America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap: Qualifiers 3 (Live Blog)

America's Got Talent 2023 - Putri Ariani
Pictured: Putri Ariani — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap: Qualifiers 3 Performances

It’s the THIRD week of America’s Got Talent LIVE qualifiers. Eleven more acts will compete for a spot in the finale. After America’s vote, only TWO acts will advance to the last show, revealed on Wednesday’s results show.

To vote for your favorite act, download the official America’s Got Talent phone app at the Apple store and Google Play, and/or vote at All voting methods CLOSE Wednesday 7 am ET.

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara sit on the panel, while Terry Crews hosts. 

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Warrior Squad – Dance group

The dance/acrobatic crew is out of India and will do something brand new. They promise the act is more dangerous than ever. The group incorporates hand balancing into their acrobatics, which is different for this kind of act. Also, they are utilizing a swing contraption that launches the kiddos across the stage. These tricks are really unique! At one point, group members form a human carousel, with the bottom layer of the tower spinning round on their toes. Really spectacular. The best of these types of groups–Even better than V. Unbeatable.

Howie describes them as a “Human Fountain” adding “America’s got to vote.” Heidi’s pulse is racing. “I was so on the edge of my seat.” Sofia calls them “mesmerising.” Simon is impressed they were able to put the act together so quickly.

Trigg Watson – Magician

Trigg claims that fans accused his act, which involved a giant iPhone screen that brought memes to life, of being edited and fake. This time, he uses a large computer screen from which he pulls out a pen. The magic goes on from there, involving a partner. The clever trick is Trigg’s ability to pass real world objects seemingly into the cybersphere.

Heidi calls the act “pretty special,” after Trigg appeared to pass a photo she drew on the spot to his partner sitting in another space. Sofia says “I’ve never seen before….amazing.” Simon is annoyed by the presentation, but he believes the act is clever. “Good for you.” Howie observes that the opening and closing were spectacular, but it lagged in the middle. He’s right about that. Halfway through, I expected Howie or Simon to buzz them.

Summer Rios – Singer

The 19 year old from Ohio works at Pizza Hut. She’a social media star and not used to performing in front of big audiences. She covers “Control” by Zoe Wees. She’s a big voiced singer who shines on big emotional ballads and a real crowd pleaser. Her phrasing is very nice. She should have thrown in a key change for extra impact, though.

Sofia says, “That was so beautiful…I really hope America votes for you.” She begs America to vote. Simon says, “I love your personality.” However, he thought the performance lost a raw quality compared to her audition. Howie felt she did a great job, but not spectacular. Heidi, on the other hand, really loved her performance. “I feel you really nailed it. Howie and Simon didn’t like the song choice. Although her performance was emotional and lovely, she probably needed a bigger moment tonight.

Phil Wright & Parent Jam – Dance group

Howie didn’t like this act the first time, and he was correct. Parents dancing hip hop with their kids is school assembly stuff. If this guy’s aim is to turn his idea into a franchise, it’s smart to appear on AGT. Otherwise, it’s STILL not a million dollar act. Howie buzzes the act halfway through.

Simon says, “I really really like this act. They have a purpose. I really love their idea.” Also, he thinks they improved from their audition. Howie agrees that it is fun and believes the franchise idea is great, but again, not a million dollar act! Heidi calls it “endearing” and “inspiring.” Sofia calls it “the feel good act of the night.” She points out that they can’t compete with the other acts.

Philip Bowen – Fiddle player

Philip has lost over 50 pounds since his April audition. He’s a decent fiddler. He plays fast and looks like he’s having the time of his life up there. The presentation overall, however, is hokey. It’s Riverdance without the tappers.

Howie notes the energy in the room. “I loved it!” Heidi says, “I love you…you have something special about you.” Sofia says, “You are a great entertainer. You make the violin sexy.” Simon says, “You’ve made it entertaining.” He liked the song choice. Look at mom in the audience crying.

