America’s Got Talent 2020 Auditions 7 Recap and Live Blog (Video)

America’s Got Talent auditions conclude on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and new judge, Sofia Vergara. Heidi Klum is out sick with a mysterious illness. Terry Crews hosts. 

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At episode 7, the acts are performing for the judges in an empty auditorium due to coronavirus concerns. 

Alex Hooper – Comedian – Alex describes himself as a stand-up comedian, actor and professional roaster.  He’s also a returnee. On season 13, he did an insult bit on the judges panel. Only Simon got the joke. So now he’s back to redeem himself. “Those 7 minutes changed me as a person. I hurt people.” Ha. Gotta be a setup for more of the same. “I’m here to apologize,” Alex confesses, before promptly launching into more insult comedy. “These are just jokes!” Alex says to Howie. “Remember when you were a comedian?” To Simon: “How are you a vegan and that’s the least annoying thing about you?” That is kinda funny. This time, however, he gets a standing ovation. “I don’t know why I like you,” says Simon. “You’re such a d***” Adding, “Keep insulting us, we love it.” The empty studio helped apparently. Howie explains that last time, the audience turned on Alex so fast, that the judges got caught up in it. Hm. It felt like a planned bit back then, and it feels like one now. – 3 yeses 

Lightwave Theatre Company – Puppeteers – Romanian company specializes in human size puppet shows for adults. They received a Golden Buzzer on Romania’s Got Talent. See preview above! The tech involves lifesize puppets, using light as a backdrop. The story is typical AGT–lots of schmaltz. The emotional, pull-at-the-heartstrings story involves a girl and her dog. He’s hit by a car? Or not! In any case, it all ends happily. The puppets are cool, but the storytelling is pedestrian. But then, Simon loves his doggos. The troop chose their storyline wisely. “It was beautifully done,” says Simon. Sofia calls it “very special…the dog was fantastic.” Howie calls it “unique.” 3 yeses

Kameron Ross – Singer – Dallas singer performs country music. His backstory: He’s attempting a career in country music as an openly gay man. See preview above. He quit music for awhile after having trouble surviving in East Texas as an out country music singer. He performs “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn. Kameron has a pleasant country sound, if a bit generic. Simon stops him and asks for an a’cappella performance. The stripped down version is more personal and emotional. Howie calls his voice “amazing…I’m a fan of yours.” Sofia got goosebumps. Simon thinks he’s memorable. He suggests Kameron find a song that he can make his own. He also asks him to stop calling him “sir.” He says, “I think we’re friends now!” – 3 yeses

John Sevier Austin – Backwards performer – I’m not sure what else to call it! John’s Asperger Syndrome has given him the unique ability to talk and sing backward. He sings “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” in reverse. It’s a nice party trick, I guess. Howie and Sofia love it. Simon attempts to say “crap” backwards, and gets it wrong. Howie and Sofia say yes. Simon says no.

Chicken Scratch Sam – Comedian – He dresses in a chicken suit while telling stupid jokes. He’s quickly buzzed off the stage by Simon, while Howie laughs his head off. He calls it funny, silly and brilliant. Howie and Sofia say yes. Simon says no.

The Ninja Twins – Youtube Stars – This gaytastic duo post comedy videos on youtube and appeared as a joke contestant on SYTYCD in 2014. They were both too old to compete at the time! They also appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.  At 40 years old, these two are running out of time to be viral stars. Sads. They explain that they started as professional dancers then “we got old.” After, they slid into styling. But they missed show business. The act consists of bad singing and dancing. JOKE ACT. Simon buzzes pretty fast, while Howie is on his feet. Simon thinks they are hilarious, but terrible. “I loved you,” says Howie. Sofia was entertained. Howie and Sofia say yes. Simon says no.

