America’s Got Talent 2020 Auditions 5 Recap and Live Blog (Video)

America’s Got Talent auditions continue on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and new judge, Sofia Vergara. Heidi Klum is out sick with a mysterious illness. Sofia’s Modern Family pal, Eric Stonestreet sits in for her.. Terry Crews hosts. 

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Eric Stonestreet has not yet arrived. 

Annie Jones – Singer – 12 year old Australian singer starred in productions of School of Rock and Annie. She’s been singing for about 5 years, she says. Unlike some of the kid singers who show up here, vocally, she actually sounds like a young kid. Although she has done stage work, she seems very geen up there. It’s like she stepped out of a middle school talent show, or a small town pageant. However, Sofia loved it, “I thought you were so confident,” she says. Howie calls her a beautiful little dance monkey, making a reference to the Tones and I song she covers. Simon loved her twist on the song. He calls her confidence “amazing.” 3 yeses. 

Aw. Heidi Klum calls Howie from her sick bed. Literally. She looks so sad!

Ty Barnett – Comedian – Chicago native first appeared on the TV show Star Search in 2003, making it to the semifinals. He also finished Last Comic Standing in 2006 in second place. He has been doing comedy for 18 years. According to the Google, Ty was a busy performer in the aughts, but not so much in the last 10 years. He jokes about being an old dude 42 year old. Jokes about how gallant he is with the ladies…or not. Hm. The routine improves as it goes. The jokes about rooting against kids in scary movies was pretty good. Simon liked that joke too. Heh. 3 yeses

Next, a dude is on stage doing stupid human tricks with clicking fingers. The judges buzz him pretty quick.

Shaquira McGrath – Singer – Up until now, she’s been too afraid to show her stuff. And it’s true! She’s an actual newbie, currently working as a server in Georgia. Researching her online, I could barely find any references, other than her LinkedIn profile that lists her bartending job. Insecurities have kept her from putting herself out there, she confesses. Simon says “people who judge people are idiots.” O rly? says Howie,, before Simon clarified. Surprisingly, she belts out a country song, “Redneck Woman.” This is refreshing. For an amature she’s really good. The crowd is definitely on her side. She’s crying. Aw. “You have a great great voice,” says Simon. Her dream came true, she says. Simon loves her personality too, “This is just the beginning for you,” he says. 3 yeses

Terry is introducing the judges again. That means Eric Stonestreet is here! Sofia claims that she solved the problem of the missing judge by bringing along of her friends. “My new family and old family together,” she says.

Xtreme Dance Force – Dance troupe – Ranging from ages 4 to 19, the group performs and competes in all dance styles throughout the Chicago area. I wonder why they didn’t do World of Dance? They competed in a WOD competition in Chicago recently. In any case, they are generally more professional than most AGT dance groups. Sofia thinks they looked amazing. Howie calls it sloppy. Oh noes. Simon disagrees with Howie “I really like you guys.” Eric loves their ambition, but he calls the performance was disjointed. Making mistakes–maybe they auditioned for World of Dance, but didn’t make the cut.  They leave the tie breaker to Eric. No way he says no. And, indeed, he says, “I will not squash a dream.” 3 yeses Howie says no

Chef Boy Bonez – Rapper – He lost his first rap battle. After rehearsing for a year, he eventually beat the guy. Still, he hasn’t been able to get signed. Uh. He starts off with a mediocre rap before he literally springs a stupid human trick. JOKE ACT DEAD AHEAD. His talent REALLY is the ability to pop his eyeballs out of his head at will. Which he does along with the lyrics about popping eyeballs, or something. It’s so gross, I can barely concentrate. Sofia buzzes him and then runs away. “I think there’s a market for you,” says Simon. What? Howie is all for him too. Sofia is a STRONG NO. “Eric don’t betray me!” cries Sofia. But betray he will, Sofia, because he can’t say no.  – 3 yeses Sofia says no.

