World of Dance 4 The Duels 2 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEO)

Hey Everyone!

After a week off for the holiday, World of Dance is back tonight as the duels continue. Two weeks ago, the upper division duels began and three acts moved forward while three others were eliminated. However, the losing acts still have a chance at redemption as guest judge Twitch will pick (2) to compete again and earn a pass to the next round. The losing contestants will be joined by those who fail to win their respective duels tonight.

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough will once again pair up the acts and decide on a winner. And remember, the dancers have no idea who they are competing against until the moment the duel begins. Tonight will conclude the upper division round, so let’s see who else will continue to dance their way to a possible one million dollar cash prize!

Jake & Chau Vs. Josh & Erica – Ne-Yo notes they were paired together due to the chemistry of the pairs. Josh & Erica are a couple, while Jake & Chau are best friends. Derek wanted more out of Josh & Erica. Jennifer wants to see who’s chemistry causes the biggest reaction with the audience. Jake wants to show a different side. Erica is nervous because she finally made it past the qualifiers. They (she and Josh) will be using a prop strap in their routine.

Jake & Chau – WOW. That was one really athletically pleasing piece. Damn. At times, they almost looked like professional wrestlers doing flips with one another. Very difficult movement. My only gripe is that it a whole lot of style over substance. I’m not entirely sure that told a story of any kind nor had a real flow that seemed like a complete dance. It was a show of strength and talent, which is amazing, but they left a lot of room for their opponents.

Derek calls it an incredible job and innovative. He loved the 180 lift. He says it was like straight out of Mexican wrestling. STOP COPYING ME DEREK. Twitch wants to see more side by side. Jennifer agrees. She loved how they pushed the boundaries. Ne-Yo saw a bit of off-timing issues and he says that the margin of error is there and he is judging.

Josh & Erica – Interesting. Very interesting. It wasn’t as impressive as the first act but I appreciate the attention to detail- especially how much control was needed to use the prop and make it work within the dance. I actually think these two told a better story from start to finish in that the dance may not have been as jaw dropping as the other but it was so well done on a cohesive level that I would give them the victory.

Ne-Yo uses the word interesting. He still feels that Josh hits the moves stronger than Erica. Derek disagrees completely. He feels it was innovative with the prop. He feels it was executed amazingly. Jennifer calls it a risky routine. She says that when you are using a prop, it puts you a tiny bit in your head because you can’t do as much as you would normally do. Twitch says these are two very different pieces of art.

Derek picks Josh & Erica
Jennifer pics Jake & Chau
Ne-Yo picks Jake & Chau

Josh & Erica still have a shot at redemption should Twitch pick them later on.

Oxygen Vs. Geometrie Variable – They are paired because they do unique lines, tutting, angles, etc.. Oxygen got all positive feedback so they know they need to step it up. Geometrie makes you engaged to watch them but Ne-Yo wanted to see how much more they could do. They know they need to do more as well. Geometrie notes that they are street dancers so they know how to battle.

Geometrie Variable – Very clever. So very interesting. I remember their qualifying performance well and they exceeded it here. It was more of the same but with more of a story this time and even more intricate shapes. They added some humor as well in parts. A definite feast for one’s eyes. I really love that we don’t ever see anything like this on a show like WOD and originality goes a hell of a long way. Good job.

Twitch says it looked like just what the music sounded like. Ne-Yo notes the “chinography.” He has no critiques at all. Jennifer wondered if they can do new things and they did. She calls it surprising and exciting. Derek calls it surgical.

Oxygen – Dang. Now that was…pretty damn awesome. It was so together, which just made the moves look even more visually stunning. I loved the funky groove- such a different atmosphere than their qualifying dance. The outfits added because the colors stuck out like a rainbow and made it really pretty to watch. I felt like getting up and joining. But this is hard. These two routines couldn’t be further from one another in tone so it may just come down to opinion because both were dynamite. I would not want to have to make this decision to be honest.

Ne-Yo missed the move they did in the qualifiers. He missed that because he felt that was their identity. Jennifer agrees. She said it was fun but it has to be pushing the boundaries. Derek feels like they took out their special sauce. He feels the first performance was better. Twitch thought it was dope. He feels like they look like a funky bag of candy. LOL.

Jennifer picks Geometrie Variable
Derek picks Geometrie Variable
Ne-Yo picks Geometrie Variable

Twitch could still pick Oxygen for redemption.

The upper duels are over. Twitch has a tough choice now. From two weeks ago and tonight, he has to pick two acts to compete again.

We see a montage of the eliminated acts. Twitch officially picks Styles & Emma and Oxygen.

The judges have their own ideas as to who they want to come back. Twitch explains to them his choices. He wants them all to go crazy hard and take nothing for granted. This should be good.

Styles & Emma – STANDING O- from me. Brilliant. Just beautiful. Absolutely effortless (but you know it takes crazy effort) ballet contemporary dancing. Much stronger than their initial duel performance. Exuding sensuality, chemistry, and fluidity. So, so, soooo good. Tonight has proven in quite a few of these duels that dancers are without question, amazing athletes.

Oxygen – Oh man. OKAY. THIS IS BRUTAL. That was fantastic. The hands …. those hands… the shapes and pictures created with just WHAT? The entire routine was like a parade of amazing moments one after the other. They topped their initial duel performance (by a huge margin) and just gave Styles & Emma a major run for their money. UGH. LOSING ANY OF THEE TWO is gonna hurt. This was such a splendid display of talent and artistry.

Jennifer said it was one of, if not the most precise routine she has seen in four seasons. Jennifer doesn’t want them to come out and play- they should come out and do a routine like that the first time. Derek is infuriated that we have to lose one of them. Twitch says it has to be like that every single time. Jennifer says take no moment for granted.

The judges are “debating” the decision. Faux-debating if you will. LOL. Time for a decision…

The winner of the redemption duel was unanimous and it is… OXYGEN.

Damn. Sucks to lose Styles & Emma and especially knowing redemption is over for the upper division.

Next week- the juniors are up as the duels continue. I’ll see y’all then and thanks for watching with me tonight. :)