America’s Got Talent 9 – Semifinals 2 – Power Rankings

Another week of AGT is upon us. Here, is my preshow assessment and predictions. This is a tough one to call, as a few acts have potential to come out of left field and stun us, but I am still confident in my pre show predictions. Hope you guys enjoy!

In no particular order –

Wendy Liebman – Man, this season has not been kind to comedians. That said, I think Wendy is screwed. She nailed it last time and was still sent home, so I think her fate is sealed.

Emil and Dariel – I really love these guys! I was there when they performed last time and they absolutely killed it! Of all the contestants performing this week, they, along with Blue Journey are definitely the acts I’m most looking forward to. I hope they can deliver to the level I am now expecting from them. I still want a cello cover of Smooth Criminal!

AcroArmy – These guys are incredible and I would say they should go through, but here is the thing, I’m pretty sure they will end up robbed. With them, going into this show, they are competing with Baila Conmigo for the group dance/acrobatic act. For me, if one of those 2 mentioned acts is going to come out on top, it will be Baila Conmigo. If I am just being dumb and they do end up advancing, they will totally deserve it though.

Smoothini – Smoothini barely eeked his way through last time, and performing on the same night as favorite Mat Franco is going to be really tough on the magician. As he said, Smoothini is likely going to go bigger for this next performance, but will that be enough to trump Mat? I don’t think so, but that battle of magic to see who outdoes the other will surely be a thing to see during the episode

Blue Journey – I have loved these guys every time they have performed. They have done no wrong in my eyes, and if they continue to impress as they have, they should sail right through. For me, these guys are in my top 2 projected to win.

Baila Conmigo – These guys were great last time, but they sadly made it through by just the skin of their teeth. Their biggest competitors going into this thing are AcroArmy, but with their children gimmick and a better story, I think more people will end up voting for these guys. Personally, even if they outperform AcroArmy, I still don’t know if they will end up advancing. We will just have to see.

Kelli Glover  – Kelli was pretty close to being robbed last time even though she had the pimp spot, which isn’t a good sign for her moving forward. If anyone on my predictions to advance gets the boot, I’m really sure it will be Kelli. I hope Kelli pulls out a killer performance and advances, but we will just have to see if it happens.

Christian Stoinev – Christian has a lot going for him. Bringing in the dog was the smartest thing he could have done, and now, he is pretty much a favorite for it. If he keeps the dog in the act and does a good job, he should sail through.

Mat Franco – Like I said with Smoothini, it will be between the two of them who will be the last magician standing to compete with Mike Super next week. For me, I think that person has to, and will be, Mat. Mat hasn’t taken a step back yet and seems to be very much preferred at the moment. He will get some votes taken due to vote splitting but he should still advance.

Jaycob Curlee – Who once looked like a favorite going into the live shows, has quickly fallen to the back of the pack. By now, America has settled on its token WGWG and that is Miguel. Jaycob had a weak performance last time, and this time around, I’ll bet he brings back the guitar, but it won’t save him. Sorry Jaycob fans, I think this week is when we say goodbye to him.

Quintavious Johnson – This boy can really sing! He tore the roof down with his last performance, and if this time around, they give him another big diva ballad that he can do his thing with, he should end up advancing.

Jonah Smith – I”m torn with Jonah. He definitely has talent, but this night has singers better then him performing. I think in the end he will get lost in the pack, but if he shines enough, he might have a chance.

These were basically impossible and I could be totally wrong, but here are my predictions.

Should go through:
1- Emil and Dariel
2- Blue Journey
3- Kelli Glover
4- Christian Stoinev
5- Quinatvious Johnson
6- Mat Franco

Will go through:
1- Mat Franco
2- Blue Journey
3- Emil and Dariel
4- Christian Stoinev
5- Baila Conmigo
6- Quintavious Johnson

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you think I’m cool, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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