John Hastings – Comedian – He’s played comedy festivals all over the world, and also appeared on Comedy Central and the BBC. He was raised by a single mother and also born premature. Without an audience, John calls it the weirdest gig ever. He’s telling old age jokes at 34. Eep. The crew seems to be enjoying these jokes. After the routine, Howie jumps to his feet. “It’s not a golden buzzer, but that’s pretty close!” says John. Sofia forgot she was here as a judge, she enjoyed it so much. “You were very funny!” says Simon – 3 yeses

Jefferson Davis High Band – Marching Band – A video of the Montgomery, Alabama group performing went viral because it’s an all black team led by a funky white guy. The group’s faculty leader introduces the band. Oh, So the white guy, who has gotten so much attention is a bit player here. You’d never know that he actually leads the drum line.  Probably smart to give the entire group equal time. When the initial video went viral, some black folks didn’t like the dynamic. The angle here is how a group of disadvantaged students use high school band to make their lives better. Read more about the group here:  USA Today Sofia really enjoyed it. Howie loves the dance moves. 3 yeses

Siena Uremovic – Contemporary dancer – 17 year old has won dance competitions in her native Australia. The young performer also has appeared on local tv shows down under. She has over 45K followers on Instagram. She explains to the panel that she only finished choreographing her routine when she arrived from Australia that morning, She combines dance with acrobatics, and a blindfold. The judges love it. Me, I’m spoiled by the dance shows. That was just average – 3 yeses

Voce Nova – Singers – Classically trained singers Natalia Tsvi and Gilad Paz sing Top 40 and rock hits. Currently, they both have day jobs. They start off singing trad opera before ripping off their clothes to sing a disco version of the same song. Corny as heck. Simon buzzes them fast. The camera’s keep panning to the empty audience. To make a  point I guess? Yes, they suck. Simon sees no market for it whatsoever, calling it “incredibly dated.” 3 nos

Sheldon Riley – Singer – He competed on The Voice Australia twice. The first time, in 2018, he finished in third place on Team Boy George. The second time, in 2019, he came back as an all-star wearing a beaded mask, which he also dons for his AGT audition. Sheldon covers Billie Eilish’s “I Don’t Want to Be You” with an interesting tone and tasteful theatrics. “I’ve always shied away from big things,” says Sheldon, pretending that he’s never been on a big stage before. Hm. Howie calls his voice amazing. Howie and Simon love the mystery. 3 yeses

That’s it for the studio auditions. Online auditions with Heidi Klum are next. Terry explains the circumstances. The coronavirus shutdown production! Simon says goodbye to the crew, for now.

These online auditions have already been uploaded to Youtube. We covered all of them! Simon and Heidi wear colorful pyjamas.

Chris & Sid – Dog Act – The duo are beaming in from their truck. Simon confuses the two asking “Sid” what they do for a living. Heh. Chris is a graphic designer. The act is: Chris sings a country song, Sid howls along. That’s the act. AND THAT PUPPER IS A VERY GOOD BOY. Give him all the treats! Simon calls it “brilliant.” He and dog Squiddly loved it. Heidi is sure America will love it. – 4 yeses

Jonathan Goodwin – Danger act – He catches arrows… – 4 yeses

Tommy Sox – He’s a geriatric dancer, which the judges get a kick out of – 4 yeses.

Dancetown – Young dancers – 4 yeses

Puppy Pals – Dog act – An 8 year old girl, Alexis, performs tricks in the backyard with her dogs. Mom is on hand to help with the props. MORE GOOD DOGGOS. Simon calls her a brilliant little dog trainer. Howie calls her Alexis Exotic, the Puppy Queen. 4 yeses

Max Major – Mentalist – He’s in Las Vegas right now. He does a mind control bit “through the screen.” He works with Sofia and a deck of cards. Max flips the same card that Sofia did. The judges are impressed. Simon compliments his presentation. – 4 yeses

Hurd Family – They dance in a fun way, The whole bit is very Tik Tok, where I’m sure they have a presence.  – 4 yeses

Bello and Annaliese Nock – The father and daughter danger act are back for like…the third time? Bello has become an AGT regular. They do an act outdoor, but viewers only get a fleeting glance. Simon wants to see them on a big stage.

Erin McCarthy – This act has a twist ending. She explains that she used to be an opera singer, and wants a second chance. The camera pulls back…and she’s on a horse. The judges can’t stifle their laughs. It’s no surprise the auditions end with a caterwauling opera singer on a horse. Simon says no, the rest say yes

It’s time for an auditions recap! And next Tuesday, it’s a Best of CLIP SHOW. The one week only Judge Cuts air July 28. The August 4 show is a 15 anniversary show. And the LIVE shows begin on August 11. 


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