America’s Got Talent 2019 Recap Week 5 Auditions, Performance Videos

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Auditions 5" Episode 1405 -- Pictured: Ben Trigger -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Tonight more acts perform for America’s Got Talent 2019 Season 14 Auditions 5 episode on NBC. New judges Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union join veterans Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel on the panel. Terry Crews from the Champion’s edition is the new host. We’re live blogging all the performances with video here.

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America’s Got Talent 2019 Spoilers: Meet the Auditions 5 Acts (PHOTOS)

Nick & Lindsay – Operatic Knife Throwers – The married couple are an opera singer and violinist respectively. But it was hard to make a living performing classical music. As they begin performing together…I smell a set up! Yup. They’re actually a knife act. He continues to sing as he steps in front of a large wooden board. She tosses knives at him–first with her hands, then with her feet. This act is mildly amusing, I suppose. The climax is throwing a flaming knife while blindfolded.  “For every wife who wants to throw sharp things at her husband, I thank you,” says Gabrielle Julianne notes a crazy look in her eye before she began tossing knives. “I get it,” she says, “this is why he fell in love with you.” When Simon criticizes his singing and says no to the act, Nick’s feelings seem really hurt. Simon asks Lindsay to throw a knife at him with her feet. “This will turn into a yes if you don’t kill me.” Good lord, she missed him by a mile. Her admittedly self-taught knife throwing skills are suspect – 4 yeses

Izzy and Easton – Contemporary kid dance duo – 11 year old Izzy Howard and 14 year old Easton Magliarditi hail from Las Vegas, Nevada. Izzy and Easton perform a touching routine. In the video package prior to the duo’s performance, Izzy reveals that the in the dance, Easton will play a soldier who is called off to war. Izzy is his little sister who does not want him to leave. They’ve been dancing together for 5 years. When Simon says to Julianne, of all people, that he can’t believe anyone likes contemporary dance. she is incredulous. Wow. These two are very skilled for their ages. Also, their ability to convey emotion is impressive. It helps that the theme is relatable to a kid. Simon starts the standing ovation. Gabrielle calls it “Masterful…powerful.” Howie appreciated their intensity. Julieanne says “You absolutely crushed it. We have a lot to learn from you two.” Simon calls them both “fantastic.”  – 4 yeses

Lamont Landers – Singer – Soul singer Lamon Landers hails from Alabama and previously appeared on FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo. He turned to music after his parents divorced and has been gigging non-stop for the past few years. Music is his full-time gig. He sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” with a sweet, soulful tenor. Simon calls the song safe, and “guesses” correctly that he plays with a band. “You don’t take risks,” Simon declares calling his selection “a wedding song.” Oh boy. This “come back later with another song” is so overplayed, on both AGT and X Factor. However, this particular scenario features a new twist. Lamont resists, saying that he’d rather play another song right that minute. Ha ha. He knows b******* when he sees it. Lamont admits to Terry that he’s tempted just to walk. “He’s really getting on my nerves,” says Simon, before the show cuts to a commercial.

After the break, we see Lamont backstage with a music producer freaking out, wishing he had more time to prepare. Finally, he’s back in front of the panel, looking rather sullen. Simon admits that he likes his voice, even though they didn’t “get on at first.” Lamont starts singing his new song, but Simon immediately stops him, suggesting that he shake it out and sing slower. Lamont stops to tune his guitar. Will he be able to get through the performance? He sings Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.” The first song was pretty good. But this performance has more edge and emotional resonance. The panel gives him a standing ovation. Julieanne compares him to an egg that they’re cracking open slowly. Lamont says he’s humbled and loves a challenge. Howie felt he stepped it up “10 levels.” Gabrielle says he “blew us all away.” Simon thinks he has a “fear of failure” and that the “door just opened for you a little.” Lamont, still looking a little dazed, apologizes to the audience. – 4 yeses

Death – Comedian – So the shtick is that death has decided to take human form and perform stand up comedy. He “currently rents a 1 bedroom apartment in Burbank.” How fast before Simon hits his buzzer? Almost immediately after the corny, punny death themed jokes commence. Eventually, all four judges buzz him. “He died on stage,” quips Terry. “You’re probably going to like this…but I hate you,” says Simon. Death leaves with the panel on his grim reaper list. Dumb. – IT’S A NO FROM ME.

