American Song Contest Semifinals 2 Recap and Results (Video)

Pictured: Tyler Braden (TN) — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Happy Monday all, which means it’s time for another round of semifinals on American Song Contest! 

Tonight brings us another 11 semifinalists performing their songs again, and are expected to step up their performances. “A Bit Of Both” by Allen Stone from Washington earned the jury vote last week, sending him to next week’s finale, which means tonight’s episode will start out by announcing four more songs from last week that are moving on.

Voting is conducted by a jury representing all 56 states, territories and Washington D.C., but fans have the opportunity to vote as well! Fan-voting takes place online, on TikTok, and on the NBC app. Full voting details can be found HERE.

Kelly and Snoop kick off the show by announcing the next four contestants going through to the finale… AleXa, Riker Lynch, Jordan Smith and Ni/Co!

Christian Pagán – Puerto Rico – “Loko”

Christian says it was challenge for him to sing the song in English last time, since the song is written in “Spanglish.” He then says his wife makes him crazy in a good way, and she’s who inspires him.

Christian rides in on the bac of a motorcycle at the start of his performance, definitely kick it up a notch from last time! It’s a really dancey, Latin pop, Ricky Martin-esque song and Christian upped his performance for the semifinals. And the background dancers dancing with Puerto Rican flags was the perfect touch.

John Morgan – North Carolina – “Right in the Middle”

John gets a message of support from Jason Aldean at the start of his “postcard” package, and says “Right in the Middle” is about trying to get over somebody. He also says he has some ideas for Kelly Clarkson songs after she requested he write her some last time.

It’s definitely a good, classic country song. The performance itself wasn’t very amped compared to last time, but like I always say, some songs don’t need theatrics, and this is one of them.

Broderick Jones – Kansas – “Tell Me”

Broderick says his son makes him happy to be a dad, and he hopes to show his son that you can accomplish anything you put your mind toward by being on this show. He says being from Kansas makes it easy to look up at the clouds and dream.

Broderick is joined by that familiar, gorgeous crescent moon backdrop for his performance. “Tell Me” sounds a lot like songs by Troye Sivan and Lauv; a very now sound. Definitely something I expect to hear on the radio.

Enisa – New York – “Green Light”

Enisa says she was bummed when she found out she wasn’t moving forward, but then thanks her fans for being redeemed to come back for the semifinals. Enisa says she recorded “Green Light” in her living room in NYC, and calls her genre international pop.

Enisa sings among green lights, lasers and fog, and joins the background dancers in grooving to the song. The song has a dancey beat with some Latin vibes, but the special effects only the television could see were a little much.

*Side note: I’m personally hopping back and forth between ASC and the Idol Reunion (because David Archuleta y’all!!) and I realized a key difference between this show and other competitions shows is that the hosts don’t speak to the contestants after their performances. We get to know them through their packages, but there’s something more intimate about hearing the person speak right after their performance, in my opinion.

Chloe Fredericks – North Dakota – “Can’t Make You Love Me”

Chloe says she’s going to hold Kelly to her saying she wants to cover “Can’t Make You Love Me.” She says when you feel something isn’t going to work out, you’ve got to write the song that makes you feel better, and for her it was “Can’t Make You Love Me.”

This song has some complimentary country and rock vibes. The performance looks basically the same as last time, though I don’t remember if there was pyro before. This song is of very specific taste, so it’s hard to see it competing against other songs that can resonate worldwide.

Michael Bolton – Connecticut – “Beautiful World”

Michael says songwriting is the life blood of the industry, and an element he loves about “Beautiful World” is the way it keeps growing. Michael then thanks his fans for supporting him and feels the pressure to win for Connecticut.

I agree with Michael in the way the song keeps growing. The powerfulness builds and builds, with motivational lyrics that can be considered a sign of the times.

Grant Noche – Texas – “Mr. Independent”

Grant says that after Kelly commented about having a song called “Miss Independent,” he created a mashup of her song with his and it blew up on TikTok. He then shows us around his music studio that’s in his garage, and says that being the Mr. Independent artist he is, that he tries to learn every single he can to try and make his career happen.

As we get down to the wire, I’m not sure I can see this being the song that represents American, but it’s definitely catchy. I haven’t forgotten that chorus since the first time Grant sang it. And that dance breakdown! Woo!

Sweet Taboo – California – “Keys to the Kingdom”

Sweet Taboo says it’s important that when people hear their music, they feel good about themselves and have fun. They also say it’s an honor for people to recognize how passionate they are about California, and say the lyric in the song, “Open up the gates” represents how accepting the state it.

It’s a really good, dancey song, but it doesn’t seem like Sweet Taboo upped their performance much. The dozens of background dancers are more distracting than enjoyable, in my opinion. Overall, I can definitely see this song on the radio regardless of if they win.

Tyler Braden – Tennessee – “Seventeen”

Tyler says winning the jury vote isn’t the only cool thing that’s happened because just a few days ago, he got married! He also says there’s no better feeling than to represent Tennessee with his song about understanding yourself and being young.

This show has had quite a few great country songs, but this one really pulls at the heartstrings. It’s so sweet and raw, with beautiful storytelling and a head-bobbing beat. And the high note in the middle really builds up just to bring you back down with more emotional lyrics.

Stela Cole – Georgia – “DIY”

Stela says she’s seen lots of people making arts and crafts videos with her son “DIY,” then proceeds to “build” a birdhouse. She also says that she’s the most confident and authentic version of herself when she listen to the song.

It’s definitely a creative take on a breakup song, but the performance is basically the same exact one as last time. And she’s got female Harry Styles vibes to her scream-singing. lol

Tenelle – American Samoa – “Full Circle”

Tenelle talofa, meaning hello in Samoan. She says “Full Circle” is about bringing the heart back, and that’s she’s not only representing American Samoa, but Polynesians. She then says tat her brother – who passed just before she got the call to do ASC – is the reason she does music.

The lyric, “Pray for the ones that we’ve got, and blessed by the ones that we’ve lost” has a whole new meaning now after learning about Tenelle’s brother. It’s a really fun, upbeat song that you can’t help but bounce to while you chant along to that chorus.

We’ve come back from the break and Kelly and Snoop announce that the final four competitors going through will be announced via NBC’s Twitter on Wednesday.

They now announce the jury selection that will be heading to the finale next week… is it you… is it me… it’s “Seventeen” by Tyler Braden from Tennessee!

What a night! Tennessee swooped in at the last second and stole that first place spot from Kansas! Keep checking back for possible videos of the night’s performances, as NBC uploaded two and then removed them during the show. And I’ll see you all next Monday for the ASC finale!!

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