America’s Got Talent 2022 Auditions 3 Recap Live Blog (Video)

Jack Williams America's Got Talent 2022 Audition
Pictured: Jack Williams — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent season 17 auditions continue with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews hosts. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas.

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The Brown Brothers – Sibling Singing/Comedy Duo

Gabe and Nate are brothers and US Navy veterans. The both reveal they are autistic, and it’s hard to be social. They hope to inspire folks like themselves. One of the brothers plays music, while the other hands out cards. OK. This act features impressions. Cartoon characters singing pop songs. I was not expecting that, as the two have released a bunch of music as deep house music artists. There is also an impression of Simon Cowell and it’s pretty good.

“You gave it your all,” says Heidi. Simon loves their personalities. Sofia calls the performance fun and spectacular. Howie calls them good musicians, and skilled impressionists. 4 yeses

Max Ostler – Dancer

The 18 year old Australia native has performed in numerous amateur and youth dance competitions in his home country. He’s been training to dance since 8 years old. He wants a career as a dancer and choreographer. Max performs a contemporary/lyrical piece. His movements are beautiful and fluid and belong on So You Think You Can Dance! But AGT is a much bigger stage at this point.

Max explains that he has moments of self-doubt. Simon calls the performance “magic” and if it were his son, he’d be swelling with pride. “This is for you,” says Sofia. Howie calls his joy “contagious.” Simon calls Max “the Harry Styles of dance.” – 4 yeses. 

Blade to Blade – Knife Act

Brothers Michael and Tyrone Laner were semifinalists on Britain’s Got Talent season 11 as Tyrone & Mina (Watch). They also appeared on Greece’s Got Talent. The act auditioned for AGT in past, but did not make the cut. They explain that they’ve hit each other with knives. They begin throwing knives in the other’s direction to hit boards behind them. The brothers blindfold themselves and throw more. A female assistant is the next target as she spins around on a contraption. As the act progresses, the danger escalates higher and higher. At the end, the panel are on their feet. 

Sofia says “I hated it because it was so good.” Howie loved the speed and danger. Heidi was scared. The duo suggest Simon join them on stage. And he does it! “I guess it’s safer than being on a bike,” Howie quips, before COMMERCIAL BREAK. it’s not too dangerous. Simon stands mid-stage a the brothers throw a few knives past him. – 4 yeses

Jack Williams – Ventriloquist

AGT dropped Jack’s audition last week. Check it out HERE. Jack is a ventriloquist with over a million followers on Tik Tok. His dream is to do his act live on the Las Vegas strip. His routine involves his buddy “Foster” the rabbit who threatens to steal Jack’s act. The ventriloquist wows the audience with his ability to switch back and forth between himself and the puppet, and throw is voice like a fading echo. Impressive.

Heidi calls him “fantastic.” Howie calls him an “amazing comedian.” Sofia calls it “perfection.” Simon calls it one of the best first auditions they ever had. – 4 yeses.

Duo Ragdolls aka Nikki and Brie Bella Playing a Prank on Simon

Monique and Stefanie are Tik Tok dancers. They are beloved influencers, the two claim, which means they probably are not. Simon is having a hard time taking them seriously. They flop around the stage to Britney’s “Toxic.” It’s pretty stupid. The crowd begins booing them. The dancing is bad. Simon buzzes them. 4 xs and they are done. The two describe their act as “cosplay” and “Broadway.” One  of them blames the other for not showing up for rehearsal. The bit ends in a b**ch fight.

OH HA HA HA IT’S A PRANK. Nikki, who sat on the AGT: Extreme judges panel brought her sister Brie to pull a trick on Simon. I wondered why NBC didn’t post pictures of the act on their press site.

Sara James – Singer – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

She comes from a small town in Poland and is only 13 years old! Sara represented her country in Eurovision Junior. Additionally, she won The Voice Kids Poland. She covers Billie Eilish’s “lovely” with a tone and phrasing well beyond her 13 years. She does NOT sing like a kid. In fact, her tone is very deep.  No wonder she’s already won competitions. She’s a perfect and seemingly confident singer. The crowd is going crazy for her. 

