America’s Got Talent 2021: Brooke Simpson’s Spectacular Close (Video)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- “Semi Finals 2” Episode 1617 -- Pictured: Brooke Simpson -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
Pictured: Brooke Simpson — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Semi-Finals: Will Brooke Simpson’s “Bad Habits” Lead Her to Another Finale?

Some are annoyed when past finalists from other talent shows compete on America’s Got Talent. Shouldn’t someone new get a chance, they say.  I get that argument and totally understand it. AGT is a variety show, so I guess I’m okay with it, especially when those acts continue to kill it, night in and night out. Brooke Simpson, past 3rd place finisher in Season 13 of The Voice, is one of those acts that did well on the Semifinals Week 2 episode for Season 16 (Read our Recap).

Brooke is playing the game very smart by taking risks with current pop songs, turning them into powerhouse numbers that have shades of funk and soul. I still feel as if “Lost Cause” was her best when compared to tonight’s “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran. Oddly enough, I didn’t agree with Simon Cowell that the beginning could have been better. Actually, I felt like the middle to end had a bit too many ad libs and needed more substance.

Yes, big notes are important when trying to seal the deal for a finale, but it felt like Brooke cut out certain lyrics to hit big notes for the sake of hitting big notes. This is me being extra picky as I did love the vocals and the performance as a whole. Brooke is fierce and seeing her light up on stage is incredible. She exudes confidence, and I loved the vocals so much that I voted for her (along with Josh Blue and Chapkidz). Also, I usually am skeptical about a singer sinning a variety show like AGT, but Brooke is so deserving that I totally am rooting for her.

Simon loved Brooke despite a “shaky” start

Simon felt that the performance had a “shaky start” but the “second half was spectacular.” Sofia Vergara called it “insane,” noting her confidence and that Brooke  “looks more beautiful every time” she’s on stage. Heidi Klum said that she shines “so bright that it is almost blinding.” Howie Mandel thought that she ended with a “bang.” He noted her indigenous roots before saying that she just took America back. I think I get the point of what he is saying, but he could’ve said it in a better way. The same goes for Sofia’s rather condescending comments after Josh Blue performed. I think at times these judges say certain things that lack professionalism.

Josh Blue, Chapkidz also shined

Speaking of Josh, I thought the past Last Comic Standing winner who I wasn’t a huge fan of in the beginning really shined tonight. Dance crew Chapkidz also brought the energy. Yes, they might be the typical dance crew, but I think they have improved, and are one of the best dance groups to grace the AGT stage.

Other than that, I wasn’t necessarily wowed. Although, UniCircle Flow did make an improvement from past rounds. All of the past golden buzzers (Lea Kyle who I usually like, Victory Brinker, and Northwell Health Choir) felt a bit lackluster and low energy to me. And Simon buzzed 3 acts tonight (Kabir Singh, Rialcris, and Peter Antoniou).

Overall, tonight was a bit all over the place, so it’ll be interesting to see which five acts go through. Hopefully come tomorrow, Brooke Simpson is one of them.

Watch  Brooke Simpson close the show with Lost Cause

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