America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap: Top 11 Final Performances Live Blog

America's Got Talent 2023 final - Chibi Unity
Pictured: Chibi Unity — (Photo by:Chris Haston/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap: Top 11 Final Performances and Live Blog

The America’s Got Talent 2023 Top 11 finalists perform LIVE  for YOUR votes tonight. The acts are vying to win it all, including a $1 million prize and a headline slot at the AGT residency at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

The acts will perform in front of the America’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews.

America’s Got Talent 2023 Finale Power List: Contestants Ranked!

TO VOTE: Go to and/or via the “AGT” App (available through Google Play and on the App Store). Limit is 10 votes per act per email per each voting method. 

America’s Got Talent 2023 Finale Guest Performers REVEALED

Tomorrow night (Sept 27) a winner will be crowned at the end of a two hour finale, kicking off at 9 pm ET/PT.

Adrian Stoica and Hurricane – Dog Act

Adrian shares that his oldest dog, Rory, has passed away. Aw. This time the theme is MOVIES. It’s shot in scratchy black and white to begin. Hurricane is the director. He helps Adrian pick out his wardrobe and then sits behind the camera giving “direction.” It ends with Sofia on stage as the “leading lady.” This act is so cute. They won’t win, but I’m glad they made the finals.

Howie says, “That was BOW WOW. We have rarely seen a dog show us a Man Act.” Heidi says, “What is not to love? You were so amazing.” Sofia offers to be a part of their act if needed. Simon says, “What we just saw was incredible. It was like the dog was acting! She should be in a movie.”

Mzansi Youth Choir – Choir – Audience Golden Buzzer

The group, from Africa, loves America and are reliably polished singers and dancers. This time, they cover “My Universe” by BTS and Coldplay. They perform joyfully and energetically while their rendition highlights their African culture.

The judges are on their feet. Heidi says, “You bring so much happiness, and so much joy.” Sofia says, “The perfect song, the perfect voice, the perfect night.” Simon says, “The lyric and the performance and everything about that…that was a final performance. You just got better.” Howie says it wasn’t his favorite of the three performances, but he still loves them.

Avantgardey – Dance Group – Instant Save winner

The girls say their finale routine, which they only had a few days to put together, will be a BIG SURPRISE. Ha. These girls are hilarious. They bring cheeky humor alongside well choreographed, synchronised and executed routines. The group’s Qualifiers routine was their best. But they are fun.

Howie says, “Your best performance yet.” He loves how they infuse comedy into dance, adding “I love you.” Sofia says, “You guys are so weird and so fantastic at the same time.” Simon is on his feet, “I thought this was sensational.” He also thinks it’s their best so far. Heidi calls it another superb performance.

Simon keeps going on and on about how few American acts make up the America’s Got Talent finale. Not complaining! It’s just ironic considering the show’s name.

Lavender Darcangelo – Singer – Heidi Golden Buzzer

AGT, which Lavender has been watching since 10 years old, has helped her accept herself. She sings “You Will Be Found” from the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. Lavender hits those high notes in full voice. She has raw talent and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and emotional. At times she’s pitchy, but she sings with abandon, which makes up for it.

Heidi says, “I’m so proud of you. You always have me forever.” Simon says, “I felt like I was in a movie. You started a little shaky and then your confidence grew. You could hear a pin drop.” Howie says, “You are so much more than this song. You taught the world that happiness is a choice no matter what the barriers are.” Sofia says, “America loves you. You are amazing.”

Chibi Unity – Dance Group – Group Golden Buzzer

Last time, the group suffered an injury. Nevertheless, they are undeterred. Their dream is to open dance studios all over the world. This time, the group goes emo, which is perfect for their dynamic and passionate style. No props this time. Hopefully no one gets hurt. Their last performance was my favorite, but they are remain fantastically entertaining.

Simon says, “We’re seeing people who are so young and talented. That for me was the best performance of the night so far.” Heidi appreciates that they take risks in their routines. Sofia says, “It’s all about hard work, passion and fun. Spectacular.” Howie calls it mediocre. WHAT? Howie you’re tripping.

