America’s Got Talent 9 – Semifinal 1 – Results Liveblog and Discussion

America’s Got Talent 9 Results – Semifinal 1

Which acts will advance to the next round? We’re live blogging the America’s Got Talent 9 Semifinal1 results. Ariana Grande is set to perform.

Whelp, it’s that time of the week again! Join me here at 9 to see the results of last night’s semi finals!

We are live! We get an intro from Nick who quickly introduces Ariana Grande. She is singing “Break Free” and is as flawless as always. She looks and sounds like a star and truly has the whole package. Great way to start off the show.

Next, we get a really long recap of last nights show. Nick introduces the Snapple Save. Mara Justine, Aerial Animation and David and Leeman are called forward. They were the acts to place in 5th, 6th and 7th. We now have 45 minutes to vote to save one of these acts. During commercial, David and Leeman have a huge lead followed by Mara then Aerial Animation.

Nick introduces the whip cream product placement thingy then Flight Crew Jump Rope, Bad Boys of Ballet and Mike Super are called forward. There is only one right answer here. MIKE SUPER IS ADVANCING! Obviously, he wold have been robbed if he didn’t. Then Howie does his annoying gloating shitck that his wildcard made it through. I’m kinda bummed about Flight Crew though.

Ugh, Howie gets a segment where he dressed as an usher to mess with people looking for their seats. Have I mentioned I’m not a fan of Howie?

Anyway, back to the results! Andrey Moraru and Sons of Serendip are called forward. I hope its Sons of Serendip, but this is gonna be close. Sons of Serendip are advancing! I’m happy with this! Well done you guys, I cant wait to see you perform again. Andrey was entertaining, but he got boring over time. I do wish Andrey the best though.

Paul gets a video from some soldiers and Dan says he is optimistic that he is going home. Next, we get some questions from viewers, one of which is previous judge Piers Morgan. The rest of the contestants, Emily, Dan, Miguel and Paul are called forward. The third act going forward is…… EMILY WEST! Well done Emily! One of the remaining three acts are also going through tonight. That next act moving forward is….. lol Dan is pointing to Miguel. MIGUEL DAKOTA IS ADVANCING! Dan runs and does a pose pointing towards him then rushes to hug him. Miguel could actually be this season’s winner at this point. I’m bummed about Dan though.

Whelp, lets see how the Snapple Save went. Hopefully it will be Mara or Aerial advancing. The act advancing is…..MARA JUSTINE!!!! YAY MARA! I didn’t love her so much last night, but she still has so much potential that I can’t disagree or argue with her advancing. The judges are now going to pick between Aerial Animation and David and Leeman. I want Aerial to advance, but I know the judges will end up going with D&L

Ok, here we go, it is now all up to the judges. Heidi votes to keep David and Leeman. Howie votes to keep David and Leeman. Howard votes to keep David and Leeman. DAVID AND LEEMAN ARE ADVANCING. UGH,I knew they would be the spoilers of this week. Aerial Animation were completely robbed.

And those are the results! Thanks for joining me, and as always, if you think I’m cool you can follow me on Twitter @adamhsamuel.


1-Mike Super

2- Sons of Serendip

3- Emily West

4- Miguel Dakota

5- Mara Justine

6- David and Leeman

Going Home:

1- Flight Crew Jump Rope

2- Bad Boys of Ballet

3- Andrey Moraru

4- Paul Ieti

5- Dan Naturman

6- Aerial Animation

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  1. Sorry but I think Emily West’s a much better singer than Ariana Grande..

  2. Voted for Ariel Animation since I think they deserve another chance but I don’t think that’s going to happen for the percentages on screen….

  3. FYI – pretty sure the Ariana song you’re referring to is called “Break Free”. :)

  4. Too many blankety-black singers. Emily should have been the only one advancing, now there’s three singers with a potential for what, three more next week? SIGH

  5. Adam, how can you say Aerial Animation got robbed? They were very flat last night, D&L were far and away the better of the two.

  6. i just found david and leeman to have weak tricks. granted they are funny, but smoothini, mike and mat are better magicians. aerial had a warbel last night but adds variety and is usually incredible

  7. A.A. had decent animation, but the choreography was limited and lacked imagination. I think I lost interest when the balloons came up on the screen.

    D&L are more mentalists/illusionists than magicians, so I think it’s unfair to compare them to Matt, who is far and away the best magician. (Smoothini is going home next week–I can see all his tricks!)

  8. I think Smoothini and Mat are gonna be built up as the battle of magician, but i see ur point with david and leeman, i just think AA had more potential with her ideas where are DL had kinda weak tricks that ive seen done before

  9. Well my money (and hope) is on Blue Journey. I would love to see Mat win it, but Smoothini is a great personality with very weak magic skills for being slight of hand.

  10. if I could pick an ideal top 6 it would be Blue Journey (my 2nd fav), Emily West, Mat Franco, Emil and Dariel, Miguel Dakota and Kelli Glover TBH

  11. THey want originality, something unique. So we get singers and magicians. The most unique most original and to me most entertaining act Ariel Animation is going home. Joke.

  12. The voters on this show strongly favor singers even though there I a gazillion singing shows already. There’s not much that can be done about it. Group dancers don’t stand a chance on this show no matter how good they are.

  13. I guess Californians don’t matter. We can Twitter away all we want, but the show hasn’t even come on here yet and there we have it – Mara Justine & David and Leeman have already been saved.

  14. XFactor was canceled, the voice is overcrowded and i doubt rising star will be back for season 2,and alot of singers too old to try out for Idol have no other place to go. This is why AGT is here for them. not as many singing shows as you think when you think about it

  15. Sad but true. Still I am shocked that Ariel Animation went home in favor of magicians who have done acts that have been done a billion times before. Unique vs cliche, naturally cliche wins, a microcosm for what is wrong with this world

  16. Zack is amazing. I think he outdanced Ricky tonight. I doubt that he will but I do hope he wins. If not, Ricky has been amazing throughout and a worthy winner. Unlike most shows, this one generally gets it right.

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