American Idol Winners Taping Segments for Season 10

Lee DeWyze spent part of Labor Day Weekend in Chicago with a film crew, shooting segments for the next season of American Idol.

Now, there’s twitter evidence that film crews will be shooting segments with all 9 Idol winners.

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Los Angeles producer, Golareh Safarian has been keeping a twitter diary of time spent shooting with the Idols.   Check out these tweets:

On September 5:  “Another beautiful day in Chicago! shooting with Lee Dewyze, his family and friends…”

On September 6:  “Had a gr8 shoot with Lee…lots of screaming fans in Mt. Prospect!! On our way to NYC to shoot with Jordin Sparks…I LOVE New York!”

Safarian gets together with Jordin  in New York on September 8:  “Muy busy day in my NY hotel/office. Prepping for tmrw’s shoot w. Jordin & the AI shoots coming up in Kansas City, Phoenix, and Birmingham..”

On September 10:  “2 down, 7 to go. Kansas City is next. Looking forward to working with David Cook again! But still got a few errands in NY ;o)”

An interview with Jordin’s dad on September 12, “Great interview with Phillipi Sparks! And we made it to our flight on time! See you later New York! Will be missin ya!!”

David Cook in Kansas City is next.

On September 12: “Hello Kansas City! Driving to Blue Springs now for a mini location scout.

On September 13:  “Kaufman Stadium, ice cream parlor/antique shop, war museum, hangar, bar & burger joint. Still 2 come, a corn field & KC Power & Light. Busy!.”

And finally, late September 13: “Just wrapped our broll shoot day! Exhausted but we got some gorgeous stuff. Crazy shoot day w David Cook tmrw & the weather-well-we’ll see.”  The shoot with David Cook is scheduled for today.

Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks are from Birmingham.  Phoenix is Jordin’s hometown.  I wonder if the material will be used in conjunction with Idol’s 10 year anniversary celebration?  Or maybe used in a series of American Idol commercials?

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  1. exciting! i really wish that there would be a special episode for idol 10… idol-gives-back sorta special, but this time a grand reunion for the idols…

  2. Any AI activity that actually acknowledges that Taylor Hicks won his season works for me.

  3. Any AI activity that actually acknowledges that Taylor Hicks won his season works for me.

    Works for me too!

  4. LOL
    But come on, AI has been nice to Taylor, they’ve had him there and all.

    I am excited for this, whatever it is. I’m one those lame-o ones who loves it when we get to see the idols from the past. Actually, I can’t wait for idol to come to an end cause you know that means looking back at idol and remembering the faces the moments and that stuff… the last episode should be great.
    Anyway, bring this.

  5. Is it all of the winners? Where does Kelly live now? And will Carrie be filmed in Oklahoma, where she’s from, or Nashville which I think it where she lives now?

  6. Andrew Cook tweeted about flying back to LA this morning, I think. If they’re interviewing family members like Jordin’s dad, I’m kind of surprised Andrew didn’t get interviewed, since he was such a big part of David’s story with getting to auditions. Anyway, this sounds cool. I hope it’s something cool for the 10-year anniversary. Hoping the weather in KC cooperates for David’s shoot today– poor dude has had the worst weather luck lately =P!

  7. Yup — he’s filming Cook’s segment today, according to his latest tweet

  8. She may have interviewed Andrew yesterday since the crew was there yesterday. Dont forget David’s whole schedule got screwed up due to the US Open rain delay.

    Is it all of the winners?

    Its got to be all 9 winners since she said “2 down 7 to go”.

  9. Well, David’s calling it a promo, so I’m guessing it’s not a special segment for the show for the 10th anniversary? Seem like an awful lot of work for promos… Still holding out hope though.

  10. I’m so happy to see that they are including Taylor Hicks in many of the specials and promos.
    I remember a time when his picture was not even on the wall. And when it was one year, a plant was hiding it. He is very sucessful now, and has more fans. So this is a win for AI. Also, it is good to see support for all the winners.

  11. I was hoping it was for some kind of new beginning intro to the show itself. It’s about time they capitalize on the actual winners faces and moments instead of those computer karaoke people. lol

    I would also love a big one off show dedicated to all the former Idols, interesting (not the bad auditions) contestants. Although, I do love that they mix some of that into the season, too, with appearances from some alumni. I want it all! :)

    It sounds like this is for commercials for the upcoming season.

  12. Anything involving all the past idol winners is a win for me. I’m such a sap when it comes to that. Hope they do this for all of them!!!

  13. It will be fun watching all Idol winners together in a tribute show, or even just a special number like the finale last season. I hope all 9 winners will be interviewed in one talk show regarding their experiences during their stints in Idol like relationships with other contestants, intrigues, etc. That would be awesome.

  14. I do think winning the show would regain its meaning if they acknowledged and featured all the past winners more often. They have ignored the artists that built their fanbase on the show. They have a built-in audience and would be more familiar to viewers than the flavors-of-the-month that they have trotted through in the past couple of years.

    Last year’s finale was the worst, relegating the past winners to singing only one line each in a medley.

  15. Seem like an awful lot of work for promos… Still holding out hope though.

    Typically, they’ll tape several hours of footage to rummage through just to shoot a 30-second to 60-second spot. I have worked in TV before; that’s not at all uncommon.

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