Mzansi Youth Choir * – Choir – Audience Golden Buzzer

The group earned the first ever audience Golden Buzzer after performing Nightbirde’s audition song “It’s OK.” They mention that Nightbirde’s family will be in the audience tonight. In fact, they posted about it on social media earlier today. This time, the group covers Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.” They are one of the better AGT choirs featuring excellent leads (except for that missed high note. Oops), soaring harmonies and infectious choreography.

The camera cuts to three of Nightbirde’s siblings in the audience. Heidi loved the “vibe.” She says, “You really bring it.” Sofia says, “We all got goosebumps. You guys make me smile.” Simon says, “This act is spectacular. The way you perform just draws you in.” Howie, who doesn’t usually love choirs says, “You always bring your beauty, culture and essence to the stage.”

Justin Jackson – Tap dancer

This time, Justin is adding props, and will incorporate styles other than tap. He danced with a jump rope and added a little confetti. Dancing on his toes counts as ballet I guess? He’s talented, but it wasn’t quite as spectacular as the first time.

Sofia says, “This was amazing. I think America will love what you do.” Simon isn’t a tap dancing fan, but thinks Justin is “very talented,” adding “you did a brilliant job.” Howie on the other hand LOVES tap dance, “You’re great at it.” Heidi liked his audition more. Me too. It’s a shame that So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance are no more. That’s where a dancer like Justin belongs.

MOS – All female brass band

After their audition, Simon noted the performance wasn’t perfect. The group agrees and promises not to make any mistakes. They play Fleur East’s “Sax.” Smart choice to pick one of Simon’s X Factor alums. For sure they have skills, and are fun to watch.

Simon is on his feet. He says, “I just love this group. I love this idea. The chemistry, fun originality…it’s just different.” Howie says, “They performed their brasses off!” He thinks the act needs to play with a bigger act. Heidi says, “It is amazing.” She appreciates the choreography. She also loves the outfits. Sofia says, “Adorable fun. It was a great show.”

Season 18 finalists, Chapel Hart are in the audience, on the eve of performing on Wednesday’s results show.

Barry Brewer Jr. – Comic singer

Barry was on crutches during his audition. This time, he won’t use music, he claims. And indeed, he stuck to a standup routine. The music set him apart from other comics. I’m not sure this was the move to make at this point in the competition. It’s not a disaster, he delivered a few chuckles here and there, but it’s not an act that will send him to the finale.

Howie says, “You’re likeable, and a good storyteller.” Simon appreciated his audition behind the keyboards. He believes if Barry had stuck to music, he’s have given himself a better shot. Simon is correct. Heidi liked the jokes, but agrees with Simon. “You’re still very very talented.”

Herwan Legaillard – Sword swallower

Another sword swallowing act. Another act I hide my eyes from. Herwan mixes aerial and acrobatic acts with the sword swallowing. Four swords at one time. ICK ICK ICK. However, mixing silks and acrobatics with the swallowing does set him apart from similar acts. Additionally, the routine is well put together and artistic.

Howie says, “He makes running with scissors seem like a great ideal. You did it all. You deserve to be in the finals.” Simon says that no question, Herwan brought his A game. Simon compares him to Borat. What? Sofia calls it “breathtaking” and him “handsome.” I think she’s in love! Heidi says, “You are my favorite act of the night.”

Putri Ariani * – Singer – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

Simon calls Putri, his golden buzzer pick, “One of the greatest singers we’ve ever had on this show.” She is blind, and hopes the audience can look beyond her disability and consider her talent. She begins her cover of U2s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” a cappella. It’s a totally showstopping move. Eventually she accompanies herself on piano. She changes up the arrangement enough to make it her own, but not too much to alienate fans of the song. She sings with a bell like tone that’s all sweetness, shifting to hitting big notes to finish. The arrangement would have been even better if it were longer. I kept waiting for her to kick up the tempo. Still, the audience goes wild.

Simon says, “I’m speechless. What a beautiful version. That was so beautiful.” He reveals that U2 cleared the song after they saw her audition. Sofia call it one of her favorite songs of all time, “Perfect act.” Heidi compares her to an angel. “I hope Bono gets to hear this.” Howie calls it “perfection.”

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