybe goes and show a more subtle side with a quieter song. A quiet note can be just as powerful as a loud belty one, and I think if she can dial it back on her next performance, she will be golden.

Edit – Originally, I put her in the likely advancing, but in the end, I had to switch her with Jaycob Curlee. It is not that I don’t think she is good enough to advance, I just think she had the bad luck of being on a night filled with great talent where a lot of things are up in the air. Watching her performance back now, I’m just not so sure on her anymore. Yes she went current, which I appreciate, but I just don’t know if it is enough to pull her through. We will have to see.

3 – Darik Santos – Sigh…… I knew it was coming. I’m pretty sure he will be going home tomorrow but for now I’m in denial about him. I love his Emo Phillips like act but I don’t think America will. There is still a chance he could skate through, but at this point I’m unsure but leaning towards it being unlikely.

4 – Andrey Moraru – The judges loved this guy a lot more then I did. Yes, I found him talented and I did enjoy his performance, but his issue is how many people are vying for 5 spots. The judges said he will absolutely advance, I’m not so sure. I think he is the most up in the air at the moment. I can’t wait to hear the lashing Howard gives us tomorrow though if he ends up not making it, but he still does have a good shot of advancing.

Heading home on the bus of shame:

1 – Juan Carlos – I cringed. I don’t want to rant so I’ll say this short and simple: No. Just no. If I was Dustin’s Dojo, Beach Avenue or Legaci sitting at home watching this knowing he made it further then they did, I’d be pretty ticked off. Howard is the only judge with sense on the panel who pointed this out and called out Howie for his horrible judging and I respect him so much for that. Ok, I’m just going to stop there before I start swearing. If he makes it through I will be done forever with this show.

2 – Livy, Matt and Sammy – Why the bloody heck would they pick Fat Bottom Girls to perform?! Of all the possible songs in the world, that had to be the worst possible decision they could possibly have made and for me, that destroyed their chances from the moment I realized what they were singing. With a harsh bussing from the judges, their horrible song choice and a pretty forgettable performance makes three strikes and three tickets for them on the bus (or plane) ride home. This is all such a shame because I loved them going into this performance and I wish I could have just unseen what I saw tonight so I could still love them like I did 3 hours ago.

3 – Loop Rawlins– Like I said in my preshow prediction: been there done that. I was bored during this performance and I actually would have buzzed him. I don’t see any scenario in which he advances, but I commend him on making it this far.

4 – Hart Dance Team – I kinda already forgot them and had to rewatch their performance to see who they are. Yeah, they are definitely screwed and heading home. I totally forgot them in the span of 2 hours and there are much more talented acts that are competing for those 5 spots. Sorry girls, I really liked your audition though!

Should go through:

1- Mat Franco
2- Aerial Animation
3- John and Andrew
4- Juan Carlos…just kidding XD
4- Jaycob Curlee
5- Darik Santos (I can’t help it, I love the guy)

Will go through – This one is tough, but here are who I officially predict will advance tomorrow:

1- Mat Franco
2- Aerial Animation
3- Jaycob Curlee
4- Andrey Moraru
5- Judges pick between Mara Justine and Acte II

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! And as always, if you think I’m cool, you can follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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