America’s Got Talent 2021 Recap: Semi-finals 2 Performances (Video)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- “Semi Finals 2” Episode 1617 -- Pictured: Josh Blue -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
Pictured: Josh Blue — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The America’s Got Talent 2021 Live Shows continued at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles with the SECOND and FINAL WEEK of Semi-finals. The acts performed live for America’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews.

The acts also performed for America’s Vote and a chance to win a $1 million prize. Additionally, the winner will perform at the AGT residency at the Luxor in Las Vegas this fall.

America’s Got Talent Semi-final 2 Power List: Contestants Ranked!

TO VOTE: Go to and/or via the “AGT” App (available through Google Play and on the App Store). Limit is 10 votes per act per email per each voting method. How to Vote Voting Faqs.

FIVE acts will join last week’s FIVE acts t0 advance to next week’s FINALE, set for September 14 & 15.

1achord – Singing group

In their video package, one of the singers shares that he has autism and Asperger’s syndrome. They mention again how they met earlier this year at their North Carolina college campus. This time, the group gospelizes The Police’s stalking anthem “Every Breath You Take” and it’s disconcerting. “I’LL BE WATCHING YOU EVERY SINGLE MOMENT PRAISE JESUS!” Yeah, kind of weird. I don’t love the song choice, but the singing and harmonies stand out.  Howie feels they brought more dynamics to the performance “you stepped it up.” Heidi screams “This was so amazing! I just love what you done with this song.” Has anybody listened to the lyrics? Sofia calls it spectacular. “You took it to church.” Simon thought the vocals were “insane.” He thinks the performance may have changed their life. Hm. I did not like the song choice or the arrangement.

Unicircle Flow – Unicycle dancer group

The group needed the judges save after a couple of mistakes in their act last time.  The girls practiced hard, because they definitely stepped up the difficulty without making mistakes. Heidi feels they showed versatility this time. Sofia loved the updated music and the new tricks. Simon thought the last routine was “quite boring” but this round “was so much better.” He thinks they have a chance at the final. Howie says, “You guys stepped it up.” He also sneaks in a “Happy Rosh Hashanah.”

Lea Kyle – Quick change magic – Heidi’s Golden Buzzer

Lea confesses that she was nervous last time. I think Lea may be the sole Golden Buzzer who doesn’t wind up in the final. The act is really cool, but it is the same every week. The tricks seem kind of transparent this week, and a little clunky. “You are the best quick change artist we’ve had an America’s Got Talent,” Heidi gushes.  She calls her a million dollar act. Sofia really liked it too. “Today was perfection.” Simon calls it “genuinely a million dollar performance.” He thinks she’ll be a huge hit in Vegas. Howie call the routine a show stopper. The production values were bigger than last time, but the tricks weren’t better.

Kabir Singh – Comic

He didn’t start a comedy career until age 22. He’s been struggling ever since. This time, Kabir tells self-deprecating jokes about dating. A few chuckles here and there, but I think Kabir is probably done after this week. Oh no. Simon buzzed him. He didn’t have to do that. Mean. “I think you needed that,” Simon explained afterward. “I think it made the act better.” Uhm. No. Fellow comic, Howie doesn’t agree. “It’s not encouraging.” He calls Kabir “likable.” Heidi thought it was funny. She thinks he’s adorable. Sophia “didn’t like it today.” She thought he was nervous. She calls his energy “weird.” Dang. He’s a nice guy, and funny when he’s on. I feel bad for him. He probably should have stuck to mom jokes.

Northwell Health Nurse Choir – Howie’s Golden Buzzer

The group of nurses have spent the last two years treating COVID patients. The idea of the choir is nice and uplifting. Other than that, I’ve got nothing. There are no standout singers to note. Highlighting a group like this on the show is a great idea. But I don’t understand advancing them round after round based merely on a sentimental back story. Howie thinks their talent can’t be separated from their story. Well, I disagree. Heidi compares them to professional singers. Sofia like that more solos were featured this time. Simon didn’t like it…he loved it. He needs to retire that line, it’s become so cliched. “You make me feel so good,” Simon adds.