Simon didn’t think it was perfect, but thinks she has a real “star glow” about her. “I want to make this a moment for you to remember form” says Simon. He hits his Golden Buzzer! She and her mom burst into tears. Simon joins them on stage. Group hug! 

Oleksandr Yenivatov – Circus Artist/Contortionist Comedy

Oleksandr is wheeled out on gurney wearing a toe tag like a dead person. His “nurse” bends and twists his body in all sorts of gruesome ways. I am not a big fan of this sort of act. It’s hard to watch. Simon buzzes, but the others don’t seem to agree. The “nurse” brings Oleksandr back to life like Frankenstein’s monster. They kiss.  The end. Very gross. Oleksandr is also known as “Sacha the Frog” or “Gentleman Frog.” He has performed in various European circus acts. He’s done a bunch of European television as well. Oh. The nurse is his wife. He reveals he’s from Ukraine and Simon instantly regrets his buzzer. He does take it back. 

Simon thought the bit was too slow. Heidi explains the story to him. Sofia thought it was romantic. 4 yeses

Terry announces that Howie stayed home because he’s not feeling well. I do believe he tested positive for Covid during auditions. 

Urbancrew – Dance Group

NBC recently dropped this dance crew audition early HERE. Dance group from the Philippines. Competed on Asia’s Got Talent season 2 where they placed in the bottom three of the Top 9. The group leader explains that they think they have what it takes to win AGT. The group is a typical acrobat/hip hop crew. However, they do throw in a few unique moves, including one of the dancers landing in front of the judges table after a particularly high toss. He got right in Sofia’s face! 

The coach comes out to join the group. Sofia calls the act “amazing.’ Heidi calls them all “fantastic.” The coach explains that the group hopes to help their families if they win. Heidi says, ‘I think they’ll be in the finale. – 3 yeses

Harper Akudama – Kid Metal Singer

Harper tells her mom via Facetime that she’s scared of getting buzzed. They probably won’t buzz a kid. She’s 10 years old and from Somerset, United Kingdom. Harper’s dad sits in Howie’s chair to lend his young daughter encouragement. She admits that she’s VERY nervous. The track starts, and Harper sounds normal at first, but then launches into full throttle SCREAMO METAL. Simon looks a little frightened. That girl is going to have a torn up throat before she’s 18.  The panel actually gives her a standing ovation.

“This was unexpected” says Heidi. “It’s like you have a monster inside,” says Sofia. Simon compares her to the Exorcist and then calls her “brilliant” and says “…we love you.” – 3 yeses

Hayden Kristal – Comedian/Activist

Brooklyn based queer activist (prefers they/them/theirs pronouns) is deaf and a former zookeeper. Hayden was a semifinalist on Stand Up on NBC and a finalist for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’s comedy writing mentorship. Hayden was born into a hearing family. Communication was always an issue. AGT is mom’s favorite show. Hayden speaks very clearly. I wouldn’t get that they were deaf if they didn’t say it first. The comics with disabilities who came before them were an inspiration. Hayden jokes about getting a degree in sign language and zoo keeping. The jokes are mildly amusing. One story involves being denied working with a gorilla that knows sign language…because of their hearing loss!

Sofia loves that Hayden makes fun of themself. Simon calls it “brilliantly funny.” 3 yeses

NFL Players Choir – Singing Group

The choir features former NFL players. One of the members explains that many of them dreamed of singing on a big stage, and that their dream is coming true today. They invite Terry to join! Simon notes that some of them used to be rivals. The group began on “Celebration of Gospel” a special that airs on Super Bowl Sunday. Patti Labelle put them together. They do a bunch of charity events. The group sings Bill Withers’ classic “Lean on Me.” There are no standout soloists in this group, but their harmonies are nice. After they finish, Simon wants to hear them a’cappella. 

Sofia calls it “so much fun.” She loves that they use their fame for charity. Heidi thought they sounded beautiful without the track. The group’s ability to adapt quickly to Simon’s request impressed him. He also loves how competitive they all are. 3 yeses


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