Ndlovu Youth Choir – The group formed in 2009 in the rural village of Moutse, Limpopo South Africa. The kids in the group grew up in poverty. It’s challenging. Many of the kids’ parents have passed away. One of the members shares that after his parent passed, he became responsible for raising his younger siblings. Another says the choir helped her “find her voice.” They perform a song titled “Our African Dream.” The group is pretty talented, well put together and very well rehearsed. Simon looks in love! Gabrielle says, “This whole place was rooting for you, and you did not disappoint.” Julianne felt their authenticity and joy, “You transported us,” she says. Howie says, “I love the color and I love the sound.” Simon says he’s been waiting for a choir like them, “This was a great audition.” – 4 yeses. 

Phobia VR – Virtual Reality act – This psychologist duo from Rome, Italy helps people get over their fears using virtual reality. Howie, being the neurosis-plagued judge on the panel, is obviously the perfect subject. One of Howie’s phobias is a fear of heights, so the doctors place him in a “virtual” Grand Canyon which he must cross in order to save somebody. We see what Howie sees through his glasses, and I feel motion sickness already. The worst for Howie the germaphobe: Having to touch the “virtual” guy’s hand to save him. Howie admits he was terrified, while the experience was “enveloping” at the same time. As a supporter of mental health, he’s impressed. Gabrielle was on the edge of her seat. Julianne calls it “so much fun.” Simon thought it was cool, and entertaining. “It was even better seeing Howie look silly.” – 4 yeses

Emmane Beasha – Tween singer – Ten year old Emanne Beasha lives in Florida with her parents. Not mentioned in her video package: She was born in Jordan and won Arabs Got Talent season 5. Probably better to downplay her Arab heritage, especially if she makes it to the live shows. She’s a kid opera singer like AGT alum, Jackie Evancho, who was around the same age when she auditioned. Emmane auditions singing Nessun Dorma, the go to song for seemingly every opera singer on these shows. She doesn’t sound as weirdly adult as Jackie did–her voice is still very youthful. She’ll be better in a few years. “How does that voice come out of that little body,” says Julianne. Simon calls her “absolutely fantastic.” Her grandmother was an opera fan, that’s how she got into it. Gabrielle calls her a star. Julianne was “mesmerized, captivated.” She compliments her confidence. “Don’t lose that,” she says. – 4 yeses 

Lukas & Falco – Dog act – 22 year old Lukas Pratschker and his 9 year old dog Falco are based in Vienna. They’ve been together since Lukas was a kid. He was afraid of dogs. So his dad went ahead and…got a dog. But once Falco joined the household, Lukas was won over and started training him. They do a cowboy themed routine, involving a lasso, to “Footloose.” . The pupper is a adorable. And so youthful for a 9 year old! The tricks aren’t that impressive, but the two are kind of adorable together. Gabrielle has 5 dogs at home! Howie loved it. Julianne calls it “energetic.” The dog takes a victory lap around the stage. So cute. Simon notes the dog’s great personality. – 4 yeses.

Verba Shadow – This Ukrainian dance troupe meshes movement, special effects and silhouette. They met 9 years ago in university. The group leader fell in love with a fellow member, got engaged and they eventually married. Their love story inspired tonight’s performance. which is about a couple torn apart by war. It’s both tragic and touching, as these shadow acts usually are. Tears! Gabrielle calls the performance “achingly beautiful and haunting.” Julianne declares it an “absolute treat.” Howie finds it beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Simon calls it “seamless.” – 4 yeses

Ben Trigger – According to his bio, Ben has been in the “musical theatre and dance world both professionally and in amateur productions for over 12 years.” So he was bullied as a kid. Even his teachers didn’t take him seriously. After an injury he couldn’t dance anymore and has been working a dead end job for the last 7 years. His Broadway dreams were dashed! But, he says, “I always knew I was born to dance.”  It’s quickly apparent the guy isn’t serious. That’s even before he strips down to pasties and a leotard and twirls them in Simon’s face.  Good lawd, is a joke act going to get the golden buzzer? Oh. After he lies prostrate across the table, he triggers the golden buzzer himself. He finishes as the confetti falls. “You have some serious moves,” says Julianne, It’s Howie’s favorite golden buzzer moment. Simon calls him “hilarious.” Just in case you were confused, it was a fake out–Ben did NOT actually receive Julianne’s golden buzzer.  – 4 yeses

NEXT WEEK IS A CLIP SHOW. So…no live blog on July 2. However, The sixth and final audition is set for July 9, when Julieanne actually WILL choose her Golden Buzzer act. See you then!

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