America’s Got Talent 2021 Recap: Auditions 8 Judge Cuts (Video)

Pictured: Lewberger — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent auditions end on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews hosts. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize.

At the end of the show, the panel convenes at Simon Cowell’s Malibu home to choose the acts that move on to the Live shows, kicking off on Tuesday August 10.

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Bini the Bunny – Animal Act

Bini the 9 year old male Holland Lop rabbit is so popular he has his own Wikipedia page. His trainer, Chi, describes Bini as a diva. He can learn anything, including playing basketball. Chi wants to show America how intelligent bunnies are. Bini really is a cutie, as he completes several tricks, including bowling. But uh oh, he’s not cooperating on the big basketball trick, or the piano trick, or the note trick. Howie loses patience and buzzes him. When Bini finally dunks the basketball, Howie gets over it. Howie says yes. Simon says no. Heidi says yes. She wants to see him paint. And Sofia finally says yes. – 3 yeses one no

Savannah Robertson – Singer – Twenty year old singer from New Jersey hates being compared to Beyonce. The judges think she has an amazing voice. Howie calls her a star – 4 yeses.

Zac Taylor – Singer – From the UK, he wants to be a singer. He has a very pretty, smooth tone. Heidi and Sofia think the girls will go crazy. Simon calls him current – 4 yeses.

Gabriella Laberge – Singer-Songwriter and Violinist

A Quebec, Canada native, Gabriella competed on The Voice France in 2016, performing a viral version of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” AGT previewed this audition a few days ago. She plays a violin introduction before singing with a sweet delicate tone. She plays more violin as an interlude, before finishing on a vulnerable note. The judges give her a standing ovation. Sofia thought the violin was a perfect addition. Heidi and Simon weren’t sure until she started singing. He liked the second half of the performance better. 4 yeses

Medhat Mamdouh – Recorder player/Beatboxer

Hailing from Cairo, Egypt, Medhat plays flute recorder and is a Beatbox musician. His thing is that he does both at once! He’s a good recorder player. But he’s about to get buzzed…until he pulls out his trick. And it is amazing how he can play recorder an add the beats all with his mouth, all at the same time. Medhat reveals that the song he played is original. Simon was dreading it at first. Simon has recorder-phobia after being forced to play them at school. He hates them. Howie thought he made the instrument trendy. 4 yeses

Sergio Paolo – Juggler

Twenty four year old circus performer from Chile performs “rebound juggling.” The act is juggling a bunch of balls off the floor at the same time, catching them before they bounce off.  His big trick is working the balls as he descends stairs. Also he bounces balls off the underside of a table. He’s got flair and showmanship. Howie loved it. Sofia is proud of him. Simon often finds juggling boring but not this. 4 yeses

Erik and Shelly Linder – Ballroom dancers – This couple dance in Latin ballroom competitions. The judges BUZZ them right off. Heidi wanted to see more. Simon thought it felt like a rehearsal. Howie says no Wow factor. – 4 nos

Pasha and Ailona – Dance illusionists

The duo perform illusions while dancing that include doll/robotics illusion and quick change. His wife missed her flight. So, he’ll do the act solo? Oh. The act is…deeply weird. It’s Pasha operating fake looking dolls that dance. It looks real, but not. UNCANNY VALLEY Y’ALL. Very unusual. It’s truly a first for America’s Got Talent. The judges are completely surprised and bowled over. 4 yeses

Charming Bears – Dancing bears – This group of costumed bears from Orem Utah do silly dances on TikTok. They do their TikTok cuteness for the judges, and Simon loves it. “I think people will love you.” 4 yeses

Jonas McCenfro (Jonas Woolverton) – Cyr Wheel Artist – Circus artist performs on a Cyr Wheel, which is a human sized hoop which allows the performer to roll around while inside it. Cosplaying as John McEnroe makes it super hilarious I guess? The judges think so. – 4 yeses

Anna McNulty – Contortionist – 19 year old Anna has a Youtube channel with over 2 million followers where she shares “free flexibility” routines and workouts. She does a bit, bending her body like hands of a clock. Heidi calls her fun – 4 yeses

The Science Wizard – Science guy – Heidi helps him do crazy science things – 4 yeses

Lewberger (Keith Habersberger, Alex Lewis, Hugh Stone Fish)  – Comedic band

Based in Southern California, the group were finalists on Bring the Funny in 2019 (Watch HERE). They sing a parody song “Terry Crews we want to be you” while ripping off their shirts and manhandling their chests. OK then. Terry joins them on the flute. – 4 yeses

