Americas Got Talent 9 SemiFinal 2 Predictions

And thus, the semis are over. This one is tough, but here is my assessment for how the night went down along with my predictions for who should and will advance.

I’d Eat My Computer If They Don’t Advance:

1- Blue Journey – These guys killed it! If they don’t advance then there is something seriously wrong with this show. Everything about them is perfection and mesmerizing. I see them potentially winning.

2 – Mat Franco– Mat also killed it and would be absolutely robbed if he didn’t advance. A top 12 without Mat would be seriously missing something.

Likely Advancing:

1- Quintavious Johnson – He definitely had a strong performance, and couple that with the pimp spot and he should be getting a spot in the Finals.

2 – Emil and Dariel– For me, Blue Journey, Mat Franco and Emil and Dariel were the highlights of the show. These guys just have to advance!

Heading Home On The Bus Of Shame:

1 – Kelli Glover – The judges really sunk her ship with their critiques. Last night, Kelli needed to have a show stopper performance, and instead she went for a performance that could open up the night. In other words, her decision to go for a fun song over something that would be memorable makes her completely forgettable and also going home.

2 – Baila Conmigo – The judges really gave them a bussing and I wish they hadn’t, because I really like them! Of all the acts that I’m putting in this category, the one act I hope can prove me wrong and somehow still advance is this one. I just don’t see it happening now though.

3 – Jaycob Curlee – Oh wow! He can still sing even though he has no parents! Lol, he is so gone, his performance was weak and Quintavious totally out sang him. However, since Jaycob has the back story and so many fans, he could make it to face the judges but if he does either way his fate is sealed.

4 – Smoothini– Mat Franco outperformed him. Is there room for 2 magicians from this week to advance? I don’t think so, and though it is unfortunate for Smoothini, all the magic votes will go to Mat and he will advance. I love that Smoothini stepped it up, but it just isn’t enough to beat Mat.

Could Go Either Way:

1 – Christian Stoinev– The judges were completely right in their assessment of him. Scooby makes the act more then just a strength act, but there has to be more strength and less Scooby for it to work! If it is all gimmick and not enough show of talent, it starts to become less about the act and more about “dawwww look at the cute dog.” I still think, however, that performing late and being a favorite going into this that he has a shot. Now, it just isn’t as great anymore and there could be an upset.

2 – AcroArmy– It is funny, going into this I thought Baila Conmigo would outshine them and I guess I was wrong. Now I think AcrArmy really has a better shot of advancing than BC. Still, I’m not sure they will actually end up advancing, but they definitely have a shot.

3 – Wendy Liebman – Our last comic standing! She was good last night, but not great. The judges really blew up for her and I don’t really get it. Sure she had a good joke or two in there, but I didn’t think it was that great. However, with all the praise and push she has been getting, she actually has a shot so we will have to see where she falls tonight.

4 – Jonah Smith – I’m pretty sure he is going home, but since he has a ton of fans, I’d say he has a slight 10% chance of advancing. Going first really cut his chances, and with a forgettable performance, I’m pretty sure (not 100% though) he will be going home.

Whelp, here are my predictions!

Who Should Go Through:

1- Blue Journey
2- Quintavious Johnson
3- AcroArmy
4- Emil and Dariel
5- Mat Franco
6- Judges pick between Christian Stoinev and Baila Conmigo (Christian advancing)

Who Will Go Through:

1- Blue Journey
2- Quintavious Johnson
3- Christian Stoinev
4- Emil and Dariel
5- Mat Franco
6- Judges pick between AcroArmy and Wendy Liebman (Wendy advancing)

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you think I’m cool, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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