Winston – Magician – Venezuelan card magician is an international champion. He won 1st prize at the Masters of Magic convention in 2019. He was shy growing up. Magic gave him confidence. But he’s scared of the judges! He works with cards that appear out of nowhere. He frames the routine like a horror movie. The cards keep coming forth, from…somewhere. And it’s really scary! So. Many. Cards. His sleight of hand is very good, but the creative and DRAMATIC storytelling makes it even better. That got a standing ovation. Sofia calls it “incredible.” Oh. Venezuela vs Colombia happening here. Howie loved his dramatic presentation. Eric thinks he will do well. “You’re born to do this,” says Simon. He calls him a pure showman. “I can see you headlining a show in Vegas.” 4 yeses

Lewis Shilvock – Dancer – 18 year old Australian dancer. He moved away from his family at 14 to study professional dance. He performs to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. He rips off black pants to reveal gold lame. This is VERY Peter Allen, an Australian entertainer who died of AIDS in 1992. See: The Boy from Oz. It’s an energetic performance with hip thrusts and plenty of tumbling. If this were WOD or SYTYCD, the judges would advise him to calm down. Sofia loved when he took his pants off (!!!). Howie calls it “Broadway.” Eric says it’s Broadway, but a lot more. Simon admired his tenacity and compares him to Billy Elliot. Simon is on the fence, but says yes. 3 yeses, Howie says no.

Bone Breakers – Contortionists – This group of contortionists from from Conakry, Guinea in West Africa, performs with the Universal Soul Circus. They live in Atlanta. They want to inspire the youth! The quartet bend themselves into all sorts of impossible shapes. That name isn’t a joke. It’s hard to watch! DANGEROUS STUNT DO NOT ATTEMPT flashes on the screen. “We weren’t expecting that!” says Simon. Howie calls it “amazing.” Eric declares, “My jaw was on this table.” Sofia calls it super entertaining.” Simon says their likability factor is a ten. 4 yeses

Jesse Kramer – Rock singer – Jesse was eliminated in week 5 of the FOX competition The Four season 2. Jesse thinks AGT is a great spot to showcase his talent. Back on The Four, he described leaving home because his super-religious parents didn’t approve of rock music. He’s doing a rock version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” It’s a pretty good cover. But Jesse’s problem is that he’s dated–about 20 years too late. SAD TROMBONE. Simon “really really enjoyed the audition.” Sofia wondered why he chose the song. Jesse wanted to take a risk by rocking up a current pop song.  Unfortunately, the presentation wasn’t current at all. Howie was bored. Eric wants to hear him sing a rock n roll song. Howie says yes, despite the song choice. – 4 yeses

Serban Cioca – Singer – He’s from Romania. If Serban wins the show, he promises to take Simon to Goodwill to buy him some colorful t shirts. He announces that he’ll be singing an original song. And….he’s a joke contestant. Or fancies himself a comic who sings. In anycase, he’s no bueno.  The song is called “Conga Bonga” which is really all you need to know. The audience is screaming for an X. Everybody x’s except…Eric of course. Serban promises Sofia he’ll sing in Spanish. “It’s one of my favorite things I’ve seen,” Eric says, who reluctantly says no. 4 nos

Josefina Monasterio – Bodybuilder – She was raised by her grandmother in Venezuela. After raising her daughters, she pursued bodybuilding. But the audience doesn’t know that yet until she takes the stage. She’s 73 years old! She does a bunch of bodybuilding poses with finger guns. She better do something soon, or she’ll get buzzed. A greased up Terry Crews joins her on stage. Now they both pose. It’s cool she’s a senior citizen who has managed to stay unbelievably fit. But that act is a nothing burger. Eric thinks she inspired people. 4 nos  Terry is really mad. Simon tells her to come back, but with an act. Seriously. SHE HAD NO ACT.

Alan Silva – Acrobat, silks – Alan is the brother of former AGT act Deadly Games’ Alfredo and comes from the 6th generation of a traditional circus family. He’s performed in Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity. He’s a little person. Growing up, people told him to be a clown, because of his size. Also, he was bullied as a kid. His wife and kids are backstage to watch. The kids are adorable, and obviously love their papa. He’s tiny, but also strong and athletic. Alan literally flies through the air on his silks. It’s also very dangerous, which Simon loves. The crowd goes crazy. His son and daughter come out to give him a big hug. Howie calls him thrilling and graceful. Alan made the hair on the back of Eric’s neck stand up. “I thought that was a performance of a giant,” says Sofia. Simon calls him a “natural performer” and “the best act we’ve seen all day long.” 4 yeses.


Next week NO AUDIENCE!


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