82nd Airborne Chorus – Chorus

This week they sing a contemporary Christian song, “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE. The final is a good time to pull out the God card. As far as choirs go, their harmonies are beautiful, though the lead female singer hit a few clunkers in her upper register.

Heidi thanks them for their service and believes it is their best performance. Sofia agrees, calling it “uplifting.” Simon says, “That lyric made me feel so emotional and so proud of you. That’s what I call a moment.” He declares it the best performance of the night. Those NBC ad dollars may be talking (the Army advertises with NBC).

Anna Deguzman – Magician

The first female closeup magician on AGT, Anna didn’t expect to go through to the finale. Hopefully, the judges don’t mess with her this time. She has the judges shuffle some cards, as the audience pulls the stickers off of individual envelopes. Anna is TRICKSY with the card shuffling. Once again, Anna succeeds with unexpected card tricks delivered with an understated but appealing charm. Her bit ends with cards spelling out the exact date and time!

Sofia says, “I’m so proud that you’re here.” Simon says, “How the hell did you do that! That was unbelievable.” Howie adds, “You are magical and adorable.” Heidi says her act packed a punch. Anna’s mother, from the Philippines is in the audience.

Ahren Belisle – Comic

He jokes that Murmuration have no talent. His admits that his act, which utilizes text to voice, allows him to be kind of a butt on stage. Once on stage, he continues to make fun of Murmuration. They are both French, you see. His cute pup makes another appearance, looking quizzical. A Canadian, he wants a green card and wonders how the US allowed Howie and Simon in. “How much to upgrade to platinum cripple” is a line that typifies how Ahren jokes about his disability while making clear that people often treat him condescendingly. Ahren was born with cerebral palsy and can’t speak.

Howie says, “Well done, I love when you get edgy.” It turns out that a texting interruption that started his routine was REAL. Wow. Simon says, “You’re so edgy and so funny. That’s why you’re here.” Heidi calls him inspiring. “You can teach us a lot of things,” says Sofia, while calling him a “delight.”

Putri Ariani – Singer – Simon Golden Buzzer

Putri has been blind since birth, she shares. After her show stopping performance last week of a US classic, Simon said she had to find and even better song for the finale. No pressure! She chooses Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” Another classic rock song, arranged as a slowed up ballad. SHE GETS THE GOSPEL CHOIR OF PIMPING. It’s a good performance. She goes for the high notes, a bit shakily. But her earnest heart wins the day. Still think she could win.

Simon says, “You are one of those rare little diamonds…naturally born to do this.” Howie says, “Your voice is perfection. I love your choices. If it was just a singing competition, you’ve won it hands down.” Heidi calls it a moving performance. “You sounded beautiful.” And Terry skips right over Sofia! I’m sure she thought it was “spectacular!”

Ramadhani Brothers – Head Balancers

The brothers are UPPING THE ANTE. Instead of merely going head to head, they will use a narrow dumbbell-like prop between them. These two are truly crazy. After traversing stairs merely head to head, as if that wasn’t amazing, the two pull out a flat ended pole. It seems impossible. But they balance while climbing down a set of stairs. Thrilling!

Heidi says, “You are so amazing. You truly are a million dollar act.” Sofia says, “This has been a treat to have you here.” Simon thinks they could win the show. “This is unbelievable. Deserves to be in Vegas.” Howie jokes, “The audacity wearing white pants after Labor day!”

Murmuration – Dance Group – Howie’s Golden Buzzer

Janet Jackson reposted their performance last time. That’s impressive. This season’s dancers are all top notch, but Murmuration takes synchronization to a new level. Both brothers who lead the group were on stage this week to “conduct” another perfect and mesmerizing routine. This time, the group involves the audience to make the point “We are all one.” When did they have time to rehearse that?

Simon says, “This is an act where in the future when we are referring to perfection we are going to be saying Murmuration.” Howie says, “This is a message. I love this. You should win.” Heidi preferred their last performance, but still thinks they are great. Sofia also thinks they can win. I still think they may be too much like last year’s winners Mayyas to take it all. But they are so good, they might pull it off.

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