Peter Antoniou – Mentalist

In his video package, Peter pretends that he’s had psychic abilities all of his life. He claims that he quit working at a photoshop because the psychic vibes drove him mad. SURE JAN. Weird. The act revolves around the judges pulling out photos, and Peter using “psychic” powers to describe them. But whatever he tried with Sofia went completely wrong.  Simon asks what happened with Sofia. Peter claims that psychic powers don’t always pan out. After that explanation, Simon buzzes him. My feeling exactly. Because the mistake came off as if e Sofia messed up her part. Note that Terry was able to describe Simon’s photo perfectly. Fishy.

Victory Brinker – Kid opera singer – Group Golden Buzzer

Last time, Simon claimed 9 year old Victory would be “one of the biggest stars to emerge from these shows.” Ah yes. AGT opera singers will never get away with skipping a performance of Nessun Dorma. Victory is a little kid who needs a ton more training before she becomes an impressive opera singer. Simon says Victory “conquered” the song. He calls her fearless. Heidi calls her a “star in the making” and asks her to “drop the mic.” And she does. Sofia thinks Victory gave the song her own twist. Howie can’t believe the power that comes out of her lungs. He thinks she could win it all.

Chapkidz – Kid dance crew

This week’s performance isn’t as busy as some of their earlier routines. When a million things are happening on stage, the act loses me. For the first time, I can concentrate on the group’s precision and impressive synchronized moves. Heidi thinks they danced their way into the finals. Simon calls their performance the best of the night. He admires their work commitment. “So talented, so amazing, you work so hard. I absolutely love you.” Sofia loved the music. She wanted to dance with them. “Better than last time.” Howie thinks they are going to the finals.

Rialcris – Hand Balancers

The Colombian brothers promise to bring something completely new tonight. All I have to say: INSANE CORE STRENGTH. Are those guitar players in the corner fake? There goes Simon with the buzzer again. I mean. The act is fine, it’s just not a major departure from before. Sofia insists Simon knows nothing about hand balancing. She compliments the act, calling them dangerous and contemporary. “I thought it was amazing.” Simon liked the staging, but he thinks the act is the same every week. He has a point, but what they do is still a cut above typical hand balancing. Heidi thinks Simon is grumpy. Howie also thinks Simon is wrong. “Strength, trust and danger.” He jokes “I don’t know another three people who make STDs work for them like they do.” OK then.

Oh dang. Brooke Simpson gets the pimp spot!

Josh Blue – Comic

Aw. He talks about raising kids, despite his Cerebral Palsy. Josh has proudly raised his young son and daughter to be wise guys, just like dad. The daughter jokes, “I may actually vote for somebody else if he isn’t that good.” Josh talks jokes about the Paralympics, which he competed in years ago. Nobody watches. Which is true! At the end of his amusing routine, he says to Simon, “So naughty, huh Simon.” Did Josh take a little swipe at Simon? Sofia is condescending right off the bat, basically saying how he lives his best life, despite his disability. “I think we’ll be seeing you next week.” Howie says, “This is the year of Josh Blue.” He compliments Josh for being in the moment. Really, only Howie isn’t handing Josh a participation award tonight. 

Brooke Simpson – Singer

She’s been waiting for years to show the world who she really is! Or, at least since she came in 3rd on The Voice a few years ago. Heh. She wants to be the first indigenous pop star. This time she sings Ed Sheeran’s VERY VERY current hit “Bad Habits.” I really like that Brooke ditched the diva route. She could sing Whitney Houston hits all night and all day. But she’s making these current songs her own, proving she could be a radio star. Her song choices on AGT are better than what she sang on The Voice. That was flawless! Simon thought her start was shaky, but the second half was great. He thinks she deserves to be in the final. Sofia calls her a “pro.” Heidi loves her too. “You shine so bright. Stellar performance.” Howie thinks she ended with a bang. And as an indigenous person, she took America back. Or something.


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