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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Los Angeles Extreme Auditions" Pomona Fairplex -- Pictured: Damone Rippy -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Hey guys! It’s Adam, here to live recap tonight’s AGT! Tonight’s episode promise lots of danger acts, but let’s find out together if they are really acts that could win.

Here we go, AGT starts…. NOW!

In a montage highlighting the night’s acts, tonight really seems like it will be pushing those extreme acts. I just hope tonight is an entertaining show.

First up, The Squad, an eleven member dance group. Some of the members hate each other, because before they were in the group they were all competing against each other. They are good, but I have seen all these moves before. Impressive, but no wow factor. I’ve seen acts do these same moves better. Howard calls them great. Heidi calls them hot. Thanks for your constructive critiques Heidi. The judges love them and send them through to the next round.

Quickly, we get a “professional” hula hooper! She performs quickly, but the judges love her and send her through.

Oooh, there is a postmodern jukebox like band shown quickly that destroys Bang Bang. Their leader singer was fantastic!

A dancing duo is also shown really quickly. They get 10 seconds of airtime, but they are advancing also.

Daniella Mass is our first singer up tonight. She is a young lady from Columbia who moved to the US because “anything can happen.” She decided to audition after seeing a banner with the show’s logo. At a young age she had heart surgery. She takes the stage and belts out Time To Say Goodbye, and she is…. FANTASTIC! This girl’s got a great voice! She is one to watch right here. Of course she sails right through to the next round,

Time for a magic act! Aiden Sinclair is our first magician. He used to be a con man and discovered magic while in prison. He does a card trick where he predicts a card that Howard’s mother picks. Pretty impressive. The judges think he was spectacular and send him through to the next round.

Uzeyer brings us back from commercials. His intro package makes him seem super awkward… until he performs! He does a fantastic act that involves climbing up a ladder! I don’t know how this guy did what he did! I can’t even describe his act, but it was absolutely incredible! He gives off Charlie Chaplin vibes, and I think Uzeyer is super entertaining! This act is one that needs to be rewatched once or twice! Of course Uzeyer is through to the next round!

A ballet/singer is up next. Hanako is her name. And her dancing is pretty ok, but it isn’t AGT material. She starts singing and she is shown to have very little control over her voice. There is some pretty notes, but as a whole it just is very out of control. I like her personally, but I doubt she will move on. Heidi and Mel buzz her quickly. Howie and Howard give her yeses, but it isn’t enough. I liked her…

For the rest of the show, AGT is going EXTREME, which is just a way of saying that none of these acts will win. Metal Mulisha Fitz’s Army is our first EXTREEEEEMMMMMMMMMEEE act. They do EXTREEEEEEEEMMMMMMMME (as if the show isn’t driving it in hard enough) dirt-biking, where some of their friends have died doing these very tricks. They’re pretty talented, I guess. I was half impressed, but the judges loved them. I guess you just had to be there, because I didn’t think it was that great. The judges give them 4 yeses and send them through to the next round. We can always use some cannon fodder.

Damone Rippy is up next. He is a 16 year old “fly-boarder”. Damone does this whole song and dance about how much he loves this sport. He gets strapped in and does some pretty cool tricks. It actually looks like a ton of fun! He rides this board like thing that propels him into the air where he does some cool flips and other tricks. The judges love this guy and send him through to the next round.

Cliff Ryder will be jumping out of a helicopter next. He describes himself as a pretty crazy kid. He is jumping out of a helicopter from a very short height. So is it basically just skydiving? They spend a lot of time building up this trick. Just get on with the trick already! We literally spend 5 minutes building up to a…. cliffhanger. Ugh, I hate when they really draw this out. I just don’t get it, all he is doing is sky diving from a lower height? Of course the trick goes as planned. The judges eat this all up though and send him through to the next round.

Wally Glen is our next EXTREMMMMMME act. He is going to cover himself in fireworks and “dance around as they explode.” Ok then. I don’t get why this is a talent, he literally just dances as all these fireworks go off. Put me in the suit and I can do the same thing. I don’t know why, but he somehow gets through with three yeses. Ugh

Dr. Danger’s Daredevil Allstars are going to be the act closing the night! They are going to crash a bus into another bus! Because why not? I just don’t get what the point of this act is. Literally they just ram their bus into another bus. Ugh, I really am just not digging this whole danger part of the show at all. The judges send them through anyway though.

Thanks for joining me tonight guys! Hope you guys liked this show!

This is AdamSLM signing off…

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