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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- New Jersey Auditions -- Pictured: Showproject -- (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)


For those who don’t know me, my name is Adam, and I am a writer here at MJs. You might know me for my live blogs of The Voice or my song suggestions for Idol, but for the rest of the summer, I will be your guide for the 10th season of Americas Got Talent! I’m beyond excited to help us find the next American Idol winner-….. whoops, that was last season- I mean the next million dollar winner! For those of you who don’t know though, last season AGT actually sent home Nick Fradiani, this past season of Idol’s winner, so besides for finding who will win AGT, it is always interesting to see where the alum will show up afterwards.

Anyway, enough of my chatter, it is time! AGT starts… NOW!

Our season premiere opens up with a series of clips from past seasons before we get a showing of some of the acts to come! Our judges this season are the same as last year: Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel, who I love 3/4s of. Anyway, on to the acts!

First up is Elin and Noah, a super young dancing duo aged 7 and 8! We are introduced to them as they give nicknames to the judges. Curls and Baldy are among the names dolled out. Eh, they are on the border of being annoying, but let’s see how their talent adds ups. Howard asks if they will be able to handle it if they don’t make it, which they enthusiastically say they will. Well, good luck you two. They are ok, not anything special. I think their cuteness is more of a factor in how people will react rather than their actual talent. The judges eat it all up though. They are through to the next round. I don’t seem them lasting in the long run though.

UGH! These previews are showing to much! They basically just revealed who is getting the golden buzzer! AGT you need to stoping giving your surprises away!

Next up, we have Triple Threat. A trio of singers who all met because they were all injured in sports at the same time. They have been practicing all over and are ready to move on to bigger things. There goal is to make a living out of their talent. They are singing Classic, by MKTO. Not bad guys. One of the guys starts doing a light rap, but overall they have tight harmonies. They did more then enough to move on…. and they sail right through to the next round!

Oh no…. we have a puppet act next, they are doing the whole Jewish, New Yorker shtick. Ugh, make it stop! One of the puppets is going to sing. He says he is in love with Mel B. His name is Ira and he is singing You Are So Beautiful and while he has a nice voice, I just can’t get over the whole puppet shtick. Go back to Sesame Street, Ira! He ends the song dedicating it to Mel B who gets up and gives him a kiss. Heidi says she feels like chop liver, but Ira responds that he is all about Mel right now. OOOOOOHHHHH Mel B says no to him! This got interesting…. but he moves on anyway as Howie gives him a 3rd yes. Ugh Howie…. always letting me down. I bet Ira will move onto Heidi next time he sees her.

We’re back! We have a montage about Howie being a germaphobe, which leads us into an act who is a hypnotist. His name is Chris Jones and he is going to work on Howie. Nick says they can’t show us part of the hypnotizing because they fear it will actually work on people at home…. WHAT? Anyway, a girl in the audience suddenly passes out as does Howie apparently. He does a whole shtick and eventually gets Howie to actually shake his hand! Now that is impressive! Poor Howie though will have to spend 2 hours showering after. After he hypnotizes Howie again to let everyone shake his hand, the crowd goes crazy. Pretty impressive. Are we just ignoring the girl passed out in the audience?! The judges send him through though. It went really long though; the pay off was nice, but I found the build up boring.

Bringing us out of commercial is a dancer named Adonis Crash Boom. He does some pretty cool stunts and is through to the next round.

A male gymnast group is up next! They are called Show Project. Two of the guys are German, and 2 are Czech. The German guy trades some words in German with Heidi, before they all strip off their shirts and start their act. It is very balance oriented and involves a trampoline and precision balance on a few polls. This one trick they had at the end where they all do a synchronized push up was the most impressive part of the act. All the judges give them a standing ovation. And obviously they are through to the next round.

After we get a quick montage of a dance act, a father daughter acrobatic act and a street dancing group. All were super cool and advance to the next round.

Where the comedians at this season?

I spy with my little eye a WGWG…. He is going to do an original song! You know, cause that worked super well for Beach Avenue last season. His son passed away on his fifth birthday from cancer. Wow, what a heartbreaking story, I really feel for the guy. What a rough thing to have to go through. Johnny Shelton is his name and he is also a full time singer-songwriter. His original song is called Thats Love, and it is pretty touching. There are a lot of things I can say, but I’ll just cut it all down and say he did really well and should sail right through… Howie was touched. Heidi thought it was beautiful. He is unanimously voted through.

I just realized, we are over an hour into the show, where are the funny reject acts? I kind of miss them.

Here come the joke acts! We get a montage of the weird side of the auditions. Some guy is dressed up as a dragon. He goes by Piff The Dragon and he is a magician! Howard rolls his eyes as Piff walks on stage. The dragon is actually pretty fun with his banter with the judges! He calls Heidi on stage. His magic is kind of lame, but his personality makes up for it! I actually enjoyed that! He was lots of fun, but the only thing he needs is some better tricks. Piff is through to the next round! By far he was my favorite of the night so far.

After a painful piece about Howard and Nick taking a lie detector tests about certain topics (the less said on this the better), we get a joke act involving “the whoopee cushion of doom”. HIT THE BUZZER JUDGES! Ugh, what was the point of that even. After we get…. a giant man baby….. make it stop!!!! I”m covering my eyes, someone get the man baby off stage!

Now that I’m done having corrective eye surgery after tearing my eyes out after seeing the man baby, the next act is a dance group called Siro-A. Very cool act! They use screens behind them and dance with the projections off the screen. A talented bunch! One of the best of the night! Siro-A is through to the next round!

Next is… a professional cuddler? Um, what? I guess you really can become a professional at anything. Her name is Samantha Hess and she brings Nick out with the encouraging words “trust me, I’m a professional,” which is never a good sign… ever. She does some weird stuff with Nick and that’s all I can really call it. At least she was just what she said she was, otherwise I’d be scared. All the judges get in on the cuddling in the end as I cringe in a corner. You know, I’d cuddle with her on second thought… She actually advances somehow with 3 yeses.

Time for the last act of the night! It is a young man named Drew Lynch, who is also a comedian. He has a stutter from a sports injury. He used comedy to get over his struggles and was urged to audition by his girlfriend. His motto is he wants to show that anything can be turned into a positive. His stutter makes his delivery a little odd, but once you get used to it he has some pretty good jokes. It is just a little hard to understand him at times. His humor is mostly self deprecating, but it pays off for the guy as he gets Howie’s Golden buzzer! Drew is officially through to the live shows!

Thanks for joining me guys! It was a fun night with a few great auditions in the mix. Tomorrow I’ll be here again for some more auditions, so I hope you all join me then! If you liked what you read and want to show your appreciation, you can follow me at @adamhsamuel over on Twitter. Thanks again for a great night people!

This is AdamSLM signing off.

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