America’s Got Talent 2017 Semifinal 2 Recap, Live Blog and Videos

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Live Show 5" Episode: 1221 -- Pictured: Diavolo -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent LIVE Semifinals part 2 air tonight. Eleven performers will take the stage live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood as judging is turned over to fans. Featuring creator and executive producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel on the judges panel, and host, Tyra Banks.

Performing tonight: Diavolo, Mandy Harvey, Colin Cloud, In the Stairwell, Pompeyo Family, Kechi, Merrick Hannah, Angelica Hale, Light Balance, Celine Tam, and Christian Guardino.

Tomorrow, only FIVE acts advance to the final. Click over to for ALL your voting details.

NOTE: America’s Got Talent begins at 9 PM tonight, right after the Harvey/Irma telethon, Hand in Hand.

Tyra…continues to be super annoying. I hope she doesn’t return as host next summer. 

Celine Tam – Kid Singer – In her video package, Celine dreams of the celebrity life for herself and her family.  She sings the Disney tune “How Far I’ll Go” which is the most appropriate of all her song choices so far. She performs in her clear pageanty soprano. Maybe a Disney or Nickelodeon deal is in her future. Before his critique, Simon shouts out a plug for  the hurricane telethon that aired earlier. He thinks Celine’s performance was a “massive step up” from last time. Mel thought the song was too musical theater. She wanted more. Simon is booing her. Heidi calls her a shining bright star. Howie thinks she’s adorable, “I hope all your dreams come true,” he says. Celine’s big dream? She wants to meet Celine Dion. If she makes the final, ya’ll know that’s going to happen.

Colin Cloud – Mentalist – Colin is back with his Sherlock schtick. Once again, his video package borrow’s liberally from the British TV series. If only Benedict Cumberbatch were here. He guesses Howie’s cell number? Or something. He does a trick with some tweets that he hands out to the audience. I’m not even sure what happened there. Nevertheless, this week, the judges are blown away, Heidi calls him a sneaky little bugger. Simon calls the act a “massive step up.” The phrase of the night? He liked it better than being murdered last week.  The judges BEG America to vote.

Christian Guardino – Singer – Christian was rescued by the Dunkin Save last time. He was so freaked out during the results, that it affected his already poor eyesight. This poor child.  He was blind until cured by surgery at age 13. He sings a ballady version of “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. His voice is sturdy, but his timing and pitch are off. It’s hard to pull off a soulful performance without good timing. He’s got the chops, but no rhythm. He’s Howie’s Golden Buzzer. “You should be here,” he says, “You’re beautiful inside and out.” Mel B says, “That is how you kill it on AGT…you just laid it all out.” Heidi loved the song choice. “I love you so much…I’d love to see you at the finals.” Simon calls him “One of the sweetest, nicest kids…fantastic.”

In the Stairwell – Military A Capella Group –  In their video package, the men explain their reasons for joining the airforce. Freedom, service etc etc etc. They perform a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” which they dedicate to service people all over the world. Eh. The lead singers aren’t impressive at all. Nothing special going on here. It’s surprising they got this far, except that Simon loves this group. Tonight should be it for them. Mel B is crying? WTF? “You really touch me,” she says. “You deserve to be here.” Once again, she declares love for their cheesy choreography. Simon finds their act “charming.” He adds, “I think we’re going to see you in the finals.” Howie, who hasn’t loved them in the past, loves them now. Heidi is the only one with faint praise. She says they did the best they could and should be proud.

Merrick Hannah – Kid Robot – He didn’t talk until he was 3 and had no friends on the playground. His life changed when he discovered toy robots. It helped him to come out of his shell. And then he began mimicking their moves. This time, he flies around stage like Peter Pan and dances with a life-size robot. Hm. I don’t know if this is enough to get him into the finals. He should have performed a more intimate routine. Heidi felt he commanded the stage, along with raising the bar. Simon didn’t like the robot. But he’s a fun guy! He hopes his unique act will be in the finals. Howie hopes America votes. Hey guys. Not every act can move on. Why ask America to vote for each and every act?

