Americas Got Talent 9 – Top 48 Week 1 Power Rankings

Hey guys, it’s Adam again, so lets talk some Americas Got Talent! I’m still not fully over my frustration that Beach Avenue, Legacy and Dustin’s Dojo all didn’t make the live shows, but I will try to be fair in my assessment of the twelve acts poised to perform this week at the first live show of the season (*coughTHEYWEREROBBEDcough*). So here we go, below are my pre show rankings of the 12 acts. Feel free to share your own thoughts down in the comments!

12 – Sean and Luke– I still don’t think they deserved to make the live shows over other acts. Not only that, but there is a much better dance act performing this week that has much better moves and precision. I really don’t see them advancing this week.

11 – JD Anderson– The fact that he also made it kinda boggles my mind. Sure I get that he is super strong and can break things easily, but is this an act I would pay to see? Yes he is impressive, but I don’t see America voting for him especially on a night where there is much better talent in the shuffle.

10 – Dan Naturman – Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Bob Saget? Anyway, I only laughed at like one of his jokes in the auditions and since he got a free ride past Vegas, I don’t have much to base my opinion on. His audition was weak in my opinion, but Dan has the most potential to surprise us going into the live show. For now, he is at number 10, but if he has a good night, I can easily see him advancing.

9 – Flight Crew Jumprope – These guys are definitely talented, but I think it won’t be enough. This night is full of stronger talents that I see them just fading into the back. If they do something spectacular that really blows our minds they might have a shot, but if they do more or less the same thing they are done.

8 – The Willis Clan– The Judges (AKA the producers) love these guys. They all have talent no doubt, but I think they will be performing early on the show and will likely get bussed in favor of other acts. Granted, with the producers love for them, they still have a shot of advancing, but I am leaning more towards thinking they will be bussed.

7 – Valo and Bobby – The issue with these guys, is that they are so good, they make what they do seem so easy and underwhelming. They do have the plus of being the only real danger act of the night, but if they make a single mistake or fall, it will be all over and they will be bussed. Even though I don’t see them advancing, I am still looking forward to what they are going to pull off. Who knows, maybe someone else will have a bad night and they could advance.

6 – David and Leeman – They got a free pass through Vegas and had a pretty strong audition. I’m torn with these guys. On the one hand, I’d love to see them advance, but on the other, the night is jam packed full of strong acts and I think they will get sidelined for others. The producers to seem to like them however and I think they do have a chance of maybe making it through.

5-4 – Julia Goodwin – Julia is a good singer, but she is also very young. I have a feeling a female singer will advance from this lineup, who it is will all come down to the performance they give. At the moment, I’m pulling for Emily to advance, but I can see how Julia might take the spot away from her.

5-4 – Emily West– Emily is definitely my favorite music act performing this week. In the end though, I feel in my gut it will be between her and Julia facing the judges for who will advance to the semis. Personally, I’d love to see Emily advance over Julia, but for now it will really come down to how well they perform on the show. That last shot I feel is up for grabs between the two female singers and it really is anyone’s game between them.

3 – Miguel Dakota – One of this year’s WGWG has already captured the hearts of the key demographic of this show and if he doesn’t advance, I will be absolutely floored. He would need to be pretty trashed by the judges to be cut, which I don’t see happening, so for now, I’m predicting he will advance.

2 – Jasmine Flowers – I love this act! I love the precision and just the grace at the girls move. Granted, if they make even a single mistake, it will be incredibly obvious and they will get called out on it and bussed. However, if they pull off a flawless performance, I don’t see how they don’t advance.

1 – Baila Conmigo– The best dance act of the lineup and the performance I am most looking forward to going into the show. These guys are incredibly talented and if they deliver what we have grown to expect of them, then they should easily advance.

Should go through- Baila Conmigo, Miguel Dakota, Jasmine Flowers and Emily West or Julia Goodwin.

Will go through- The Willis Clan, Miguel Dakota, David and Leeman and Julia Goodwin or Emily West

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Let me know down below in the comments and if you think I’m cool, you can always follow me at @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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