Dylan Zangwill – Singer

Dylan is a 14 year old singer and keyboard player from Philadelphia who covers a ton of classic rock.  He also plays Hammond B3 organ and guitar. The young singer covers Queen’s “Somebody to Love” and is a pretty good singer. Although he needs to work on his phrasing. But solid high notes. Sofia calls him surprising. Howie connected to his joy. Heidi loved it too. Simon calls it a great audition. “There’s a lot more to come from you – 4 yeses

Rialcris – Hand balancers

The trio of brothers are Hand Balancers from Colombia. AGT previewed this act a few days ago. They love Sofia, who is also from Colombia. They heap praise on her, calling her the pride of their mutual homeland. The hand balancing is strength defying. At any moment, something could wrong and a guy could get hurt. The balance of strength and agility on display is impressive. Sofia calls it an amazing act. Howie is also impressed. Heidi calls the act incredible and crazy. Simon loves that they are brothers. “What you did is very dangerous. Exactly what America’s Got Talent is all about.” – 4 yeses

Mike Goodwin – Comedian

45 year old from Camden, South Carolina is a veteran and college graduate with a masters degree in education. As a child, he used comedy to diffuse his dysfunctional household. He’s been married for 21 years. He tells jokes about virtual school and nursery rhymes (pointing out how violent they are). He’s mildly amusing. Howie calls him likeable and relatable. Heidi thinks he’s clever. Sofia calls the act light and fun. Simon thought it started off slow, but got better and better. 4 yeses

Taffy Jaffe – Comedian – After a long successful career as a therapist, the New York native turned to stand up comedy. She’s the old lady in red who jokes around with Howie Mandel.

Anica – Singer

51 year old rocker, a realtor from Canada, belts out Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.” Singing on AGT is a “dream that’s been in her soul forever.” She imitative, like a Janis impressionist. But she’s a good singer. Heidi loved how she let loose. Howie loves the era. “I loved your performance. You’re fun to watch.” Sofia loved her energy, “but it wasn’t spectacular.” Simon agrees with Sofia. 3 yeses Simon says no 

Mary Bowers – Competitive eater

She’s world ranked! She’s also an “empowerment speaker” and food fashion designer. Doing her thing on the Gong Show and Germany’s Got Talent. Mary springs out of a real cake. She shoves it in her mouth, eating to her exit. It’s very messy and gross. I can’t watch. She gets buzzed, unsurprisingly. – 4 nos

Pizza Man Nick Diesslin – Pizza Dough tosser

Nick is super good at tossing pizza dough. So good, it’s landed him spots on The Tonight Show, CBS Weekend News and more. He’s a software developer by day PIZZA MANNNNN by night. He spins the pizza dough around deftly, even across his shoulders. He handles two pizzas at once, juggling them. Fun Fact: The dough he tosses on stage is synthetic, partially made of plastic. Heidi call him “very cool.” Sofia calls the act “fun.” Simon loved it. 4 yeses

KIDJAY (Jason O’Banner Jr.) – Rapper

This Ypsilanti, Michigan entertainer began rapping in middle school, sitting around the lunch table with friends. He performs an origina rap for the judges. The panel gives him a standing ovation. Howie calls the message “positive” – 4 yeses

DFlex – Contortionist

Nigerian contortionist, Oyindamola Emmanuel, claims that he’s called “the most flexible man in Nigeria.” He landed in the Top 10 on Nigeria’s Got Talent in 2014. Watch him HERE. He flew in from Africa to be on the show and wants to give his family the life they deserve. DFlex admits that Howie is his favorite judge, before performing a very BENDY routine. He can twist his body into every unnatural position possible. His a** is practically in his face. CRAZY. The judges stand and DFlex cries because his wife has sacrificed “everything” for him to be there. Heidi call him weird and beautiful. Howie calls him wonderful. Sofia loved his energy. Simon loves his determination, character, charisma. – 4 yeses

Judge Cuts (or NOT)


The crew gathers at Simon’s abode in Malibu. First, there is a recap of the season’s acts. The judges argue a little here and there. 

AND THEY REVEAL NOTHING. “Your live show contestants revealed in 3 weeks” and scene. We need some spoilers, y’all. 

America’s Got Talent live shows begin on Tuesday August 10. The live results begin Wednesday August 11. In the meantime, NBC will air the Tokyo Olympics in primetime. See you then!


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