Mandy Harvey – Singer – She lost her hearing as a teen…but can still sing! Her video package is completely silent, with subtitles, until her voice over begins. She in a place where she realizes that her life doesn’t need sound. This time, she signs along with a theatrical performance of an original song titled “Release Me.” That was a very deeply felt performance. And signing her performance was a very smart choice at this point in the competition. Her perfect intonation is always astounding. Really impressive. Simon calls her “breathtaking.” He compares her to Adele. “I think you’ll be a star.” Howie says, “You transcend hearing…you make music more powerful than it is.” Mel B calls the performance powerful. Heidi loved the song choice and calls it the best performance yet.

Pompeyo Family –  Dog Act – They are the judges wildcard pick, and the family is excited to be back.  In the video package, we’re introduced to each of the cute pooches. They have distinct personalities! This week’s bit has a snow theme with Igloos and what not. As always, it’s controlled chaos on stage. Aw. The pooches are wearing penguin outfits. I prefer this act to Sara and Hero, but we probably won’t get two dog acts. One of the doggos climbs the span of a double ladder. These tricks are definitely superior to S&H. Simon calls the whole thing “insane.” Heidi loved it. Simon thinks the animals need to look more like dogs? Yeah. The judges are talking them down. Obvious cannon fodder is obvious. Nice return, but ya’ll are going right back out the door. The chaos makes the act. I like the hot mess. Oh. They live in Florida? The past week has been chaotic for them.

Diavolo – Daredevil Dancers – The choreographer describes a life of sacrifice for “my dancers.” He says, “TONIGHT MY DANCERS ARE GLADIATORS.” Ok. Oh cool. The set is a building, that’s pulled apart into a geometric platform. The routine has, what looks like, an apocalyptic theme. The dancers jump in and out of a gyroscope, a giant dome and a half moon with holes. This is less dangerous than past routines, but more intricate. So many moving parts. A beautiful and very ambitious performance. Definitely Vegas-worthy. Heidi calls it a million dollar act. “fabulous.” Mel B shouts, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED…gorgeous.” Simon is gobsmacked. “It was like watching a machine.”

Kechi – Singer – In her video package, Kechi speaks about how strong her mother is. She wants mom to know that she did a great job, and that despite everything she’s been through, (she nearly died in a plane crash) she’s OK.  Kechi dedicates her performance of  “Don’t Worry About Me” by Frances to her mom. There are a couple of warbly notes here, and the song is unfamiliar. But the theme resonates. Kechi should make it into the finale next week. She gets a standing ovation from the judges. Howie says, “I want to hug you. I don’t have words.” Mel says, “You’re just so special…just amazing. You give people hope and inspiration.” Simon thinks it’s her best performance by a clear mile. Hm. I disagree with that. He calls her an artist. Heidi says, “You’re not longer the shy Kechi…you ruled the stage like a queen.” Kechi is crying she thanks her mother from the tage. “I can spend the rest of my life giving back, but it’s never enough.”

Light Balance – Light Projection –  Last time, technical difficulties kept their live performance off the air. Luckily, there was a show-worthy dress rehearsal performance on tape ready to go. Crisis averted. Enough votes garnered to move to the next week. THIS week, the lights are definitely on.  For me, these light acts don’t translate well to television. Simon calls Light Balance one of the best light shows he’s ever seen. “It was really special and stunning.” Howie says, “I’d buy a ticket right now…you’ve got to vote for this…a million dollar act.” Mel calls it “Brilliant.”

Angelica Hale – Kid Singer – Her mother had a baby girl last month! Aw. In her pre-performance clip, see Angelica singing her new baby sister to sleep. The young singer performs “Without You” by David Guetta. The EDM track doesn’t offer much melody, which isn’t great for an ad libber like Angelica. She goes for a few high notes and it’s hit and miss. She’s had better performances. It wasn’t a wise song choice. Mel B can’t believe she’s 10 years old. She calls the song choice brave, but thinks that it didn’t always work. Heidi calls her “my personal favorite.” Simon thinks she’s fantastic. He likes that she took a risk. “You deserve to be here next week.” Howie asks America to vote.  It’s the end of the show, and Tyra needs to fill some extra time, so she asks Angelica to adlib “vooooteee.” It goes well, until Tyra tries to mimic her. Badly. And the panel buzzes her off. Ha. The end.

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