America’s Got Talent 2021: The Voice’s Brooke Simpson Shines (Video)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Quarterfinals 3” Episode 1613 -- Pictured: Brooke Simpson -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
 Pictured: Brooke Simpson — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Sofia Vergara Believes Brooke Simpson Could Win It All

I worried slightly when I heard the first few lines of Brooke Simpson’s America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals performance (Read our recap HERE). Could “Lost Cause” by Billie Eilish translate into a moment? It’s not a song that has a ton of range, or a big moment. If I’m being real, I shouldn’t worry whatsoever when it comes to the powerhouse The Voice finalist. Give the singer just about any song, and she would put her heart and soul into it and make it sound good.

She was very good on The Voice, but after hearing her once again nail a song, I think she’s polished her act and shown off more artistry than in the past. She’s ready for stardom even if she never reaches the level of stardom. In other words, she is as good if not better than many pop stars when it comes to her vocals and interpretations of songs.  Putting her own spin on the song, Brooke added high notes and extra flair in certain parts of the phrasing. She really brought the stage presence as well.

If anyone had any doubts prior to this week, I still stand by Brooke being the best vocalist of the season. Yes, Jimmie Herrod is good, and a few others are solid, but Brooke makes me perk up and really pay attention as I am listening. She’s on the level of major pop stars with her combo of technique and tone. She’s an unbelievable talent. If I had any say, I’d say that Brooke should be in the Top 3 of this season. 

The judges raved about Brooke’s performance

Coach Sofia Vergara thought  that Brooke elevated every aspect of the performance when compared to her audition. She went on to say that even in a crowded field, Brooke has a “good chance to win this season.” Simon Cowell jokingly said that he didn’t agree, before saying it was the “best performance of the night so far.” He felt her “hunger,” he said, and noted that everything about the performance was her choice. Heidi Klum thought she was “absolutely incredible” and loves what she stands for. Howie Mandel said she “deserves it” and called the song choice “well played.”

Brooke’s performance truly was sensational, and I bet that she goes straight through to the semifinals.

She was in my Top 4 tonight along with World Taekwondo Team which is the perfect act for AGT; Chapkidz who elevated their act big time tonight; and wildcard Storm Large who is the other feature of the night. I thought Rialcris and Lea Kyle did a solid job as well. I’m hoping that these six acts make it through, as the other half the show felt a bit lackluster.

Watch Brooke Simpson cover Billie Eilish on America’s Got Talent

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