America’s Got Talent 6 – The Semi-Finals – Part 1

The America’s Got Talent 6 semi-finals have begun, and finally the really terrible acts have been weeded out. This is why I hate this show. It takes weeks and weeks and weeks of suffering through some really terrible acts to get to the decent stuff.

My favorite acts tonight were Lys Agnes,   The Miami All Stars, Daniel Joseph Baker.

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Zuma Zuma – This is such a dangerous act, one of the members broke his neck and died. Yikes. The afro-centric tumblers support their families back in Africa. Piers is impressed with the bendy guy! Sharon and Howie didn’t feel they stepped it up.  I find this act, with the amazing things they can do with their bodies, mesmerizing.

Beth Ann Robinson – She’s the teen dancer with tons of potential. A few more years of training, and she’d make the So You Think You Can Dance Top 20, for sure. For now, she needs to keep studying and stay off talent shows. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. But the judges raved. She’s got a good chance to advance.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar – The Russian Bar act is really really scary. Maybe that’s why they’ve decided to do something completely different? Is that some sort of bait and switch?  The bar chick sits at a piano warbling off key. The piano rotates upside down as she performs…but so what? She’s probably strapped in pretty tight. Her bar partners…I’m not quite sure what the heck they are doing. Well, they just blew it big time.  The judges kicked their asses.  What were they thinking? Piers called it a suicide mission.

Kevin Colis – He’s the only White Guy with Guitar to advance to the Semi-finals, and he pretty much sucks. Which, I think, is by design.   The last two seasons saw guitar strumming white guys take the crown.  I can’t imagine they want another one.  Piers buzzed him then asked if he was nervous.  Sharon thought she was watching the Wiggles–bland and forgettable.  Howie calls him sub-par. Buh bye Kevin.

Matt Wilhelm – Matt was the You Tube viewers pick. He does bike tricks on a day-glow bike under a black light. I wonder if it would be as impressive without the fancy lighting?  I’m not sure.  There is some bullying story line here that I didn’t get.  He made a mistake, which could cost him.  Howie and Piers hopes America forgives him, but thinks it will be a problem. Piers feels he needed to step it up.

Poplyfe – This Kiddie pop band gets all glammed up to perform the Beatle’s classic “Come Together” uncomprehendingly.  They’re like a Disney band, and until they are older should stick to the kids stuff.  They get a standing O from the judges. I think they’re going to advance. Piers predicts, in a few years, they will hit it big. Hm. Are they pimping them into the finals?

West Springfield Dance Team – Oh. Here come the horror dance kids.  The costuming is fun to look at, but they don’t vary their routine much from week to week.  Oh please suck up much? They’re performing to Ozzy.  Piers thought it was the troupe’s best performance yet.  Sharon loves them, of course. The pandering helped, I’m sure.

Melissa Villasenor  – Why would a female comedian do an impression of fellow comedians like Sarah Silverman and Wanda Sykes? She doesn’t really sound like them. How about coming up with your own material?  Impressions only work when they are very very good.  The judges liked it, even Piers.

Team Iluminate – Everybody loves Team Iluminate.  Third time out? And I’m kinda bored with these gravity defying black light performers.  Howie thinks they are a million dollar act. He begs viewers to vote for them. Piers likes that they have a new theme each week. Piers is SURE America will vote! Sharon doesn’t think they’re a million dollar act…they’re a 100 million dollar act. Oh my.

Daniel Joseph Baker –  Now that he’s famous, the bullies in Katy TX want to be his BFF.  He should tell them to suck it.  Oh. I wish he wasn’t covering Adele’s “Turning Tables”. Honestly. I’ve had enough Adele covers to last a lifetime.  Daniel looks super-fabulous tonight in his white puffy sleeved outfit.  This outing wasn’t as good as previous performances, but his piano playing was solid. He pulled it off.  The judges liked it.  “You’re as camp as Christmas, ” says Sharon. Har.

Miami All Stars – This Latin-flavored dance troupe goes all big band on us, with a performance that looks like a giant flash mob.  I’m impressed with this group for the first time ever.  The choreography is an amazing feat of coordination and timing, and an awesome mix of styles.  The best act of the night so far.

Lys Agnes   – The bold opera singer is saved for last. She performs a very powerful, theatrical rendition of the Evanescence song, “Bring Me To Life”.   That should not have worked, but somehow it did.  The judges and audience love it.  She’s the hit of the night.

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